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EndeavorLotteries Exposed — Winning and Helping the Disabled

EndeavorLotteries Exposed

Endeavour Lotteries Review

Whoops, missed that one. Two of the main Endeavour Lotteries have already closed for this year, though their Star Supporters game is still open. This is a lottery cum raffle site that offers prizes in houses, lifestyle winnings, and cars. It was set up to support the Endeavour Foundation which does a bunch of stuff to assist disabled people. The prizes are great though I missed out this year on their two big ones. Their Star Supporters game is ongoing throughout the year.

Games at EndeavorLotteries.com.au

Ever thought of owning a 2018 Jaguar F-Type Coupe? One of the choices in the 1st prize at Endeavour’s Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery was that plus a 2018 Jaguar F-Pace plus gold bullion. EndeavorLotteries.com.au has three different lotteries/raffles to play. The Endeavor Lottery runs from early December through to mid-February. Their Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery runs from mid-December through the end of January. The Star Supporters game is ongoing throughout the year. The important thing is to get in early so you can have a chance at their early bird games.

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The Endeavor Lottery

The current game (#412) finished on the 31st of January but I’m assured it will run again later this year. This is one to put on your calendar so you’re looking at purchasing tickets in November. Tickets range from $10/1, $20/2, $30/4, $50/10, $50/14, and $100 for 30 with a total of tickets sold from 450,000 single purchases up to 575,000 for bundled tickets. The first prize includes a home in Queensland (Australia) loaded with design options, a media room, and gold bullion to cover rates, water, travel, accommodation, and legal costs. The early bird draw is worth AUD 5,000 which they will transfer to your account.

Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery

In Endeavour’s No. 819 gave winners a choice between two high-end Jaguar cars plus gold bullion, a Ranger Rover and Lotus Trooper Caravan plus gold bullion, or straight $500,000 worth of gold bullion. Sorry folks, though this draw hasn’t taken place, it’s sold out. Ticket prices are $10/1, $20/2, $30/4, $50/10, $60/14, and $100/30 with total tickets sold limited to 270,000. Put this one on your calendar for March. They run several lotteries each year.

Endeavour’s Star Supporters Lottery

The Star Supporters Lottery is open all year round. Players join a membership to purchase tickets at 1/$10, 4/$20, 10/$50, 14/$60, 30/$100, and 60/$200 a month. Prizes include seven home lotteries, five $500,00 Ultimate Lifestyle Lotteries, seven early bird cash draws plus four luxury car draws, and one $10,000 cash Christmas draw. There doesn’t seem to be a schedule of dates for these though the latest winner is posted on their website.

Who Can Play at Endeavour Lotteries

All lottery tickets at EndeavorLotteries.com.au are open to anyone from anywhere, as long as you are 18 years or older and don’t work for the foundation. The only caveat, if you win and are a foreigner is you are responsible for gaining any necessary permission for getting to Aussie to get your prize and/or agree to accept an alternative prize if you can’t.

Who Is EndeavorLotteries.com.au?

Their three lotteries/raffles are operated by Endeavour Foundation. It was set up to support people with disabilities and has been around since 1951. Customer support is open Monday to Saturday roughly business hours. There is a snail mail and email address. There are also toll-free telephone numbers for Australia and New Zealand plus an international phone number. Oh, and an online form.

Why You Should Register with Endeavour Lotteries


Great Prizes

Good Odds

Anyone Can Play

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Endeavour Lotteries


Limited Tier Prize

Choosing Your Prize in Ultimate Lifestyle

Waiting for December to Play

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Is Endeavour Lotteries Legit?

These raffles offer a lovely chance to do some good and at the same time have a chance at winning some great luxury prizes. It could have a few more tiers of prizes, but then again, the odds of winning on each of their draws beat a lot of lotteries. Plus, the proceeds go to a good cause.

EndeavourLotteries gets a thumb’s up and I’ve definitely put these in my calendar for later this year. I’m not sure if they’ll go for the Jaguar for the next lottery, but I can already see myself sitting in one.

  1. I would like to know what happens to my $50 that comes out of my cheque account each month supposedly for tickets. I do not get any tickets in the mail so for all I know someone could be pocketing my $50. I would like to receive in the mail or email tickets describing what I have signed up for Mike Davidson.

  2. they seem to favour Queenslanders as just about every winner is from Queensland! I rarely see any Victorian winners

  3. I’m also waiting for the Christmas lottery


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