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LottoStar Exposed — Legal Lottery Betting for South Africans

LottoStar Exposed

LottoStar Review

There are very few South African sites that let you legally bet online on international lotteries instead of buying tickets. LottoStar isn’t one of them.

If you first take a look at the platform, you may think that it enables you to participate in international lottery games.

This isn’t the case. You’re betting against the results of the lottery. You’re not getting a ticket for an international game that’s providing a chance to win the jackpot. Hence, in the event of winning, you will receive a prize from LottoStar itself.

If you like betting, this option may be the right choice for you. Here’s how LottoStar works, what it has to offer, and how happy customers have been with the services provided.

Here’s why 24Lottos may be better than LottoStar

Games at LottoStar

Players can bet on the outcome of Italy’s SuperEnaLotto, EuroMillions, Africa Millions, Kino 10, Kino 12, Kino 14, and Kino 16 games. A few of the additional choices include the UK Lottery Plus, Oz Lotto, Oz Powerball, Spanish Daily, EuroJackpot, USA Powerball, USA Mega Millions, Gold Rush Millions, etc.

What’s a bit misleading here is the fact that LottoStar presents information about the game and the jackpot currently available. As a result, some players may feel misled that they’re buying a ticket for the actual game and the actual drawing. This isn’t so – players are betting against the result of the respective lottery they choose.

LottoStar offers fixed odds betting. Here’s how it differs from the official jackpot of the game. If you play EuroMillions, the estimated current jackpot you could win is 17 million euros. The odds of claiming the top prize are 1 in 139,838,160. If you play the betting game via LottoStar, you can win a maximum of 25 million South African rands, which is the equivalent of 1.59 million euros. The difference is a serious one and something to keep in mind when deciding whether you’re going to play LottoStar.

The standard bet cost for this specific game is five rands, but the prices may differ from one international lottery to another.

Lotto Star Extras

On any of the game pages, the jackpot booster lets players increase or decrease the prize values per tier, while the Win-O-Meter shows you what your chance of winning is. Another feature geared at enhancing your experience is the Quick Pick button. It lets the system randomly select your numbers on each entry per draw without you having to. The Max All button randomly selects numbers for an entire row of bets and increases the boost of each bet to the maximum.

Boost 25 is another unique feature. It has you paying more for a ticket, which doubles the size of the prize in the event of winning.

Boost 50 is even more expensive, but it increases prizes even further. In the EuroMillions example above, the standard top prize is 25 million rands. When Boost 50 is activated, this prize rises to 75 million rands. There’s also a boost of 125 (it costs 18 rands for EuroMillions, and the top prize becomes 150 million rands) and Boost 200 (the cost is 27 rands, and the top prize becomes 225 million rands).

LottoStar offers a couple of additional features on top of betting on international lottery outcomes.

Sports betting is available for a wide array of games like soccer, basketball, rugby, and Formula 1. Sports betting options are available under a separate tab on the website, and there, you’ll find information about the terms and conditions.

Live Games is the newest feature on LottoStar. There are a couple of popular options like Deal or No Deal, Monopoly, and Lightning Dice.

Winning with

You can claim any winnings in your LottoStar account at any time within ninety (90) days. LottoStar will notify you via email once you’ve won. Once the prize is credited to your account, you may withdraw R100 or more, or convert your winnings into play credits.

You may continue converting your winnings into play credits for single wins up to R25,000. Players can easily upload certified FICA documents (proof of identity and address) via the website to withdraw or convert bigger wins (over R25,000) into play credits. LottoStar will pay into any bank account in South Africa following FICA regulations and our bookmaker’s license.

Both deposits and withdrawals on the website are possible in several ways. LottoStar accepts Visa and MasterCard, direct bank deposits and withdrawals, SnapScan, SID, PayFast, EasyPay, MyGate, and several other payment processing services.

Keep in mind there have been some complaints about payment processing and extra charges. LottoStar reviews often mention such issues, and you may want to be careful about depositing large amounts in the account.

How Do They Do It?

LottoStar operates under a Mpumalanga Gaming Authority license. This means that the platform has to follow South African rules and regulations to carry out its betting activities. You can rest assured that the website is not a scam due to this certificate.

LottoStar doesn’t provide any further information about its operations. How are funds managed? Whether some of the money generated is dedicated to beneficial causes (like in the case of standard lottery operators)?

Still, the online betting provided by the company is pretty standard and straightforward. Many other online platforms across the globe offer similar functionalities, and the principle is more or less the same.

Who Can Play LottoStar Games?

Anyone over 18 in South Africa can bet on Lottostar’s games. When you register and submit your ID number, third-party provider IDECO will instantly verify your details so that you can start playing immediately. If not, you’ll need to upload a copy of your ID document.

To have your winnings paid into your South African bank account, you need to upload a copy of your South African ID. It can also be a passport for non-South African citizens; as well as proof of address and the latest bank statement.

Who is behind

LottoStar labels itself as the first accredited lottery and betting website to receive regulatory approval and start operating in South Africa.

The website has an extensive FAQ page that answers some of the most critical questions potential players may have. There are also several distinctive methods for getting in touch with the customer support team.

LottoStar provides a physical office address, an email, and a phone number (0860-26-7777) that’s available from Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Still, there have been some complaints in LottoStar reviews about the quality of the customer service and the adequacy of the team responsible for assisting website members.

Other than that, it’s challenging to find additional information about the entity behind this digital betting enterprise. The website does have security certificates and other safety features to protect the information of users. You shouldn’t worry about giving LottoStar a try, even though support may be somewhat sluggish.

Why You Should Register with LottoStar


Fixed prize betting options

Legal betting in a country where online gambling is illegal

Payouts are guaranteed

There are multiple withdrawal and deposit methods for players to choose among

There are numerous betting options, sports betting, and an array of online games

Add-ons and special features can be activated to increase the eventual payout in the event of winning

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LottoStar


Exclusive to South Africa

Misleading wording that makes some players believe they’re buying international lottery tickets

Jackpots and payouts that are much lower than what the official lottery has to offer

Some of the add-ons can be quite expensive to activate

There have been complaints about the quality of the customer service

There is very little information about the entity behind LottoStar

Would you mind rating

Is LottoStar Legit?

You are betting on international lottery outcomes rather than buying lottery tickets online. Buying lottery tickets online constitutes online gambling, which is still illegal in South Africa. Placing fixed-odds bets online with approved operators is legal.

This being said, LottoStar does offer somewhat misleading wording, and we believe this is intentional. Many new players think that they’re getting a ticket for an international lottery, which later on proves not to be the case.

LottoStar does provide an extensive opportunity no other operator makes available in South Africa. If you like sports betting or testing your luck in different ways, you may enjoy the games. The platform is certified, and it features the right security functionalities to give you a consistent, risk-free experience.

Still, if you’re looking for ways to play online lotteries, this isn’t the platform for you. Do take a look at the multiple LottoStar reviews here to get a better idea about what the service is and whether it’s worth your try.

  1. You play about R2000 just to maybe win R700

  2. Been playing for years lottostar scratch cards, all I want is to pay of debts just so that I may have peace of mind, I play R100 per month max would be R200, that’s my limit and I stick to it, I just don’t know how people win millions!!!! How is that possible or is lottostar apps rigged? Especially those scratch card games!! A mere R2.00 makes a person win like what 350K … there is no such thing as certain times to play etc …it’s rigged, if only staff could actually tell us the truth instead of saying …you’ll never know your luck!!!!

  3. I have been playing on Lottostar for a long time and I have not won one major jackpot ever. I have to constantly top up just to play a little to win 50c or a R10 here and there but never more than R1000

  4. Lottostar is a huge scam. The big winners listed don’t even exist. It’s a scam I’ve invested more than 50k on lotto star but have never won anything big. It’s the worst. Gambling platform operated by demons I’m telling you stay away from lottostar. During a race I’m suppose to make money as there are lots of participants but not on lottostar instead you loose more. I’ve permanently self excluded

  5. If you have money to waste, then Lottostar is for you!!!! Impossible to win. Games are always cold and pays shit


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