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  1. I love it!! I haven’t tried all the lotteries they offer yet, I just play the big ones, but it took me almost no time to get going and is really simple to use. Would recommend.

  2. This company offer very relaible service. I’m a lottosonline customer of many years I can say that at least in my own experience I am totally happy and feel safe using the service. When I had a question they get back to me with answers. They used to have chat but now its just phone or email but the email reply was quick. Their VIP program makes it cheaper to play than some of the other sites I’ve used thanks to the rewards they give It’s pretty easy to be a VIP and to keep my VIP going but its a pity they don’t have a VIP VIP program it the same for everyone. So far I’ve only won a few smaller prizes so far mostly playing Powerball but I’m sure one day I’ll win a jackpot thanks to then it will be bye bye boss.

  3. Gotta say, LottosOnline is one of the best out of these sites I have tried up to now. The site is straightforward to use and reasonably priced. One of the few sites out there to pay out without taking commission. I am always careful when choosing where to play because there are two types of operator out there – lottery agents who actually buy tickets, and betting sites who will bet on the outcome of lottery draws. The betting sites won’t let you get the whole jackpot if you win it – instead they get you to take it over years and also in some cases make huge deductions. I am pretty happy I found LottosOnline, keeps things nice and simple!

  4. Great way to play the US lotteries from Canada (and I suppose almost anywhere)
    I haven’t won anything yet but a friend put me onto the site a few years back after they won and I only play on the big draws.
    I really like that you get to see ticket scans also.

  5. Best online lottery site – great prices, trustworthy, the best selection of lotteries, and received the scanned copy of the original ticket within hours of the purchase.

    Overall 100% legit!

    Highly recommended!

  6. Dear user
    I have serious information for you about this site and the company
    they tell you they have people around the world who buy tickets for them.
    But the truth is that these scanned tickets are a scam.
    I logged in to this site and played some games.
    I found it strange that they don’t even want to verify my age or proof of identity, and that is the first problem because according to EU directives, it is necessary.
    This led me to address the regular lottery in America, who warned me that these tickets were fake. The same answer came to me from the US Gambling Authority.
    I have this evidence of fake tickets and I am considering this company’s lawsuit because I spent money here for almost a year.
    So be smart and don’t spend your money on those fake sites that offer world lotteries. You can only play each lottery in a given territory of the country.
    Thank you for reading, and if you want, share this information before deleting it.
    Best regards

    • This above review seems strange to me, because the main complaint would be true of all the lottery online companies – except official sites and you can only play those if you live in the country.
      I have played lottery sites for years now and have used these review sites to find new and different options. I have also traveled to many of the countries that are offered on LottosOnline and many of the other lottery sites I have bought real tickets in different countries and I always find out about the rules because if you win and you can’t have the money then what is the point. In most countries if you buy a real ticket in the country it is totally legal.
      I have also looked at the scans from LottosOnline, and they look just like the tickets I have bought in real life.
      Lottosonline is one of the few companies that sell tickets online that tries to be open by showing you the scans. I have received 1 payout when I was lucky enough to have a win big enough – so I cant see the problem. (oh and they do ask for verification before paying out)..

      At least they buy real tickets and are not just a gambling site like lottoland. I worry that those sites will not actually be able to payout if a really big jackpot gets won.

  7. Never had any problems sometime browser get stuck when transferring money to fill the account.. They always reimburse me without any problems…I’ve win many times and every time I get my money!

  8. SankaraPandian From India …. LottosOnline Support Is Very Good… Lot of times im winning small amount… automatically Credit My Account ….

  9. I am from Aotearoa New Zealand and bought tickets online and was very impressed with their service, i will use their services again and have recommended them to my friends.

  10. I started using the services of because they have the differential of claiming the prize on your behalf and deposit the winnings into a bank account indicated by you. The other concierge services compel the jackpot winner to visit the country to claim the prize.

  11. What guarantee that Lottosonline will pay us if we win a jackpot well over US$ 20 million? Tickets’ scan will be useless if they do not pay. They are located in Cyprus and not subject to UK jurisdiction, so litigation could be a lengthy process and unsuccessful in getting the winning back. I would like to see an insurance policy that guarantees payments.
    Any thoughts?

  12. I like to play there, i get scan ticket from Delaware if i play Powerball or Megamillions, that means i only pay 30 % tax, no extra state taxes and I’m from Europe.
    I like their customer service, they are correct and nice, they only make money on ur purchase not on ur winnings.
    Of course i would like to see if i may win the big jackpot, how it works out then?
    But i take my chances on that….better than not even try….and i have a scan of the ticket, so all i may need then is a good lawyer and open a trust fund.
    But i trust them more than any other lotto online i know and hear about.
    So good luck and just try it….you don’t have to play for big amounts…just go for it, that’s what i do.
    Thank you lottosonline

  13. Best lottery site online after playing on many other – received my scanned official lottery tickets within 2 hours from placing my order.

  14. Great online lotto service provider, purely, reliable, user friendly and trusted, customer support through e-mail is really good, deposits to withdrawal is secure and transparent, I am from India playing with this beautiful lotto playing site found no irregularities, feel free and test your luck and earn lots. Best of luck!

  15. This is an excellent site for outside an American player throughout the world which is working on behalf of the purchaser.

  16. Great site – allows me to play from South Africa and I have scans for all my tickets (it can take a day or two though).

    Have had a few small wins, and they have paid out on each one. So I recommend.

  17. I have been playing since 2016, I have no problem, very cooperative staff, they reply to any email so far I haven’t had any luck, but I am wishing 🙂

  18. Best online lottery agent with best prices online and scanned copies of official lottery tickets.

    Easy and fun!

  19. I find the site very easy to use and have never had any problems with payments. They seem to have withdrawn their subscription option, but their multi draws are still there and give good discounts even on only 4 draws. I use them with total confidence.

  20. My experience with can’t be faulted. I won over €5000.00 in Jan 2017& NO COMMISSION was taken. So it seems the information in the review is outdated or incorrect.

    Payments was also quick and painless. If you are looking for a online lottery site that does what it says on the box – look no further!

  21. User friendly, simple, quick and no issues. Excellent customer service and the best lottery site I have used. I would highly recommend and also inexpensive.

  22. One of the best sites I have played – everything is a smooth process from choosing your numbers, receiving your results emails and receiving scanned copies of your official lottery tickets.

    Highly recommended!!

  23. Hi,

    I’ve tried out the site. I do not understand why my purchase that was quoted in USD have to be converted to CNY and not the domicile currency of my credit card. There are 2 times currency exchange losses for the purchase.

  24. I’ve done some lines and won some. You then get an email that says claim. So you claim, but it only falls into a different balance folder.

    Then you look around to claim from the balance but find out you can only claim from the winnings folder, and only then when your winning exceed 50 euros.

    So any win under 50 euros and you can kiss all your money good bye.

    • Hi Blue

      We sincerely apologise for this but we have the 50 euro cap on withdrawals as the bank charges involved for wiring funds are high and we absorb these fees.

      Therefore we feel with the fees to take into consideration – our cap is not a big burden on our players.

      We ask you can kindly overlook this issue and hope to continue seeing you as a player on our site in the future.

      All the Best
      Marc from LottosOnline

  25. To all LottoExposed Readers & Players of LottosOnline

    We would like to inform you that we have decided to change our commission policy on winnings for a better player experience.

    Our new commission policy on winnings is that LottosOnline will NOT charge any commissions or extra fees on any of our player’s winnings.

    LottoExposed would you kindly update our review on your site accordingly.

    All the Best
    Marc from LottosOnline

  26. Bought tickets for the first time.
    The next day, my credit card was compromised in that over 7000$ of unauthorized cash advances and purchases were made in the state of Georgia, USA. Coincidence??? Visa is investigating.

    • Dear Bal,

      We are sorry to hear about your credit card troubles, but this could never have been charges from our website, we have checked this on our end too. First of all, we do not store your credit card information this is passed through our payment processor, so your credit card could not have been compromised through LottosOnline. We use a secure payment processing company that is based in Europe and our website is certified PCI compliant meaning that the security and systems we have in place secure our customers billing details -certificate is one our site. Even though we have agents in California for your perusal, our payment processing is done in Europe, outside of the United States.

      I hope your situation gets resolved soon on your side.

  27. I Just suscribe to LottosOnline and found their site very easy and neat to deal with and I’m very pleased to see this great review and specially to see Marc from LottosOnline taking excellent care of we the customers kudos for that I am Mexican with high hopes to become millioneare, we never know isn’t good luck to all 🙂

  28. I’m not happy with that site I think I got rip off I put money on my credit card for the power ball after o was done signing up and pay for tickets I could not log in to my acc at all I still can’t so what’s up with that and I never did get a confirmation email

    • Hi Jeannot

      We have looked in our database using the name “jeannot”. We have a user with that first name and their email address is at the domain “”

      We suspect that if this is your account, you intended to type “gmail” and not “hmail”.

      Please contact customer support at and we will help you to correct this.

  29. I just using lottosonline so far so good.
    But I sent email to cancel my subscription for auto renew but the site still do deduction.

    • Just received an email from Philip (LottosOnline) and double check my account.
      The problem is solved.. My auto subscription is cancelled…
      Thanks Philip

  30. I’m in Australia and took a chance with Lottsonline, I read their FAQ, it was clear & concise, I really hate giving my credit card online since it was used fraudently once, but I also searched a lot of other lotto online places and none of them accept PayPal either. Their business hours seem acceptable enough and so what if they’re located in Cypress? I too would be happy to give 5% commission, afterall I probably won’t be able to spend the huge amount of money in my lifetime but I’m going to have fun trying 🙂 I will be donating alot of it worthy charities too!

  31. Hi Marc

    My sister called me in a panic today because the newspaper reported The Powerball Corp said that you cannot purchase tickets online anywhere and must only purchase from a licensed retailer in the US. Now she thinks this is a scam and reported her card as compromised so they will issue her a new card. Can you please respond?

    • Hi Colleen

      With regards to your sister’s query, please read below:

      To clarify this, the rule you see there is to stop USA citizens from playing the lottery online on a different states website or buying tickets from a different state and collecting the winners from another state.

      The tickets we purchase on your behalf are from licensed shops in California with regards to US Powerball and they are then taken to a safe location where they are stored securely before the draw. Because the tickets never leave the state of California and collection of the winnings are done in the state of California, so LottosOnline and the services we provide are 100% legal and operates within legal guidelines without exception.

      The tickets we purchase are valid.

  32. May I know where is the location for the office if I want to claim the prize?
    Thank You

  33. Hi Cory

    Great to hear you had such a great experience with us.

    Good luck for the big draw on Wednesday.

    Hope to see you back soon.

    All the best

  34. I just bought 10 tickets and got 10 for free. It was easy and if I win 1.3 billion well lotto online can certainly have 5%. I’m Canadian so I can claim back 90% of the tax they take.

  35. I have bought Powerball tickets for Jan. 09/16. Have not been able to receive email confirmation of my purchase. Have tried their online chat a few times & emailed where ever they are in bloody Cyprus. Online chat is telling me my email is not compatible with theirs. I call EXTREME BULLSHIT!!!!!

    • Hi Michael

      Sorry to hear about your issue could you kindly let please email me at to try sort this out?

      I do know we have had a few issues with spam/firewall issue with some ISP

      In the meantime you can login and check under your My Tickets section on the right hand side – here you will be able to see your tickets.

  36. Hi Nick,

    Thanks very to the review, I just wanted to clarify a few things on your review for your readers.

    1. We have a our Welcome Bonus for all new players to received 100% cashback on their first purchase, up to €50 / $55, which they can use to purchase further lottery tickets on the LottosOnline.

    2. With multi-draws there is the option to automatically renew the multi-draw which would allow the player to create a subscription, this is on top of our jackpot subscription entry option.

    3. With regards to our customer support hours we have taken your criticism into consideration and will be looking to fix this in the not too distant future.

    • Hi Marc,

      Great to see you here. Thanks for your kind remarks!

      Hope you’ll stay with us to reply our users’ comments.


      • Hi Daisy

        We will be sure to answer and respond to any of your readers comments or questions.

        All the Best
        Marc from LottosOnline

  37. I went to this website and I am shocked by their policy! The forum for this has not started yet so I am posting it here.
    I had a chat with an agent there and they mentioned that they don’t accept US issued credit cards! And also non US issued credit cards! And no PayPal either. In other words I cannot play here. Seems too fishy to me.

    • Hi Yas

      We really do apologise for the the troubles you had on our website today.

      Unfortunately our payment processing company does not allow USA credit card holders or credit cards holders from Pakistan, where you were located, due to high risk or fraud measures in they have place.

      With regards to PayPal there are no lottery ticket agents that we know of that provide this payment method

      All other countries credit card holders are accepted at LottosOnline.

      We apologise for the inconvenience and if we could change these measures we would but they are out of our control.

      • Hello Marc.

        Thanks for the detailed clarification.

        I guess there is not much anyone can do about it now. Will be sticking to the agents that I normally play with.

        • Hi Yas

          Apologies once again for this.


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LottosOnline Exposed — Something a Little Different! is a lottery ticket messenger service and a trade name of Marvicap Limited. The head office of the Marvicap Limited is located at Executive Center, 4 Prometheus Street, CY-1065 Nicosia, Cyprus. You can contact LottosOnline via phone number +44 203 695 8840 or email address LottosOnline offers 8 international lotteries to play. The website is available only in English language.

LottosOnline Review

Digging into the nuts and bolts of how lotteries work can get a little boring when one after another; they all look so much alike. On the fact of it, looked like any other online lottery ticket provider. They offer eight lotteries and all the usual things are there, including Terms and Conditions, FAQs and Contact Us. It wasn’t until the team started digging that we realized this one is a little different. Let me explain.

Games at LottosOnline

This part is straightforward (like all the rest) with offering eight international lotteries through single ticket play (one or more tickets), multiple draws and subscriptions. Multiple draws get a discount of 10% through 4 draws, 15% for 8 draws and 20% for 16 draws. But what about subscriptions?

Now for Something Different

Click on the subscription button and it’s not what you would expect. Players can opt to only play certain lotteries when the jackpot climbs to some of those mega amounts. Subscriptions to mega jackpots come with a 10% discount per draw with thresholds of $40 million, $50 million, $75 million and $125 million. Well, that’s for US Powerball. Each of the lotteries offered online at have their own threshold levels. You get to choose when you want to jump onto the bandwagon.

Again Something Different at Lottos Online

Each player’s account is divided into three wallets which indicate what the money can be used for. The Account Wallet is where players put their money for purchasing tickets. The Winnings Wallet – yup, you got it – is where winnings go. The Rewards Wallet is promotion and bonus money that can only be used for playing, hence cannot be withdrawn.

LottosOnline & Winning

LottosOnline does not take any fees on winnings. Players can get their winnings seven business days after receives the money from the lottery. Any individual win over €1,000 and LottosOnline contacts you directly (versus simply getting an email for amounts below that amount. Any withdrawal must be of a minimum of €50. Re taxes, US Powerball & Mega Millions are purchased in the State of California hence there is no state and personal tax on winnings though there is a flat 30% federal tax for non-residents.

VIP Player Status

Again, LottosOnline have taken a different approach on their VIP status. Players who spend €50 or more receive 10% cash back for the next 30 day period on all purchases. If you do not spend €50 during that next 30 day period, then you lose that status.

Customer Service at

LottosOnline is owned by Marvicap Limited, a company out of Cyprus. They offer a Cyprus snail mail address, UK phone number and email address. Customer service is available Monday to Friday 10:00 to 17:00 GMT +2. There is live chat, but outside those business hours, customers have to leave a message. One thing I don’t get is they say they are governed by the laws of England and the UK but they are registered in Cyprus.

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The Bottom Line at

It was rather nice to take a look at an online lottery provider that offered something different and wasn’t just another clone. I think the threshold when LottosOnline takes on winnings makes sense. They are clear on what is your money and what are the bonuses and what are winnings.


Clear Terms and Conditions

They Do the Leg Work to get Your Winnings

Mega Mega Jackpot Subscriptions


Customer Service Only During Business Hours

Cyprus versus the UK gets a thumbs up if for no other reason than its ingenuity in being different. It’s a fairly new site so we’d love to hear if you play there and/or how you’ve gotten on.