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Lotterywest Review

If you are living in Western Australia, are at least 16 years old and are only interested in playing Australian lotteries then check out Lotterywest. These guys look pretty good with all the information that an online lottery player wants to know. Lotterywest combines top of the line security standards and an impeccable reputation with the convenience of buying tickets online. Did you miss the bit about living in Western Australia? If you don’t, then you should only read my review to make me feel better about conducting the following research.

So What Does Lotterywest Look Like

I was impressed from the moment I clicked on Lotterywest. It’s got all the drop menus and information that people would expect to have provided by an online lottery service provider though do not find all the time. It’s relatively easy to find information with a summary of what you need to be (Western Australian) at the beginning of their registration page.

Getting Bogged Down at Lotterywest

Of course, I  didn’t go there first and instead got bogged down reading the terms and conditions page (very thorough) and only found the registration instructions after my second coffee. It is through including how to register offline.

One of the things that are clear on this site is, Lotterywest targets both retail sales and online sales with a tremendous amount of information that is only applicable for those that want to walk in a store and purchase lottery tickets.

Eight Games that Run Through the Week at Lotterywest

Assuming that you are still reading this because you are a Western Australian and not simply because you like my style, here is some useful information for you. Lotterywest sells tickets for eight distinct lotteries (including Oz Lotto and Oz Powerball) and Soccer Pools. Most lotteries are held on Saturdays. The exceptions are Cash 3 organized on a daily basis and OZ Lotto on Tuesday afternoons which usually has the top payouts.

Money at Lotterywest

I always want to look at the percentages of how the ticket cost is used. Lotterywest is pretty good with the commission charged below 10%, with 60% out of each dollar used to fuel the prize pool and 33% given to charity.

Customer Support (occasionally) at Your Service

Lotterywest offers telephone support for general inquiries (8:30 am – 5 pm) and play online, and customers support 6:00 am – 6 pm, though the times do change for weekends and holidays. There is a snail mail address way, way down on the ‘Contact Us’ Page, after you read about their grant contact, human resource contacts and frankly, I think most of this information should be on a corporate page and not ‘Contact Us.’

Lotterywest Complaints

If there is one online lottery vendor that has its back covered, then this has to be Lotterywest because they go beyond the call of duty when it comes to protecting their reputation. They have individual sections dedicated to showcasing their commitment to keeping the industry fair and transparent and encourage members to play responsibly. They don’t give you a choice anyway since the maximum wagering limit is set at $200 in any seven consecutive day period.

Lottterywest run a legitimate business, and this does attract many scam artists who use their name to run deceitful e-mail campaigns, but this is in no way something to impute the lottery. You can read about these e-mail scams at Lotterywest complaints.

The Bottom Line at Lotterywest

This is an official, professionally run site which offers access to Australian lotteries online – but you must live in Western Australia to play here. They don’t mark up online fees from the cost of purchasing from a retailer and offer a good selection of games.


Clean Site

Good Selection of Lotteries

No Mark Up on Tickets for Playing Online


You MUST Live in Western Australia

No 24/7 Customer Service or Live Chat

You MUST be able to PROVE you live in Western Australia

Lotterywest gets a thumbs up though it is thumbs down for me as I don’t live in Western Australia! They don’t even accept players beyond that state’s borders. Imagine the frustration of Southern Australians!

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