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LoveFreeLotto Exposed — Will You Really Get Something for Nothing?

LoveFreeLotto Exposed

How many of you believe you can get something free? Looking at, the team first thought this might be it. This is a free lottery that uses the official Wednesday New York Lottery results applied to LoveFreeLotto’s game. Oh – plus a bonus ball that they choose. Then, as we read through the small print, we realized it looked familiar. Before you go to their site, read on. You definitely need more information.

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The Game at

At first glance, this is a cute little lottery that uses the Wednesday New York lottery results, plus a bonus ball from 1 to 30 that is randomly drawn by But looking deeper, there is no information on how they draw the bonus ball, plus how come they don’t simply use the lottery official bonus ball? It made us wonder. Pick six numbers and the bonus ball and win 250,000 USD. Six numbers get 500 USD. Five numbers with the bonus ball get 150 USD plus six free tickets. Five numbers get US $20 plus three free tickets. Four numbers get you 2 USD and three free tickets. Nail three numbers and you get three free tickets.

New York Lottery

Here’s where it could get dicey. The New York lottery jackpot for Saturday night’s draw is US $15.8 million. If it is not won, then it will roll up to US $16.3 million by next Wednesday (the day that LoveFreeLotto uses the official numbers). How would you feel if you got the correct numbers on the real draw, but were only playing

Winnings at LoveFreeLotto

Players have one month to click on the “Claim Prize” button on your “My Tickets” page. Beware, that once you start this process do not close the window – you can’t go back. I wonder what would happen if my internet access had a glitch. It takes thirty days to receive any cash winnings and you can only get it through PayPal. I started wondering if they act as an agent for PayPal.

Who Can Play?

Play is limited to legal residents of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States (excluding Rhode Island, New York, and Florida). The exclusions are a result of “convoluted state sweepstakes laws that are out of our control”. You do have to be 18 years or older and can’t work for or be an immediate family of LoveFreeLotto or anyone that advertises with them.

LoveFreeLotto’s Customer Service

These guys (or gals) are very clear. They will not respond to questions that they’ve posted the answers to on their “Support Page” But if you do have a question (or two), there is an online form and they say they will respond within two business days. There is also a BoxLotto snail mail address in California. BoxLotto offers the same free lottery game. There are no telephone numbers, email addresses, or live chat. We did have a chuckle that there is a tutorial video on their support page.

Why/How Do They Do It?

One of the things the tutorial does not include is what happens when you’re waiting to have your ticket validated. Players have to visit the site of an advertiser for a minimum of six seconds. If you want to get a better feel on this, take a look at their “Special Offers” towards the bottom of their home page. There are links to a bunch of other sites, including Publishing Clearing House.


Why You Should Register with LoveFreeLotto


Free Lottery

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LoveFreeLotto



Very Small Jackpot

Bonus Ball?

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Is LoveFreeLotto Legit?

Folks, there is no such thing as getting something for free. To play’s game, you are part of an advertising campaign. Add to that the simple fact that they pick their own bonus ball makes the concept of winning $250,000 a long shot.

This site gets a thumbs down (same as And as I said before, can you imagine if you picked the six numbers drawn on the real New York Lottery and then only collected $500 from

  1. I used to play with this site for several years but to my regret, I did not reach to 4 out of six to win cash, but I read now from one of their subscribers that he won $1,00 dollar but they did not pay him, and he is demanding to close this site, it will be a big crime to win one day the first prize and not to receive the reward or not to be paid< if this happen to me I might have a heart attach< in this case why do we take such risk

  2. I received a $1 payout for a claim a year or two ago and LOVEFREELOTTO.COM has ignored and not paid 3 or 4 subsequent claims of mine… Just $1 each. I’m so happy the quickpicks I selected were not grand prize winners, because LOVEFREELOTTO.COM won’t pay $1 claims anymore. I think our USA governments and state of CA shout shut LOVEFREELOTTO.COM down and let the employees be processed for interstate petty theft.

  3. I love free lotto and I hope to win some day, they are very clear and I believe totally that this lottery is real and is very easy to play because the format is clear and they let me know my tickets and all of the information I need. Thanks love free lotto I have hope and fun with you Thanks.

  4. Wow, would I be annoyed if I got the correct numbers for the New York lotto and only won the prize offered by LoveFreeLotto! I get that it’s free, but still that would be a real downer. The other thing is the advertising. Do I really want to spend my time going through (or deleting) marketing material. Not me.


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