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HealthLottery Exposed — Are You Ready to Support the Health Issues?

HealthLottery Review

There are a lot of ways to tour the UK, but one of the latest is through the Health lottery game. It’s a bi-weekly lottery that has relatively good odds benefiting a bunch of different local societies. A minimum of 20% of ticket prices goes to ‘good causes’ which means health-related initiatives. It’s not what we’d call a big jackpot lottery, but it is regular and officially run. I still struggle a bit with these little lotteries that are designed to support specific initiates at the same time we can look at Ontario’s Wintario and what it did for building sports arenas. So how will you win at

The Game Rules at Health Lottery

The lottery game at involves choosing five numbers between 1 to 50 PLUS bonus number (sixth) is drawn out of the original 50 numbers. This is straight forward. If you can’t decide what numbers to play or don’t have any favorites, players can take a quick pick which randomly chooses five numbers.

How to Play at Health Lottery

To play at any participating retail outlet register your favorite numbers on a Playcard, choose your numbers or ask for a Quick Pick You can buy tickets just for this week’s draw, or for up to eight weeks in advance. Playing online is through their site, and it is open to anyone.

High Tech at Health Lottery

Players can buy single or multiple tickets from retailers. They also issue ‘playcards’ which allows players to go online or text to play your regular numbers simply. Playing online depends on your concierge lottery service and what they offer. Make sure you are clear on the number of games you want to play. There have been a variety of complaints these last few months by people who have thought they were playing a single game entry but instead ended up signing up for several weeks worth of games.

Who Is Health Lottery?

This is not a national lottery. It’s a group of fifty-one local societies that have come together to run a lottery to support health-related initiatives. These individual societies are licensed by the Gambling Commission and represent a local authority. Each society takes a turn to at benefiting from the income generated from the lottery. On the Health lottery website, they have a calendar they refer to as “The Health Lottery Tour” which shows the Society and the location that benefits each week.

Customer Service at Health Lottery

Besides the regular snail mail and email addresses, can be contacted through their hotline during regular business hours. Responses from the email address are also limited to UK business hours. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of reasons to contact them though, as this is a pretty straight forward, officially supervised lottery. It’s just not one of those big jackpots that might represent dollars (pounds) sufficient to buy a Ferrari.

Complaints on Health Lottery Service

Don’t look for complaints here as it’s a nice little regularly run lottery that isn’t big enough to attract a lot of the different email and post scams that seem to plague the big ones. It seems reliable and safe, though not a game for serious lottery players.

The Bottom Line about Health Lottery

For serious lottery players, this is not high on the list of places to play. If a player lives in the UK, it is a way to play a lottery at the same time support health issues. Our team definitely would rather play something that has a rollover lottery that builds for those big numbers.


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We found that the option of playing only one single lottery per week does not compete with other lottery sites that offer lotteries from every part of the world and almost daily. These guys don’t get a thumbs down, but our team won’t be playing there.

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