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I looked at this online lottery provider and thought, it seems pretty clean, well laid out and straightforward. (former offers a simple format for picking lottery ticket numbers and looks like a comfortable place to find information. Then I started to dig deeper and boy was I wrong. The more I poked around their site, the more suspicious I got. Let’s start with the basics.

Picking Your Numbers at

First thing, I couldn’t figure out is when I played one lottery line in EuroMillions, it didn’t matter whether I played once a week or twice a week (Tuesday and Friday), the price was the same – €8.10. Then, I noticed the breakdown of what it cost. €4.70 is for two draws (one ticket line each), €3.40 is for AT Joker, and €0.50 is the ticket fee. What the heck is AT Joker. I didn’t notice that on the previous step. Plus, the site asks for a minimum of €10.00 to credit my account. Now I’m confused – start again.

Then I went to Mega Millions and clicked on that one. When I clicked on playing one line suddenly the cost was €16.80. I know the ticket itself only costs US$1.00 and don’t mind a bit off the mark. I thought checking the description for Mega Millions would help as maybe there is something I’m missing, but that certainly didn’t help. It’s all in German. Further down on the page, there is some English, but who’s going to look that far!

Start Again at Lottery24

Back at the original online lottery card to pick my numbers, I un-clicked the AT Joker (still don’t know what that’s about), I click for only one draw, and I click okay. I changed 4 draws for 1 draw. I’ve now got a cost of €3.00 (€2.50 for the lottery ticket line and €0.50 service charge), though the ticket itself costs only $1.00 and the system is still telling me I have to deposit €10.00 to my account.

And then Takes More

In reading the small print at, they also take a percentage of winnings through the concept of transferring any payment to the player, ranging from 5% under €50,000 at 3% over for as a handling fee. This will only be actioned if the account has a minimum of €25 and only happen after 31 days though somewhere else they talk about up to or more than 4 weeks. Hey, I want my money.

AT Joker at Lottery24 – Definitely a Joke

I finally noticed down the bottom of the list of lotteries AT Joker. This is an Austrian lottery game played twice a week. All game boards at automatically add 2 games per ticket line to all other games unless a player un-clicks that box. To play, automatically gives the option of a six digit number between 1,000 and 999,999 using number 0 to 9, or you can choose the number yourself. This game can be played as a stand-alone, but players must play a minimum of two games. The winning number must be matched in sequence with the smallest prize matching the last two numbers. I don’t even want to imagine the long shot odds on this one for such a small jackpot!

Terms & Conditions at

These might as well be in German. The use of the term virtual throughout started me wondering if my winnings were going to be ‘virtual.’ There is also the use of the words ‘at no charge at all’ under their Services, and we already know that there are fees.

Customer Service at

Don’t try and ask questions and expect a timely response. offers an online form, email, snail mail, and a telephone number. Now the company is registered in Belize with an address there, but their telephone numbers are in Germany. They have a very frustrating answering machine in German that confirms the number you have called and then asks you to leave a message. Oh, and all payments are facilitated through Gibraltar.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

This online lottery provider positively encourages more questions than answers. They’ve got all kinds of little gimmicks to add to what you are spending without offering much in return. I don’t understand why they want players to add AT Joker to their games as it’s a small little lottery with terrible odds.


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Questionable Charges

Questionable Support

Controversial in General

There are good online lottery providers out there that let players play with confidence and for transparent and fair fees. builds in too many things where they get extra money for doing nothing extra! These folks get a thumbs down!

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