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Super Lottos Exposed — How Super Are the Syndicates They Offer?

Super Lottos Exposed

Super Lottos Review

If you are looking for a syndicate for EuroMillions and are a resident of the UK, then might be your choice of place to play. Then again, it is the only lottery offered and only as a syndicate. Then still, there is an indication on their main page that there might be more options. But it looks like players have to register before there is more information. So let’s talk Euro Millions as it is clear they do offer that. How good are the syndicates they offer? Let’s look!

Is 24Lottos better than SuperLottos?

Games at

There are two syndicates. The first has 150 members with 75 lines per week divided between 30 on Tuesday and 45 on Friday. So, though they say there is a total of 300 ticket lines per month, the actual ratio of tickets to members is at best 45 ticket lines shared between 150 people. The second syndicate option is 100 members sharing 25 tickets for each drawing totaling 200 ticket lines per month. But that’s 25 ticket lines shared between 100 people/shares. Players can either choose one line per week or have it allocated by

Other Games – Maybe

On’s main menu, there is advertising for other lottery games like SuperEnaLotto and US Powerball. But there is no information in their T&C or anywhere else. Click on “Play Now,” and a form appears to register with them. Digging into their T&C, players have to register and then wait for a call to be able to process their membership. Maybe that’s when you find out how to play the other games.

Super Lottos and Getting Your Winnings

Winnings for this EuroMillions game are based on the numbers and prize money published by the UK Camelot Group (at this point). The UK Millionaire maker is not included in any prize opportunities. Money is paid into your account at the end of “that Syndicate.” Where your share of the winnings is over £100,000 will contact you by telephone. There is a minimum of £10 for any payout. Payouts go into your bank within two working days of “your request being successful.”

Who Can Play Super Lottos?

Players must be UK Residents and 18 years or older. If they find out that you are not a UK resident, you do not get your money back and do not get any of the winnings. All memberships are subject to 14 days delay at which time you can cancel your subscription. You cannot cancel your membership in a syndicate for three months and 14 days.’s Guarantee

These folks do say that if you do not win during a month, you can ask for a full refund. It’s hard to imagine that your syndicate won’t win even a small amount – and you can’t touch it unless it’s over £10. Unless your syndicate is lucky enough to strike that jackpot any winnings divided between 150 people/shares probably won’t get near the minimum threshold.

Customer Service at Super Lottos

If you want to ask questions, is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. There is a live chat message though not sure when they respond. Usually, they ask for an email address to get back to you. There is a snail mail address (with a map of their location) in London, England. There is also an email address and phone number. Oh and an online form. Though the company is registered in the UK, they don’t have any gambling registration as they simply act as a service.

Why You Should Register with SuperLottos?


Syndicate for Euro Millions

Lots of Communication Options

Refund Guarantee for Not Winning – Now That’s A Long Shot

Why You Shouldn’t Register with SuperLottos?


Only for UK Residents

Only Information for EuroMillions

Excludes the UK Millionaire Option

Would you mind rating

Is SuperLottos Legit

I get a little annoyed at the way some of these sites publish their info. “With our EuroMillions 150 Ticket, you have 300 chances of winning BIG every month for just 39 pounds!!!” Okay, so most of us see the 300 chances to win. When you get into the bottom line, the fact is you have 30 tickets for one draw on Tuesday shared between 150 people and then 45 tickets shared between 150 people. What would happen if the ticket line you chose comes up on the draw that it wasn’t used? I’d be annoyed.

This site gets a thumb’s down mostly for the ratio of tickets to members per draw but also because of the site itself. If you’re going to offer other lottery options, let’s have more information before you must submit your info.

  1. Absolutely con. Do not use at all. Money back guarantee in the first three months however if you win 1p (which you cannot withdraw any amount under £20) you are void from receiving your money back guarantee despite paying £40 a month for three months. Con. DO NOT USE

  2. I did not receive an e-mail that apparently was to inform me of the direct debit of £39 a month. I only discovered this had happened when I received my 3 month paper bank statement. When I enquired re this and asked how much had I won after months of unknowingly paying £39 a month I was told that I’d won £7, what a joke.

  3. I had a call last week saying I’d won a competition and they would like to enter me a draw free I told them I will not give u my bank details and she said no we don’t do that over the phone. within minutes she asks me to confirm my sort code to see where I was so I did. I was getting suspicious now then she said I need your account number. I said what for. she said it was to confirm whom I was 🤔 then she asked for the 3 digits on the back. I said no way. so she said complete this online then 🤔 I’m glad I gave her my details of account that isn’t in use. I had a gutt feeling these where dodgy I should of just hung up the phone be aware 🙃

  4. best service than any other site …… I think the people saying bad things…. you can’t expect to play and win millions every time you play. 300 lines 39Pound you’ll never get that good deal.

  5. Huge fan of this site and what they offer! They do it all – purchase and manage my lotto tickets for me every month and I can see these on my account profile. Everything is about convenience – get sent the tickets every month online and not have to go and buy yourself and you have more of a chance of winning! I highly recommend – keep it up guys!


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