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Opening up the site at I must confess I got nervous. This is a serious gambling site that doesn’t just provide access to lotteries but every other kind of gambling that is imaginable. It felt like dark glasses and leather jackets all over the place. I’m not saying they are not professional but playing lotteries online is confusing enough. This site made me step back a moment before I clicked on the different areas to take a look. Then I went deeper, and though I can’t say they aren’t legitimate, I am treading carefully. This is what I found out.

Lottery Games at offers a bunch of lottery games online, but it’s not easily clear what they are. The first two in their list have no reference to where they are played but simply the choice of how many numbers that lottery offers. It became rapidly clear is betting on lotteries versus buying lottery tickets.

Irish and NY Lotto at

There are the only two official games that seems to offer – Irish Lotto and N.Y. Lotto and what is weird is they offer each game two ways. It makes what should be a simple process more confusing. I’m still not sure whether I’m getting a lottery ticket or betting on what numbers are going to be drawn. Yes, there is a difference.

Terms and Conditions at

If you decide to go in and read the terms and conditions at, make sure you’ve got several cold beers. This is not a quick read but a bible on betting online in all kinds of subjects. There is no simple way to get to the bottom line. It’s filled with all sorts of different things that players should know about. I stopped reading when I got to the tenth ‘subject to paragraph blah blah blah’ as I was zipping back and forth to figure out what the heck they were talking about.

Lottery Versus Other Games at

This is a betting site for a whole bunch of different games, and their lottery facility appears to be a sideline. The lotteries they offer are short and sweet and not enough to attract serious lottery players. I started looking at their other games, and these guys are serious for sports betting including horses, boxing and well, any other game that seems to be going.

Customer Service at offers live chat, email and UK phone numbers. They are registered out of Gibraltar, licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner – and their registered address is Gibraltar. I couldn’t resist pressing this point with their customer service. They answered that their centers are located in the UK. They clarified this further with different departments all over the world and did confirm a 24/7 capability for their live chat. The person I was talking to was actually in Manila which wasn’t confidence boosting. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more ‘stock answers’ from a live chat. Reading through’s FAQ, it is obvious that lotteries are a sideline and this site is all about betting from ‘how to do it’ to ‘what is cash in my bet.’ There is very little information on how to play the lotteries they offer.

Complaints at

It was interesting as this was the first time I came across some concrete feedback on a site, but it all has to do with the odds they offer and nothing to do with the lotteries they offer. Some customers seem to think they change the odds without notifying players for betting. Then again, I thought the point was when placing a bet the odds are static. Guess maybe I should stick to lotteries.

The Bottom Line

Folks – some great concierge sites for playing lotteries online offers a good range of games, are straightforward on what players can access and clean on the rules and regulations, and is not one of them. The whole thing of a site that combines more betting than lotteries makes it not user-friendly for lottery enthusiasts.



Lots of Options



Limited Lottery Options

Too Confusing

No Big Jackpots

Our team gives this site a thumbs down. It’s just too confusing fighting through all the other information to get to the bottom of what the rules are for lotteries and not enough lotteries offered.

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