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Millionairelottery Exposed — Millionaire Ocean View Home and Other Prizes

Millionairelottery Exposed

Millionairelottery Review

Can you imagine yourself sitting looking out over a Millionaire Ocean View? That’s what the grand prize winner of the Millionaire Lottery just won. This lottery/raffle out of British Columbia, Canada held their draw in February. The number of tickets is limited, so the odds are really good.

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This is one to put on your calendar. Though the draw was held in February, the next one will kick off in July of 2016. It’s important to jump into this game when the tickets go on sale as there is a heap of early bird draws. This is a raffle-style play with a capped amount of 117,000 tickets sold in the last draw. There is also a secondary draw of 50/50 (that’s where the winner takes half the money paid into the game) with 482,000 tickets. Well, those were the numbers for the last game – we’ll see what they do for the next one. But that’s pretty good odds on the 3,530 prizes offered.

This review explains why Canadians love 24Lottos

Other Prizes

Besides the grand prize and 50/50, there are “cars or cash”, “vacations or cash” and a whole heap of “gift cards or cash” and “electronics or cash” to win. Each of the prizes offered has a cash value equivalent for players.

Millionaire Lottery & Winning

All prizes are tax-free in Canada and that does also apply to foreigners – more on that shortly. Players have a year to claim their prize though you only have 10 days if you are going to claim the cash equivalent. The winner of the grand prize has a choice of one of seven dream packages.

Who Can Play?

Anyone can play if you’re at least 19 years old, though there is a catch. They underline the fact that the “entire payment transaction must take place while the person is physically in British Columbia”. Only people who are actually in BC (that includes residents) can purchase tickets though it can be done online, by telephone, and by mail. Tickets are available at a bunch of locations, including the Vancouver General Hospital.

Where Does the Rest of the Money Go?

The VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation got together to raise funds through for patient care, research, and community health services. It’s one of those win/win situations where players have a chance to win great prizes and health services get a boost in what they can do.

Millionaire Lottery & Asking Questions

The site has an online lottery form, email address, and international and toll-free phone numbers. They respond within 24 hours of sending an email though I can’t imagine anyone having questions.’s site is very comprehensive and sets out all the rules and regulations clearly. Our only question was – when does the next draw begin?


Why You Should Register with Millionaire Lottery


Good Odds

Interesting Prizes

Anyone Can Play

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Millionaire Lottery


You Must Be in BC to Purchase a Ticket

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Is Millionaire Lottery Legit?

Okay – I can’t imagine flying all the way to British Columbia just to purchase a lottery/raffle ticket. At the same time, if you are going to be there (or actually live there); this is a lovely little game that has good odds plus the added bonus of contributing to the fundraising of health services.

I like this lottery and might have to change my travel plans later this year to pop into British Columbia to pick up a ticket. It’s a shame we can’t simply order them online from anywhere!

  1. They yell at people and make fun of them on the bus, they yell at people making fun of people they feel are not worth anything, and they make Canadian lotteries look bad from they chase around filming them and watching the reel at the Christmas party while drinking 1919 Domaine de La Romanée-Conti La Tâche Grand Cru

  2. review 0 out of 10 scam SCAM SCAM SCAM ALERT

  3. I was looking at winners and its so many repeated winners, it seems like big BS, never again!!!!

  4. I think its a scam seems like same winners I purchased a lot of daily prize tickets draws seem to stay near same numbers not even close to any of mine I feel the winners are employees I would never purchase again glad part of money goes to a worthy cause just would of been nice if it was a fair draw

  5. I love the thought of winning a home and at the same time I’m helping a good cause. I call this a win win situation. I’m not from British Columbia but was there so could buy a ticket. Didn’t win in this last draw but it’s on my calendar for the next. This is much better than simply a tax certificate for a donation.


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