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  1. I was playing the other week with just £10 and my boyfriend came over to watch me play and noticed that my balance said £8,900 and he said wtf we jumped up with joy then my son refreshed the page and the balance went back to £4 I was gutted, to say the least and have no idea what happened to this day.

  2. My direct debit has run for around 4 years and in all that time (with 5 lines of numbers) I’ve only ever got two numbers in a draw for a bonus free ticket. Yet when I go to the website to see the bonus it isn’t there. Previously there had been some nonsense about not being able to play the bonus manually if you pay by direct debit (?!). Not only that but I found it impossible to examine the history of “My Lottery Plays” because that doesn’t function.

    Something dodgy here. I am suspicious that after all this time I’ve never won a penny, not even had three numbers come up after four years?

    Giving up on this as untrustworthy. Looking at the reviews I see that some people have not been paid despite getting winning numbers. You should sue.

  3. The Health Lottery refused to pay me when I matched all the balls and bonuses.
    This was £100,000!
    I was informed and had all the emails prior and texts they sent along with all the screen shots of the pages.
    They were VERY rude and was told there was a technically.
    I have the phone records of the day I called too.
    This was a couple of years ago and I am still not over it.
    I actually made financial changes at the time I found out.
    The Citizens Advice Bureau was useless and the man I discussed it with came across as smug.
    I would like to still persevere with legal help which I was advised would be hard.
    This ended a year of sobriety for me, unfortunately. Shocking!!!
    Nick Ennis

  4. Played on and off since the start, I agree with other reviews, I have spent a few hundred pounds on it and never won anything. It does seem like a scam, can the organisers prove me wrong? I doubt they would care or bother about the bad reviews as long as fools like us continue to line their pockets

  5. This site and Lottery is a Shambles, but guess what guy’s & Girls, we’re the mugs for thinking we could win something. Ditto to the UNTICK BOX @ bottom of number slip, otherwise you will be paying by direct debit weekly. WTF did I think I had a chance, when the truth is they have our pants down. The scratch cards aren’t clear as some of them turn into fruit machines, be carefull or you will lose evrything…what a CON 🙁

  6. I received bonus money, but I was not able to gamble it.

  7. I checked the results to find I had 3 numbers correct and only won a free ticket. This is the second time I had won more than a free ticket but only received a free ticket. I e-mailed them but as yet no reply. but as soon as I stopped my direct debit I had an e-mail the same day. THIS IS A SCAM

  8. can you lot stop complaining this is much better than UK lotto that’s rubbish I think health lottery is great value

  9. I played quick win and won £50 and £20 and never received it into my wallet. DO NOT PLAY QUICK WIN. It’s a scam.

  10. Contacted them to do less lines as didn’t want to spend £25/30 a month, got £20 in my balance, in the end I had to cancel direct debit with the bank,also point out i never won anything, but now can’t get my £20 back off them even after loads of emails requesting to close my account, i want/insist you return my money, normally I get kissed when someone is f–king me,

  11. It’s a shame, it takes far to long to get a ticket for me, cashier and the people in the queue behind me, to much information half tree that on the ticket. The raffle you have to hunt around lots of sites to find latest results (every thing is long winded) and not many winners??? I do Not like buying tickets anymore!

  12. Sting to the core.. I canceled my account with them. Only to find they started taking money again after 3 months.
    I am not going to pay 7p a minute to call them. I believe they need investigating. Have sent my complaint and pointed the lottery commission to look to this URL and read the other complaint.

  13. Completely dodgy organisation stay aware. Their supposed customer services have little or no respect for customers, the overriding ideology is just to take your money and its engineered to make sure you rarely if ever win anything, a few small wins amongst a large body of gamblers just keep people paying.

    Desmond who owns it is personally dodgy too, with his hands in illegal business practices and most of the investment people make goes into his businesses with only a fraction to charity to appear to look good.


    • Would like to see bona fide proof, as compiling complaints for the Lottery Commission.
      Especially info on this person called Desmond.

      • I was told I had £10 in my account. I went on to the site to play it through and when it was down to about 3p (because of penny scratch cards) it linked me to the page for topping up from my debit card. I didn’t authorise anything and moved away from this page. When I opened my emails I had an email saying I had topped up my account with £20.00. The £20 isn’t showing in my account on the site even though the email says it has taken £20.00. It all feels very dodgy and now I will be having to check my bank account regularly to see whether they have or haven’t taken the money.

  14. £30 pound in total I have won and when you try to transfer funds it says not enough to transfer, total scam.

  15. Couldn’t get my card accepted so many times I gave up will try another lottery.
    Mega raffle completely baffling, my code has 13 characters theirs 12?

  16. Mega raffle numbers and letters have baffled me. I have 2 letters and 10 numbers on a ticket but on website result its 2 letters and 11 numbers?

  17. Get the feeling that the scratch cards only rarely payout and when they do it’s £1 or £2
    Never heard of anyone winning anything more and it’s impossible to find out how much is actually paid out on these games. Might be wrong but not impressed.

  18. Rubbish, been playing every week by DD for two years and never won a penny. Considering the supposed favourable odds its rather strange…

  19. Why is it around the parts of south London where I try to buy health lottery tickets on a Saturday night I used to buy from a branch of Morrison but find the machine is always out of order, and when it’s working some of the staff are not trained on how to operate it.
    I also find that the number of news agents shops that sell health lottery tickets are dwindling very fast, there must be a reason for that.

  20. Tried twice to sign up and both times it failed to recognise my DOB dammed if I’m going to phone them, so signed up for postcode lottery so far paid £20 for 2 months and won £10, a relative won £28k 2 years ago and the £3m prize 3 months ago was won by a local postcode.

  21. Watch for the automatic ticking of ‘play weekly by direct debit’. Even when you have unticked it, they will retick it for you. Unethical. I found no mention of what proportion of the money goes to the NHS and phone support is 7p / min to listen to their advertisement.

  22. Rigged – over 200 lines played now over the course of 6 months and not a single win, not even 2 numbers actually!
    Be careful here, the odds of not winning a single thing after 200 lines played should be one in 10s of thousands/neglible, I have a feeling the numbers get rigged (i’m sure every so often they allow some wins to get through for publicity reasons but I reckon there’s some programming going on here to bring up numbers not picked).
    Oh well back to the classic National Lottery for me least you win a tenner every so often.

    • This lottery has surely got to be rigged switched to it when National lottery doubled in price, 17 lines last night and not one Lucky Dip even! This has happened almost every week now for over a year, at least when my syndicate played the National lottery we won a Lucky Dip or two or three and sometimes even 5 every week. So 17 or more Lucky Dips each week for a year and very few winners somehow it smells!!

  23. Every other shop I go into and ask to play the health lottery the staff look at me blankly and say they do not know how to put it on. Yet they have a health lottery stand in their shop! I have now given up with trying to play the health lottery.

  24. I played one of the mini games on Health lottery and won £10, however it didn’t get added to my account.
    Even though they can see from the amount of money added and spent on the account, they commented that because it wasn’t registered on their computer system, I wouldn’t get my win didn’t even get the £1 back that I spent.
    It was put down to an error on the graphics. It’s in the terms and conditions apparently.
    A right Con. This isn’t the first time this has happened so I have closed my account!!

    • How did you close it? I have been having random amounts taken out of my account and want to close my account but, despite their instructions to do this online, there is no provision for doing it. Getting really frustrated with this setup.

  25. Read the blurb about being much better odds to win than the so called National one, and after 20 years of playing that and winning next to nothing (max £34) decided to switch to Health Lottery playing online. A year later and have won nothing, not once, not even 2-3 numbers.. Waste of time.. Just went back to National Lottery and won £3 two weeks in a row, which was more than I won on the health lottery in a year.

  26. Also got a thing validating my age, but only after I had added my bank details and added some funds to wallet. So, I’m playing for this month and then that’s it – cancelled. Figured that was easily that trying to get my funds back.

  27. When I tried to add money to my wallet, I got a message that there was an error in validating my age. Received a message from lottery support to say that ‘sometimes happens’ and the age verification check they need to conduct would leave a soft footprint on my credit file for 12 months? Have gone back to the Lotto!

  28. I made the mistake of buying a few lines by card payments, then was bombarded with buy six get seven free buy 4 get 6 free, I think I get my gist, these emails I was bombarded with were every night, really, do u have 5,6,7,8,9 or ten pounds a night on lotteries, most people don’t, shame on you health lottery, take my word all I strangers out there, steer well clear.

  29. Well, i was drawn back to the health lottery with one of their offers i spent over £6 before midnight in one transaction and entered mystery beforehand and never received any bonus, sent email to customer services with no reply as yet its false advertising, i said i would never play the health lottery again as i never won anything over a long period but always won on the thunderball same amount of money spent on each, I’m honestly done with the health lottery back to the thunderball.

    • I Have had 15 to 20 lines on each of the last 8 draws and won diddly squat. I have spent hundreds over the last couple of years on this lottery and won diddly squat. I have won nothing on this lottery since it started, but won regular with thunder ball playing less lines. Something not right here in my view, especially how often you are bombarded with offers and bonuses. Comes across as one of those cheap bingo type sites trying to draw you in. I can honestly say I will never play the health lottery again.

  30. Avoid, they try to make you call their helpline always and get charged for the service. They do a Credit check which leaves a footprint on your credit file. Not worth the hassle and your details get passed onto 3rd parties…

  31. Terrible, will be cancelling my DD, take money off every month and never a win so bad I actually forgot all about it until I noticed another £25 off my account!! They use gambling software!!! A true scam! A total rip off.

  32. I am playing this lottery since come out, but most I win was £20 and that was it, since, nothing… I reed all post people putting on, this side, I think I will give up too.. Try something different…

  33. Absolute shite u can’t even put it on in Asda in Corby Northants or in Weldon LONDIS all done by phone and there is always problems …… tut tut shelf your commercials as we all know there actors xxxxxx good health luck xxxx

  34. Another scam, just within the loose margins of the law. Look who owns it the uk’s king of porn….dodgy to say the least. They take nearly a quarter of all money in admin??? More than is given to charity. Disgusting should be illegal like those bookies fobt machines. This country has gone to ruin…full of bent bankers and crooks.

  35. Was doing health lotto online, offers bonus codes that don’t seem to work, then spend more phoning up to get them! Stopped doing health lotto.

  36. I signed up, gave my bank details, then received a welcome email, however the verification email has still yet to appear after numerous requests. I’ve also been in touch twice with no joy not very good customer service I’ll be cancelling DD via my bank as I can’t access my health lottery account.

  37. There are times it is nice to play something that is for a charity – well overall. I like that fact. That I have a chance to give back and maybe win a little bit of something. It doesn’t cost a lot. I am not going to stop playing with other online providers that have those mega lotteries, but I do like this little bit of fun!

  38. I am getting fed up of the monotorneous same winners and female presenter in tv advert of the health lottery. I also are hesitant in doing the health lottery. Or postcode lottery. Due the dispute that any charitable proceeds go to good causes.

  39. The health lottery advertises health bingo on their site and when you go on to their site it has got health lottery logo on so why when you have problems with the bingo they say they have nothing to do with the bingo is this another scam for you to play on a site that does everything to keep your winnings.

  40. I wonder why you don’t mention that this lottery is owned by Richard Desmond – and all the 51 companies which benefit from the lottery are connected to him – nothing to hide have you ?

  41. Started playing this when the Lotto went up to £2 a ticket, paying by direct debit. They take your money a week in advance of the first game(for games up to 4 weeks ahead) and when you do win, pay you out a week after the win. Not exactly a scam in the true sense of the word, but there’s absolutely no reason why winnings can’t be paid into the bank account immediately, so I’d describe it as sharp practice. Since we found out this is what they’re doing, we cancelled the direct debit. The last winnings (only a tenner, admittedly) were supposed to have been paid into my bank a week ago. My bank have no record of it at all. Suppose it had been a thousand, or more? My advice is stay away.

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Health Lottery Exposed — Are You Ready to Support the Health Issues?

Health Lottery Review

The Health Lottery website welcomes you with a cheerful blue banner that reads, “Congratulations to our 100K winner Tim from Sheffield.” Needless to say, we all want to be in Tim’s shoes and make some quick bucks.

Is this really possible by playing Health Lottery?

Based on all of the player reviews we’ve gone through, the prospects of that are dubious.

Health Lottery UK is a small opportunity to sign up for an online account, play a lottery, and potentially win 100K. This isn’t a national lottery but rather, a private initiative. The company behind it operates 12 so-called society lotteries that all fall under the Health Lotto umbrella. So what exactly does that mean for you as a player? We’re about to find out right now.

Games at Health Lottery UK

The Health Lottery offers the main lottery drawing, a quick win opportunity, and some scratchcards. As per the description of this game of luck, money generated through ticket sales is used to support good health-related initiatives (apart from paying out prizes).

Here’s how to play Health Lottery.

Drawings take place each Wednesday and Saturday. You have to choose five main numbers for a chance to win 25,000 pounds. Entry into this main drawing costs one pound. After the regular weekly drawings, a free game will also occur. Anyone who has bought a ticket will also qualify for this additional opportunity. It is the one that will eventually result in a grand prize of 100,000 pounds.

Health Lottery UK also offers a quick pick game that takes place every three minutes. Again, players have to match five balls to the ones drawn for a chance to win 25,000 pounds. The entry is once again available for one pound. So, it isn’t easy to see the difference between the weekly and the daily drawings. With the same price, the same set of numbers to choose among, and the same ticket cost, it’s impossible to differentiate between the opportunities.

Finally, there are multiple digital scratch games available through the website. These usually don’t have lots of fans as people worry that digital scratchcards leave a lot of room for manipulation.

The digital scratch games cost anywhere between 0.5 and five pounds. The cost of a single entry will determine how large of a sum a player could potentially win.

Claiming Your Health Lottery Prizes

Now that you know what time Health Lottery draws take place and how to participate, it’s time to check out the way you can claim your prizes.

Health Lottery prizes can be claimed both online and in-person, depending on how you’ve acquired your tickets (there are retail venues in the UK you can visit if you want actually to buy a paper ticket copy). For the digital scratch games, you need an online account that any winnings will be credited to.

Smaller prize amounts will be credited directly to a player’s account.

For prizes from 10,000 to 25,000 pounds, an identity verification procedure will have to be completed before the respective sum gets released to the player.

Smaller sums accumulated in a player’s account can be withdrawn to a bank, or the money can be used to purchase additional tickets. According to the Health Lottery FAQ, approximately 14 days have to pass before the money appears in a player’s bank account.

Health Lottery UK and Who Can Play?

Health Lottery is a local (regional) initiative in the UK.

You have to be aged 18 or older to register and the Health Lottery login process.

To sign up for an online account, you have to be based in England or Scotland. If you’re accessing the website with an IP from another country, you wouldn’t even be allowed to go to the registration page.

Who’s Behind Health Lottery?

According to the official presentation, the Health Lottery is set up, run, and operated by The Health Lottery ELM Limited – an entity that’s licensed under the UK Gambling Commission. The license number is provided on the website so that you can do a bit of additional research on your own.

The company operates lotteries on behalf of 12 community interest companies and uses the opportunity to generate funds for local projects within vulnerable districts. If you click on the link for each of the 12 companies, you’ll be provided with some more information about the local initiatives being supported.

If you want to get in touch with the Health Lottery and find out more, you can use both a phone number and an email address. We really have no information, however, on just how responsive they are.

Other Bits and Pieces

According to the Winners page on the Health Lotto website, there are 50,000 winners every week (which adds up to 14 million winners since the lottery launch). The same presentation states over 154 million pounds have been distributed in prizes up till now.

There’s also a large winners gallery that provides more information about the people who claimed larger sums.

If you check out actual player reviews (including the ones listed in this article), however, you’ll see a completely different story. Most people who tried the Health lottery claim that they have not won a single thing, despite being consistent with ticket buying.

Some complaints also claim that people got a couple of numbers right in a drawing, but they were always provided with the lowest possible prize (a free ticket). Though the validity of such claims cannot be verified, they’re something to keep in mind. You can easily discover tons of Health Lottery reviews and testimonials. The opportunity has been around for some time, and numerous people have shared their experience.

Apart from that consideration, the Health Lottery does seem fun and exciting.

As already mentioned, there are numerous games and Health Lottery prizes. On top of that, various promo opportunities, bonuses, and discounts are announced periodically.

Right now, for example, there are numerous cash raffle promotions. Each one has specific entry criteria, and the information will be sent out to registered players in the form of an email.

There are also playcards and additional offers (the one valid right now is a “spend 10 pounds, get one additional pound” offer). The FAQ section of the website describes these opportunities and provides information on the latest promotions.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at

Health Lottery doesn’t come with something inherently wrong or a major red flag. Tickets don’t cost a fortune, and you can easily play a few times to determine whether the game is the one for you. And while there are many complaints, everything appears to be legitimate.


Registered and operating under UK lottery laws

Multiple games available

Drawings occur multiple times per day

A standard lottery format that most players are acquainted with

Affordable tickets and free drawings also available

The Health Lottery often organizes additional raffles and bonus opportunities

A large gallery dedicated to winners shows the people who have hit a larger sum from the games

Organized to support charitable initiatives in local communities


While online gameplay is the focus here, the opportunity is only available in the UK

Lengthy verification procedure for larger prizes

There are numerous customer complaints about the quality of the experience and a person’s ability to win prizes

It’s somewhat confusing – the daily, and weekly lottery formats are identical

The Health Lottery is legit, and you can rest assured you wouldn’t be ripped off by giving it a try. Is this the one opportunity that you’ll fall in love with, however? That isn’t easy to tell. The only way to decide if Health Lottery rocks your boat is to give it a try.

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