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LottosOnline Exposed — Something a Little Different!

LottosOnline Exposed

LottosOnline Review

Yay for yet another opportunity to get your lottery tickets online. But how good is this one, and how does it compare to others?

LottosOnline is a standard web-based lottery ticket agency covering some of the most popular and beloved games from various parts of the world. If you’re not living in the respective country, sites like give you good opportunities to partake in a game of luck that would otherwise remain unavailable.

So, how does the platform work, and is it comparable to other similar service providers? What makes it better? Is there something that makes it worse? Our LottosOnline review aims to answer these important questions and then some more.

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Games at

LottosOnline gives its members a good selection of lotteries to choose from. There are seasonal games like the Spanish Christmas lottery and regular draw-style games from the US, Europe, and Australia.

Some of the most prominent entries in the LottosOnline portfolio include Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, the Australian Powerball, EuroJackpot, BonoLoto, the German Lotto, La Primitiva and El Gordo from Spain, SuperEnaLotto, Australia’s Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto, as well as various others.

Is it affordable to buy tickets through LottosOnline? To answer this question, we need to take a look at the platform’s main premise.

LottosOnline differs from other online lottery agencies in one important way. You cannot buy just one ticket for your game of preference. Depending on the lottery you’re interested in, there will be a minimum number of tickets to buy. For example, for Australia’s Powerball, you have to buy a minimum of five tickets to get your scanned copies. As per the site’s specifications, a single ticket will come with a price tag of 1.70 Euros. In Australia, a single ticket will cost you 1.10 Australian dollars (which is 0.68 Euros).

And since you have to buy at least five tickets, the minimum amount you can spend on your Powerball entry is 8.50 Euros. For each game, there’s a different requirement for the minimum ticket number. The explanation for this requirement doesn’t make a lot of sense – after all, a single ticket entry could also be scanned, couldn’t it? But that’s the way LottosOnline operates, and the platform is pretty transparent about its requirements.

LottosOnline and Claiming Your Prizes

Smaller sums will be credited immediately to a player’s online account, after which the sum can be withdrawn. Once the sum is credited, it can be withdrawn into the player’s bank account. There is, however, a minimum claim amount of 50 Euros. That means if you win small sums several times, you’ll have to wait before you can actually cash out. On the upside, you can use the funds in your account to buy more tickets.

For larger sums, players may need to travel to the respective country and make a claim (depending on the lottery’s specific procedures for paying out prizes). According to the LottosOnline FAQ, winners will be notified about their luck. After that happens, additional information is going to be provided about the prize claim specifics.

Who Can Play at

LottosOnline is open to lottery players from all parts of the world. To sign up for an account and buy tickets through the platform, the player needs to be 18 or older.

Unfortunately, the digital agency reports it doesn’t process payments in various countries. These include Afghanistan, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Libya, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, and the US.

That’s a major pity as most digital lottery agencies only restrict access for potential members from countries that have made online lottery ticket buying illegal.

Is LottosOnline Legit: Who’s Behind the Portal?

LottosOnline: is it safe? That’s such an important question; it deserves its own thorough explanation.

LottosOnline appears to be legit. We haven’t managed to locate any serious complaints about how the portal works or about the payment of prizes. This agency has been around for some time, and it has maintained a fairly good reputation.

According to the website, LottosOnline is operated by Marvicap Limited – a registered company in Cyprus and has provided a headquarters address in Nicosia. Cypriot business registries suggest that Marvicap Ltd. was registered in 2014. There’s nothing worrisome about the company details. Apart from the address, a phone number and an email are also provided. Hence, you can get in touch with customer support and inquire more thoroughly about Marvicap and the company’s credentials.

Other Bits and Pieces

To make you fully informed, we have to provide a couple of additional details on LottosOnline and the services it provides.

A thing that we haven’t touched upon is the VIP rewards program.

This is a loyalty program for LottosOnline members that are interested in a cashback opportunity. Here’s how it works – each time a player spends 50 euro or more on ticket buying in a 30-day period, they will automatically get the VIP status. When the VIP status is maintained, the player will receive a cashback of 10 percent on each next purchase.  The money will be added to a reward balance that can be spent on lottery tickets. Needless to say, that’s a nice perk (as long as a member is spending responsibly on the acquisition of new tickets).

Players can also join a referral program to receive a commission whenever someone new joins the agency.

These are all nice add-ons that could make LottosOnline worth joining for many.

As a last attempt to determine if everything’s ok, we went through online testimonials and the experiences of people who used the service.

LottosOnline seems to have many happy clients. The negative reviews are few and far between. Some actual testimonials are available with this article – scroll to the top section of the guide, and you’ll see what some of our readers have to say about their LottosOnline experience.

Why You Should Register with LottosOnline


A good selection of online lotteries to choose among

Players receive a scanned copy of the ticket that is bought on their behalf

Available in many countries

Simple prize claim procedure

Bonuses and loyalty programs (cashback) are available

Operated by a registered entry that’s fully transparent

Several customer support and communication opportunities are available

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LottosOnline


You cannot buy just one ticket

The service may seem a bit expensive to some

Payment processing isn’t available in numerous countries

Would you mind rating

Is LottosOnline Legit?

LottosOnline seems to be offering a pretty solid and reliable service. Obviously, there are a few shortcomings, but isn’t there something negative to point out with every lottery agency out there?

LottosOnline is completely legit and safe. If you’re not discouraged by the shortcomings that we identified – test it out. And if you do, please share your experience with us in the article comments. We’d love to find out what you think.

  1. I like Lottosonline. I was worried about the ticket scans at first but then they explained it was actually a picture of the real lottery ticket they were holding for me, so I felt a lot better about that. I’ve had problems playing a few times but we worked out it was a problem with the way I was filling in the form, so that was pretty easy to sort out too. So I got nothing bad to say except I haven’t won a jackpot yet.

  2. I cannot play, don’t waste time and don’t play!

  3. I love it!! I haven’t tried all the lotteries they offer yet, I just play the big ones, but it took me almost no time to get going and is really simple to use. Would recommend.

  4. This company offer very relaible service. I’m a lottosonline customer of many years I can say that at least in my own experience I am totally happy and feel safe using the service. When I had a question they get back to me with answers. They used to have chat but now its just phone or email but the email reply was quick. Their VIP program makes it cheaper to play than some of the other sites I’ve used thanks to the rewards they give It’s pretty easy to be a VIP and to keep my VIP going but its a pity they don’t have a VIP VIP program it the same for everyone. So far I’ve only won a few smaller prizes so far mostly playing Powerball but I’m sure one day I’ll win a jackpot thanks to then it will be bye bye boss.

  5. Gotta say, LottosOnline is one of the best out of these sites I have tried up to now. The site is straightforward to use and reasonably priced. One of the few sites out there to pay out without taking commission. I am always careful when choosing where to play because there are two types of operator out there – lottery agents who actually buy tickets, and betting sites who will bet on the outcome of lottery draws. The betting sites won’t let you get the whole jackpot if you win it – instead they get you to take it over years and also in some cases make huge deductions. I am pretty happy I found LottosOnline, keeps things nice and simple!


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