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theLott Exposed — Official Online Lottery Provider for Aussies

theLott Exposed

theLott Review separated their lottery play from their sports betting, spinning it into two different sites – and brings together most of the Aussie lotteries under one online roof. Lotterywest of Western Australia still runs its own show. It’s an official site partnering with lotteries to offer ticket sales at face value – online. Don’t worry about losing your ticket or wondering if you’ve won. This site will automatically credit your winnings straight to your account.

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Games at is an official online home for lotteries offered throughout the different states in Australia. Well mostly… if you reside in Western Australia, you will need to register with Lotterywest. The link is there. To see what you can play in the state you live in, click on the menu at the top of the page. Games like Super’66 and Tatts Lotto are only available in certain states. Oz Lotto, Powerball, Set For Life, Mon & Wed Lotto, Lucky Lotteries (Super and Mega), and Lotto Strike seem to be throughout all Aussie states.

And How Does It Work

Some games have a minimum of 4 per draw up to a maximum of 50. You can opt to multi-play up to 10 draws. If you click subscription (meaning it renews each draw), you can cancel at any time. All games excluding Lucky Lotteries involve picking ticket lines from a specific ball number pool. Lucky Lotteries is a raffle-style game with a guaranteed winner for each draw. Ticket lines cost face value (same price as the store). There is no syndicates or systems play.

Instant Scratch-Its

theLott offers three scratch-its to play: James Bond 007 and Crossword Butterfly to win AUD100,000 and Cash Celebration for AUD 250,000. This changes from time to time with new scratch-its offered. If your ticket isn’t a winner, you can join the “Second Chance” drawn monthly for AUD 10,000.

The Lott and Getting Your Winnings

Winnings are deposited directly into your account. Players nailing a Division 1/Jackpot for any of the Australian lotteries will have to wait two weeks for their winnings. To withdraw your winnings from, simply log in to your account, open the “withdraw funds to my bank account” section, click on withdraw to the bank account you’ve registered, and put in the amount. There doesn’t appear to be any minimum amount. But, if you have used a credit card to open your account, you’ll have to have used it to buy tickets and withdraw money back to that credit card at least once.’s Members’ Clubs

Again, you must be clear on what state you are playing from. NSW & ACT has the Players Club with 7 winners a month of $1,000. It’s free to join. Tasmania, Northern Territories, and Victoria have the Tatt’s Club with one winner a month for $1,000. Again it’s free to join. Queensland has the Winners Circle with 5 draws of $5,000 each week. Yup, it’s free. Then there is South Australia’s EasiPlay Club with 4 draws a month or $5,000 but at the cost of $5 to get your membership. Lastly, Lotterywest has a free membership though it’s light on information. Any bonuses or promotions seem to be sent through these clubs.

Who Can Play at

Looking at the list of restricted countries, players have to be either from Australia or New Zealand and actually in Australia. If you’re heading on holiday and want to continue to play your favorite numbers, you’ll have to take out a subscription. Hang on; you can be in New Zealand also. But pretty well nowhere else.

Getting in Touch with

theLott’s main office is in Queensland. There is a snail mail and email address, toll-free and overseas telephone number plus a specific address for the local state lottery offices. There is no live chat.

Why You Should Register with TheLott


One-Stop-Shop for Aussie Lotteries

Face Value Ticket Prices

Get Your Winnings Automatically

Why You Shouldn’t Register with TheLott


Lottery Site Only for Aussies and Kiwis

No Syndicates or Systems

No Other International Lotteries

Would you mind rating

Is TheLott legit?

If you’re interested in playing Australian lotteries and are in Australia or New Zealand, this is an official site. It’s a great way to ensure you do know when you’ve won, don’t forget to play plus you can’t lose your tickets. Keep in mind; you can only play the games offered by the state you are in.

This site gets a thumbs up for Australians and a thumbs down from the rest of the world. Good thing, we all can still play through other online lottery providers.

  1. It is a pretty good site, but the fact that any time you go out of Australia you are banned from the site is quite annoying…

  2. Is pretty good for lottery, if you want to play cheap, try Monday and Wednesday Gold Lotto, about $0.60 cents per 1 line game. If you call on phone the customer service is pretty good and website is pretty easy to use. Thanks and good lottery luck, Jamie Cedro 🙂 Winnnnnner! $$$$$$$


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