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LottoStar Exposed — Lotteries and Betting

LottoStar Review

There are very few South African sites, letting you legally bet online on international lotteries instead of buying tickets.’s mega-jackpot prizes of up to R160 million have taken lottery betting to the next level. Players can bet on a fixed tier of prizes. As part of a fixed-odds betting system, the prizes remain excessively high whether you win or not. Therefore, you always stand a chance to win the fixed tiered prizes and never have to split your winnings.

Games at Lottostar

Players can bet on the outcome of Italy’s SuperEnaLotto, France’s EuroMillions, Spain’s Bonoloto and La Primitiva – which is Lottostar’s Spanish Daily – and Greece’s Keno – which becomes Lottostar’s Kino 12, Kino 9 and Kino 6 games. The fixed tiers and their jackpots remain unchanged regardless of how many players win, so you always receive the amount you played for. Let’s look at the standard SuperEnaLotto jackpot of R120,000,000. Their nifty jackpot booster will let you push it up to R160,000,000.

Lotto Star Extras

On any of the game pages, the jackpot booster lets players increase or decrease the prize values per tier, while the Win-O-Meter shows you what your chance of winning is. Another feature geared at enhancing your experience is the Quick Pick button. It lets the system randomly select your numbers on each entry per draw without you having to. The Max All button randomly selects numbers for an entire row of bets and increases the boost of each bet to the maximum.

Winning with

You can claim any winnings in your Lottostar account at any time within ninety (90) days. Lottostar will notify you via email once you’ve won. Once claimed, you may withdraw R100 or more, or convert your winnings into play credits.
You may continue converting your winnings into play credits for single wins up to R25,000. Players can easily upload certified FICA documents (proof or identify and address) via the website to withdraw or convert bigger wins (over R25,000) into play credits. Lottostar will pay into any bank account in South Africa following FICA regulations and our bookmaker’s license.

How Do They Do It?

While Lottostar does not explicitly mention the name of their insurer, they are adding a third party verifier to their site – so you can rest assured that your jackpot will be paid out when you win.

Who Can Play?

Anyone over 18 in South Africa can bet on Lottostar’s games. When you register and submit your ID number, third-party provider IDECO will instantly verify your details so that you can start playing immediately. If not, you’ll need to upload a copy of your ID document.

To have your winnings paid into your South African bank account, you need to upload a copy of your South African ID or passport for non-South African citizens, as well as proof of address and latest bank statement.

Who is

Lottostar is the first 100% legal, online, fixed-odds betting company to launch “exclusively for the South African market.” The private company is licensed by the Mpumalanga Gambling and Racing Board – meaning that they’re vetted and regulated to ensure that you are protected. Their office and postal addresses are located in Mpumalanga Province, but you can call, email or live chat with their support from 8am-9: 30 pm, Monday to Saturday. You can also find Lottostar on Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Bottom Line at Lottostar

You are betting on international lottery outcomes rather than buying lottery tickets online. Buying lottery tickets online constitutes online gambling, which is still illegal in South Africa. Placing fixed-odds bets online with approved operators is legal.

The jackpot prizes are some of the biggest that we’ve ever seen in South Africa. Since the bets and wins are part of a fixed tier program, you always win that amount per bet no matter how many other winners fall in your tier. Unlike the regular lotteries, you never split your winnings. With Lottostar, you reassuringly always know how much you are going to win.


Fixed Prize Tier

Legal Betting Versus Illegal Online Lottery Tickets

Insured Jackpots and Guaranteed Payouts


Exclusive to South Africa

Lottostar is the only company of its kind and South Africa’s leader in the international lottery industry. While they are exclusive to the South African market, who knows how that might change in the future. Lottostar gets a thumbs up from Lotto Exposed team!

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