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LotteryWest Exposed — Imagine the Frustration of Southern Australians!

LotteryWest Reviews

LotteryWest Review

The government of Western Australia has decided to make it easier for local players to get their lottery tickets while lounging on the couch at home. This is why the LotteryWest online portal and app offer game-playing opportunities and more.

Like all other agency websites, LotteryWest needs to be scrutinized for its quality.

Is it affordable? Does it provide effortless online ticket-buying options? Do players get additional features and bonuses that are only attainable by registering and playing online? These are some of the inquiries we will take a look at today.

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Games at LotteryWest

Since Western Australia’s government runs the portal, it offers the official lottery games available in this territory.

The entire portfolio consists of the following entries – Saturday Lotto, Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto, the Australian Powerball, Set for Life, Cash 3, and Super66.

You can play both online and through a mobile device after downloading the LotteryWest App. The good news is that digital tickets’ price is the same as the price you’d have to pay if you go to an actual retail venue in Western Australia.

Keep in mind you can’t really get lots of additional information about online gameplay. And the registration process is one of the longest and most tedious we have ever encountered (more about that in the coming sections).

One final cute feature we’d like to mention here is the ability to save favorites. You can store your favorite numbers for each of the games that you play. This way, you wouldn’t have to enter numbers every single time, but rather, you’ll be free to use the favorites template.

LotteryWest and Claiming Your Prizes

Once you see the latest LotteryWest results, you’ll obviously want your money in the event of winning.

Sums of up to 2,000 Australian dollars will be credited directly to the winner’s account (e-wallet). It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll withdraw the money or if you’re going to use it for future ticket purchases.

Anyone who plays online and who wins a division one prize will need to head to the Lotterwest main office, where the jackpot will have to be requested in person. There will be a 14-day validation period before the prize gets paid out.

Players have 12 months from the drawing date to come forward, contact Lotterwest and initiate the prize claim procedure.

Who Can Play?

Since this is a regional website, some restrictions would apply to registrations. That means bad news for international players.

You have to be of legal age, and you also need a physical address within the territory of Western Australia to sign up for an account.

Not only that but you will also be asked to provide a phone number, as well as your WA driver’s license number. Once you complete all of these steps, a few additional verifications will have to be completed before you can activate your account and start buying lottery tickets.

Now, we get it. The aim here is to prevent identity theft or other kinds of fraud (as people will do all kinds of strange things to get access to stuff they’re not supposed to have access to). Still, many other online portals out there have come up with much easier solutions. In most cases, players have to provide just a valid local address. Since winners’ identity needs to be verified anyway before prizes are paid, we believe that additional steps are really not necessary. They only make the sign-up convoluted.

Who’s Behind the LotteryWest App?

As already mentioned, LotteryWest is an official entity that’s backed by the government of Western Australia.

LotteryWest has a very long history. It was first set up as the Lotteries Commission of Western Australia in 1932. The first lotto drawing was held back in 1933, which means this particular part of Australia has a lot more lottery tradition than many other parts of the world.

We’re writing all of this to help you rest assured that the LotteryWest website and app are both legit. You can use these digital platforms without worries about being scammed or not getting paid in the event of winning.

Other Bits and Pieces

If you check the reviews above this guide, you’ll find many negative LotteryWest reviews. People complain mainly about the quality of customer service (or the actual lack of such) and the fact that the games are rigged. We can’t really tell whether the second complaint is valid. One thing is clear for sure – lotteries are not created to be won easily. In fact, most players will never get a jackpot in their lifetime. What matters the most is having fun while playing responsibly.

The website itself doesn’t have that much more to offer than what we’ve already discussed.

When signing up for an account, you can decide if you want to receive information about jackpots and promotional offers by mail. Some people find this feature annoying; others enjoy it. It’s really up to you to do whatever rocks your boat.

Membership can also be upgraded, but it’s not exactly clear the benefits of that move. Further details aren’t provided in the website FAQ section.

Finally, the website features a section called LotteryWest grants. If you’re curious about those, they refer to special charity initiatives to generate funds for worthy causes.

Right now, LotteryWest grants support the Black Cockatoo Preservation Society, and you’re donating to their work every single time you buy a ticket through the website.

Why You Should Register with LotteryWest


A website run and operated by an official entity under governmental regulation

Offers a good selection of local games to play

Ticket prices are the same as at physical retail locations

Players can create their accounts, save favorite numbers and receive information about exclusive promotions

Simple and straightforward prize claim procedure

A mobile app is also available, offering a responsive experience

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LotteryWest


Geographically restricted and only available for players in Western Australia

Lengthy and complicated signup, ID verification is also cumbersome

Larger prizes have to be claimed in person

Not a huge variety of additional perks and online exclusives to give players a better experience

There are lots of negative reviews about the quality of customer service

Would you mind rating

Is LotteryWest Legit?

There’s nothing particularly troublesome about LotteryWest, but there also isn’t a whole lot that stands out. The website and the mobile app get the job done. You get a digital possibility for ticket purchases and result checking. You also get smaller prizes deposited directly into your account so that you wouldn’t have to go through a prize claim procedure.

If you live in Western Australia and you’re looking for a bit of convenience, you will definitely enjoy what LotteryWest has to offer.

To help you understand the online platform’s obvious concept and its effectiveness, we have summarized the advantages and shortcomings.

Is LotteryWest any good? The only way to answer that question will be to sign up for an account if you are a Western Australian. As there is nothing concerning about the portal, you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try for yourself.

  1. Forced to join lotterywest with an awful site and less ticket options including syndicate tickets. No email confirmation of tickets. No email with results.

  2. WA Gov’t has forced ozlotteries players onto lotterieswest. What a scam!

  3. The government don’t want us to be rich and if you are a lucky division one winner you only get a measly 1m if your lucky def not enough to retire with. Payouts are low ticket cost high and chances are so slim you never really win it’s a dream the only winners are the Freemason govt of wa and the dodgy politicians

  4. What an absolute waste of time spent 2 hours trying to check my tickets.
    How long will it be before these morons realise all the complaints and bad reviews actually mean we are all pissed off with lottery west?
    Myself and everyone I know that do online lottery go to ozlotteries to purchase, and you’d think that lotterywest would at least try to emulate what great success their site is.
    I’ll never go back to the lottery west again, they have lost me for sure now.
    I’m gobsmacked as to why they have never tried to upgrade their servers to accommodate heavy traffic.

  5. I play on ozlotteries site (jumbo interactive) and they’re listed on the ASX.
    Its extra 5c a game but worth it as I can play many more different variations to most draws.
    I log in, then purchase my usual saved numbers might ad a sticky too then pay, all done in literally 15 seconds,
    I would still be trying to either, log in, enter that stupid wallet putting I. Repetitive card details to add to my account, and then waiting for the spinning ring till I get to where I want and their process takes a good 6 to 10 minutes to complete, let alone if their server is busy and you can’t get anywhere, a very slow dreadful user UNfriendly site, so if they can’t be bothered upgrading their servers then I won’t be bothered to spend my dollars on their stupid site. No wonder they were having financial troubles, people want to accomplish their shopping as succinctly as possible so they’ll do it elsewhere at lottorywests expense.


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