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Free Lotto Fest Exposed — Are Harry Dazzle’s Lotteries Really Free?

Free Lotto Fest Review

Do you ever wonder why a “free” lottery posts payment methods on their home page? I did the other day when I was looking at Harry Dazzle’s lottery games are supposed to be free, paid for by advertising and surveys. Click on his “Lucky Horoscopes” and you get the first indication of what you might have to pay for. A message pops up that this is only available for “Premium Subscribers”. But who is Harry Dazzle?

Games at

Harry Dazzle offers seven free lottery games on alternative days. Players choose 6 numbers from a range of 1 to 40 up to 1 to 90 numbers for each of the lotteries. The draw is held every second day at 7:00 pm CET. Players who chose to play free have to manually go in each day to pick their numbers and check their results. The games are funded through advertising and surveys, hence why they want you to go look each draw day. There is an option of paying for additional benefits which could bypass some of the advertising.

Free Lotto Fest and Payment

Players can choose to pay 2 Rand a day for the “Optional Added Benefits Service”. This ensures that you automatically have your tickets daily plus you receive notification upon winning including a telephone call if you win over a certain amount. Oh, and it includes access to the Lucky Horoscope page. The only problem is, they charge this on a monthly basis of 60 Rand on the first day of the month. says you can opt out of this at any time, but there are no refunds.

Currency Issues

Players at FreeLottoFest pay 2 Rand (South African Currency) per day, notification by telephone happens for winnings over GBP 200, bank charges are USD $30 and winnings are mostly quoted in USD. In looking at their “Free Lotto Competition Games” there was one game that got me wondering about the currency paid in prizes as they refer in Game 5 to USD for the main prize and Rand for the $200 prize. Winnings

Players can win in Game 1 $1000/$100, in Game 2 $2000/$100, Game 3 $4,000/$100, Game 4 $6,000/$100, Game 5 $8,000/$200, Game 6 $10,000/$400 and Game 7 US $5,000,000 for 6 out of 6 and 5 of 6 numbers wins $1,200. The Grand Prize is paid in 25 payments over 25 years. Other cash prizes will be paid either 30 days (according to their Terms and Conditions) or 48 hours (according to their FAQ) after verification.

Who Can Play?

Playing at is available for anyone who is 18 years or older and though it is not limited to, by residents of Australia, Canada, Ireland, Namibia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and United States. Surfing around the web, FreeLottoFest seems to have had a huge launch in December 2017 in South Africa which makes sense the optional benefits is charged in Rand.

Getting in Touch with Free Lotto Fest

Customer service is available by snail mail and email address. They say allow 48 hours for them to respond to any email. There is also a telephone number in the UK. FreeLottoFest is owned and operated by a company registered in Cyprus though posted on their home page is Harry Dazzle.

Who’s Harry Dazzle?

There is a page describing Harry Dazzle, his amazing lottery wins, what he spent it on and why he created free lottery games. The first indication that this is simply a story and not a real person is the fact FreeLottoFest says he won a $5 billion Mega Deka Jackpot (Outer Mongolia). It’s a good bit of imagination and it’s not until you get to the bottom that there is a disclaimer that this is a fictional story.

The Bottom Line at

I’m not sure why they created Harry Dazzle though it did give me a chuckle. Back to reality, FreeLottoFest clearly states their free lotteries are paid for through advertising and surveys, though of course there is “Optional Added Benefits System” that does cost.


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Why Harry Dazzle?

Free Lotto Fest does get a reserved thumb’s up. I get a little twitchy with the concept of something based on advertising and surveys, especially associated with the word free.

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