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LotteryKing Exposed — A Bit Overpriced but Reliable and Steady

LotteryKing Review by Lotto Exposed

LotteryKing Review

You want to buy your lotto tickets online – that’s understandable. It’s easy, you can do it in your sweatpants, and you can participate in so many cool lotteries from all parts of the world.

So, you do a bit of research to determine which online lottery agent is worth spending your money on. Eventually, an opportunity like LotteryKing will pop up in your search bar.

Like many other online lottery agencies, LotteryKing simplifies the process of getting your tickets quickly and conveniently at home. The website has a friendly interface, and a quick scan reveals a good selection of games from different parts of the world.

How easy is it to claim prizes at GiantLottos?

But how does LotteryKing compare to other similar services? Is it legit, is it overpriced, does it offer special bonuses and discounts that justify signing up? These questions are the ones we’re about to answer today. Let’s get started with our LotteryKing review.

Games at

Ok, we need to sort out the essentials first. After all, if the website doesn’t offer your favorite lotteries, there is no point in signing up, is there?

For a start, LotteryKing does indeed buy lottery tickets on your behalf. That’s a necessary clarification, keeping in mind the fact there’s been a proliferation of websites that collect bets against official lottery results instead of buying actual tickets. So, that’s a good thing, and we’re off on a positive note.

As far as the range of available lotteries goes, there’s a good selection of opportunities to test out.

At LotteryKing, you can buy tickets for the US Powerball and Mega Millions, SuperEnalotto, GG World Lottery, Powerball Australia, Eurojackpot, EuroMillions, Oz Lotto, El Gordo, the UK Lottery, Quina, Saturday Lotto (from Australia), La Primitiva, Mega Sena, Bono Lotto, and a few other smaller games.

Next, we need to pay attention to the ticket price. Lottery agencies charge a fee for their online services, but it shouldn’t be an exuberant amount.

We decided to check SuperEnalotto as an example. If you’re in Italy, you will need to spend one euro on acquiring one standard SuperEnalotto ticket. When buying the same ticket through LotteryKing, the cost will be 4.13 US dollars or 3.65 euro. That’s quite a significant markup. Like any other service provider, however, LotteryKing has the freedom to determine how clients will be charged. It’s up to you as a client to decide if you’d like to spend such money through the website or look for a more affordable lottery agency solution.

To buy tickets via LotteryKing, you can deposit money in your account in a couple of ways.

The website accepts credit and debit card payments, Skrill and Neteller transfers, and Bitcoin payments. LotteryKing does have a valid security certificate, which means that your sensitive payment information will be protected.

LotteryKing and Claiming Your Prizes

Now that we’ve answered the question is LotteryKing legit, we need to move on to a few other essential details.

One of the biggest is making sure you can easily withdraw any money you’ve won by buying tickets through the website.

As per the LotteryKing terms and conditions (a document you should read before signing up), winnings of up to 2,500 dollars are directly deposited into a player’s account. For a more considerable sum, LotteryKing will do a review on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, the money can still be deposited into a player’s account. If a sum is very big, however, a player may have to claim personally. Additional information is to be provided once the specific case is reviewed.

There’s one important thing to point out about the service.

LotteryKing will charge a 10 percent fee on all prizes exceeding 1,000 dollars. That’s something big to keep in mind – most online lottery agencies don’t have such charges. Players receive the reward that’s advertised by the respective lottery. This means that LotteryKing is making money from the commission charged when you buy a ticket and once again when you win a big amount. While this isn’t particularly cool, it is outlined in the website’s terms and conditions. This means that LotteryKing is in its right to charge whatever they decide because you have been informed about the charge as a potential client of theirs.

Who Can Play at

LotteryKing is an online agency that’s not affiliated with one lottery or another. Still, lotteries have the right to limit who can play. For example, if you are underage and win a big amount from some lottery, you may face difficulties claiming in that country.

The website’s terms and conditions state that the identity of account holders will be verified. Usually, such a step is necessary for legal purposes, especially for prize claims (once again).

Finally, you may lack access to the website if online gaming is illegal in your country. There are numerous such states worldwide, so do check out the local regulations before trying to engage in online ticket buying.

LotteryKing: Who’s Behind It?

To answer whether LotteryKing is a scam, we have to take a look at the company that has set up and that operates the service.

LotteryKing is operated by White Lotto BV. The company is registered in Curacao, much like many other operators. It’s also licensed and regulated under the Curacao eGaming legal framework. The company’s office is in Cyprus, and there’s the sufficient contact information you can use if you need to get in touch with the team.

Doing a bit of research about White Lotto BV, we found out a couple of things. The company operates another online ticket-buying website under the name of LottoPark. Hence, it’s all about specialized service provision, and apparently, it has quite a lot of experience in the field.

Other Bits and Pieces

There isn’t an awful lot more to say about LottoKing – the aim of the portal and the type of service are pretty self-explanatory.

Unfortunately, LotteryKing doesn’t offer a lot more in terms of perks for its registered users.

Anyone who has bought tickets online knows that some platforms offer discounts and bonuses under certain circumstances (for newly registered users, when you buy a certain number of tickets, etc.). There aren’t any promotional offers available at LotteryKing right now. Hopefully, such opportunities will become available in the future to keep the service competitive.

LotteryKing also doesn’t have syndicates or other group play options – another feature that many people look for in an online ticket-buying service.

Finally, we tried to find out what experience real people have had with LotteryKing.

Looking for LotteryKing reviews, we did come across a couple of testimonials. Most people have had a good experience. The service is described as legit and dependable, which is the biggest essential when giving your money to someone.

To sum it up, there doesn’t seem to be anything you need to worry about as far as LotteryKing is concerned. You get a relatively simple service, and there are detailed terms and conditions that outline the essentials. If you need to know anything else, you can contact the company’s customer service reps. We don’t know how responsive they are, but the service appears to be reliable.

To help you decide about this online lottery agency, we have summed up the biggest LotteryKing pros and cons.

Why You Should Register with Lottery King


A good selection of lotteries to choose from

Various payment methods are integrated into the portal

Clean, user-friendly interface

Easy money withdrawal procedure

There are various positive customer reviews

The company behind the website is registered and licensed

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Lottery King


The service is pretty expensive in comparison to others

You will be charged 10 percent for the processing of lottery prizes over 1,000 dollars

If you want to play some less-known international lotteries, you won’t find them here

There are no special offers and discounts

No syndicate play is available

Would you mind rating

Is LotteryKing Legit?

LotteryKing is ok, keeping in mind a few potential drawbacks. If you’re not discouraged by those, you can give the service a try without worries about legitimacy. You’ll get your tickets purchased by a company representative in a specific country, and you will get paid in the event of winning.

Is LotteryKing right for you? We can’t tell because we don’t know what you’re looking for in an online lottery agent. If you’re seeking a reliable, straightforward service without additional bells and whistles, you’ll potentially be happy with this one.

  1. Hello I played the powerball the other day and did not received my powerball numbers plus the Mega Millions numbers for me to check on line to see if I won. Please let me know thank you Lia


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