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LottoLive24 Exposed — 25 International Lotteries to Play

LottoLive24 Exposed

LottoLive24 Review

If you’re looking for a place to play international lotteries online, you might like to look at LottoLive24. They offer 25 games, including the big ones like US Mega Millions and EuroJackpot plus some different lotteries like the UK’s Set for Life and Brazil’s Quina. The site looks very straightforward as a place to buy single or multiple lottery tickets and offers discounts for multiple plays. But, there are no syndicates. Let’s look further.

Are bonuses and promotions available on GiantLottos?

Games at

LottoLive24 offers access to play 25 international lotteries, including the usual big mega jackpots of US Powerball and EuroMillions. Players can choose to play a single ticket or more, excluding GG World Million (minimum ten ticket lines) and GG World X (minimum five ticket lines). Multiple plays offer discounts of 5% for five draws, 10% for ten draws, 15% for 25 draws, and 25% for 50 draws. The minimum deposit is €10. Players can opt to deposit funds through Bitcoin, Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, and Wire Transfer. There are no syndicates. has specific, close times for all draws to allow time for the purchasing of your tickets where the lottery originates. and Winning

Winnings up to US $2,500 (or equivalent in another currency) are automatically credited to your account at LottoLive24. You’ve got to contact’s support team for winnings above $2,500. They will send you instructions by email. If there are winnings from a free quick-pick lottery ticket might be delayed based on information from the lottery operator. LottoLive24 takes a 10% fee to cover the costs of winnings over US $10,000.

Lotto Live 24 and Getting Your Winnings

Players simply send a withdrawal request through their account. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is €10. You can choose how you’d like to receive your money though if you’ve used a credit card, you can only withdraw up to the amount you’ve deposited. says they will too ‘best efforts’ to facilitate your choice, but if it isn’t possible, then you’ll receive the money through a bank transfer. Don’t forget that tax is taken on winnings in Spain and the US over certain thresholds.

Who Can Play at LottoLive24

Funny, the only restriction to play online lotteries at is that you are legal of age in your jurisdiction – where you live. Players do need to have an email account as that is part of the activation process. Players also may only have one account.

Who Is LottoLive24 is an EU company registered in the UK. White Lotto Limited is a company that not only operates as an online lottery provider but also designs turnkey lottery sites for others, including random number generator software for private lotteries. There is an online form, snail mail, and email address. There are no phone numbers or live chat at, but there is at their parent company site. Players have the option to choose English, Spanish & Portuguese. This includes their terms and conditions.’s Information Page

It was really interesting looking at LottoLive24’s information page. They list all the lotteries they offer online, the type of lottery (how many numbers per ticket against how many numbers used), the odds of winning, and the amount of jackpot. Though I must confess, I do get a little cross-eyed comparing currencies. Does anyone know the exchange rate for Hungarian dollars?

Why You Should Register with LottoLive24


Straightforward Site to Buy Lottery Tickets Online

25 International Lotteries to Play

Discounts for Multiple Draws

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LottoLive24


10% Commission on Winnings over US $10,000

No Syndicates

No Phone Numbers or Live Chat

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Is LottoLive24 Legit?

This seems like a very straightforward place to play international lotteries online. There is an excellent selection of games to play from all over the world. I do wonder whether will still take the 10% commission on that mega jackpot if you’ve got to go collect your winnings yourself. gets a thumb’s up though I do personally prefer a site that also offers syndicates. But this site does seem to be clear on how to play and how to get your winnings.

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