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Health Lottery Exposed — Are You Ready to Support the Health Issues?

Health Lottery UK Review

Health Lottery Review

The Health Lottery website welcomes you with a cheerful blue banner that reads, “Congratulations to our 100K winner Tim from Sheffield.” Needless to say, we all want to be in Tim’s shoes and make some quick bucks.

Is this really possible by playing Health Lottery?

Based on all of the player reviews we’ve gone through, the prospects of that are dubious.

Health Lottery UK is a small opportunity to sign up for an online account, play a lottery, and potentially win 100K. This isn’t a national lottery but rather, a private initiative. The company behind it operates 12 so-called society lotteries that all fall under the Health Lotto umbrella. So what exactly does that mean for you as a player? We’re about to find out right now.

Is 24Lottos legit or is it a scam?🤔

Games at Health Lottery UK

The Health Lottery offers the main lottery drawing, a quick win opportunity, and some scratchcards. As per the description of this game of luck, money generated through ticket sales is used to support good health-related initiatives (apart from paying out prizes).

Here’s how to play Health Lottery.

Drawings take place each Wednesday and Saturday. You have to choose five main numbers for a chance to win 25,000 pounds. Entry into this main drawing costs one pound. After the regular weekly drawings, a free game will also occur. Anyone who has bought a ticket will also qualify for this additional opportunity. It is the one that will eventually result in a grand prize of 100,000 pounds.

Health Lottery UK also offers a quick pick game that takes place every three minutes. Again, players have to match five balls to the ones drawn for a chance to win 25,000 pounds. The entry is once again available for one pound. So, it isn’t easy to see the difference between the weekly and the daily drawings. With the same price, the same set of numbers to choose among, and the same ticket cost, it’s impossible to differentiate between the opportunities.

Finally, there are multiple digital scratch games available through the website. These usually don’t have lots of fans as people worry that digital scratchcards leave a lot of room for manipulation.

The digital scratch games cost anywhere between 0.5 and five pounds. The cost of a single entry will determine how large of a sum a player could potentially win.

Claiming Your Health Lottery Prizes

Now that you know what time Health Lottery draws take place and how to participate, it’s time to check out the way you can claim your prizes.

Health Lottery prizes can be claimed both online and in-person, depending on how you’ve acquired your tickets (there are retail venues in the UK you can visit if you want actually to buy a paper ticket copy). For the digital scratch games, you need an online account that any winnings will be credited to.

Smaller prize amounts will be credited directly to a player’s account.

For prizes from 10,000 to 25,000 pounds, an identity verification procedure will have to be completed before the respective sum gets released to the player.

Smaller sums accumulated in a player’s account can be withdrawn to a bank, or the money can be used to purchase additional tickets. According to the Health Lottery FAQ, approximately 14 days have to pass before the money appears in a player’s bank account.

Health Lottery UK and Who Can Play?

Health Lottery is a local (regional) initiative in the UK.

You have to be aged 18 or older to register and the Health Lottery login process.

To sign up for an online account, you have to be based in England or Scotland. If you’re accessing the website with an IP from another country, you wouldn’t even be allowed to go to the registration page.

Who’s Behind Health Lottery?

According to the official presentation, the Health Lottery is set up, run, and operated by The Health Lottery ELM Limited – an entity that’s licensed under the UK Gambling Commission. The license number is provided on the website so that you can do a bit of additional research on your own.

The company operates lotteries on behalf of 12 community interest companies and uses the opportunity to generate funds for local projects within vulnerable districts. If you click on the link for each of the 12 companies, you’ll be provided with some more information about the local initiatives being supported.

If you want to get in touch with the Health Lottery and find out more, you can use both a phone number and an email address. We really have no information, however, on just how responsive they are.

Other Bits and Pieces

According to the Winners page on the Health Lotto website, there are 50,000 winners every week (which adds up to 14 million winners since the lottery launch). The same presentation states over 154 million pounds have been distributed in prizes up till now.

There’s also a large winners gallery that provides more information about the people who claimed larger sums.

If you check out actual player reviews (including the ones listed in this article), however, you’ll see a completely different story. Most people who tried the Health lottery claim that they have not won a single thing, despite being consistent with ticket buying.

Some complaints also claim that people got a couple of numbers right in a drawing, but they were always provided with the lowest possible prize (a free ticket). Though the validity of such claims cannot be verified, they’re something to keep in mind. You can easily discover tons of Health Lottery reviews and testimonials. The opportunity has been around for some time, and numerous people have shared their experiences.

Apart from that consideration, the Health Lottery does seem fun and exciting.

As already mentioned, there are numerous games and Health Lottery prizes. On top of that, various promo opportunities, bonuses, and discounts are announced periodically.

Right now, for example, there are numerous cash raffle promotions. Each one has specific entry criteria, and the information will be sent out to registered players in the form of an email.

There are also play cards and additional offers (the one valid right now is a “spend 10 pounds, get one additional pound” offer). The FAQ section of the website describes these opportunities and provides information on the latest promotions.

Why You Should Register with Health Lottery


Registered and operating under UK lottery laws

Multiple games available

Drawings occur multiple times per day

A standard lottery format that most players are acquainted with

Affordable tickets and free drawings are also available

The Health Lottery often organizes additional raffles and bonus opportunities

A large gallery dedicated to winners shows the people who have hit a larger sum from the games

Organized to support charitable initiatives in local communities

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Health Lottery


While online gameplay is the focus here, the opportunity is only available in the UK

Lengthy verification procedure for larger prizes

There are numerous customer complaints about the quality of the experience and a person’s ability to win prizes

It’s somewhat confusing – the daily, and weekly lottery formats are identical

Would you mind rating

Is Health Lottery Legit

Health Lottery doesn’t come with something inherently wrong or a major red flag. Tickets don’t cost a fortune, and you can easily play a few times to determine whether the game is the one for you. And while there are many complaints, everything appears to be legitimate.

The Health Lottery is legit, and you can rest assured you wouldn’t be ripped off by giving it a try. Is this the one opportunity that you’ll fall in love with, however? That isn’t easy to tell. The only way to decide if Health Lottery rocks your boat is to give it a try.

  1. CAUTION THIS IS A SCAM, they take direct debit and charge more than you signed for then block your bank account. They then ask for your debit card details, so they can do the same. Poor customer service don’t even bother to answer emails.

  2. Keep getting emails from them to check my numbers, but the website has been down for months!
    I am cancelling my subscription immediately – Yet another con!

  3. Christmas raffle draw saw 90+ prizes, My raffle code has seen Just one PZ code drawn, sorry but that is far from random.
    As someone who purchases regular tickets from the same retailer, with this code, Absolutely no trust in this blatantly unfair lottery.
    I think questions like mine need answering.

  4. I was playing the other week with just £10 and my boyfriend came over to watch me play and noticed that my balance said £8,900 and he said wtf we jumped up with joy then my son refreshed the page and the balance went back to £4 I was gutted, to say the least and have no idea what happened to this day.

  5. My direct debit has run for around 4 years and in all that time (with 5 lines of numbers) I’ve only ever got two numbers in a draw for a bonus free ticket. Yet when I go to the website to see the bonus it isn’t there. Previously there had been some nonsense about not being able to play the bonus manually if you pay by direct debit (?!). Not only that but I found it impossible to examine the history of “My Lottery Plays” because that doesn’t function.

    Something dodgy here. I am suspicious that after all this time I’ve never won a penny, not even had three numbers come up after four years?

    Giving up on this as untrustworthy. Looking at the reviews I see that some people have not been paid despite getting winning numbers. You should sue.


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