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Free-lottery Exposed — Is It Really FREE?

Free-lottery Exposed

Free-lottery Review

There is a part of me that wanted to jump in and play just to see how many emails I would end up getting and what they were actually advertising. This is another free lottery site that offers a free daily and weekly draw. It also looks like they offer a bunch of other little prizes but then I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go take a look.

Games at

Free Lottery holds a £1,000 daily and £1 million weekly draw. The daily draw closes at 17:30 for a 19:30 GMT draw. The weekly draw is done on Mondays, and closes at 12:00 with the draw at 14:00. Winning numbers are posted on their site. Players choose six numbers or use quick pick from 1 to 75. To be in the weekly draw, you have to have played a minimum of three daily draws before Monday.

Is 24Lottos one of the best lotteries in the UK?

Free Lottery and Winning

Winning lottery tickets must be claimed from Free Lottery within thirty days of the draw “to start the process”. Payment is made by check and delivered by registered post. One of the terms and conditions you agree to in registering at is that you will participate in any publicity if you win. That includes a photograph and potentially a quote. They also do say that larger prizes might be presented in person but they don’t say whether they will fly you to get them.

Who Can Play at

Well, it doesn’t say it in their rules but according to thanks to customer service, you don’t have to be a resident of the UK to play and win. Players must be 18 years of age or older “except employees of the Promoter, their families, agents or anyone professionally connected with the Promotion”. You can only have one account and one lottery ticket per draw.

How Do They Do It – It’s Free

Okay, you did pick up on the word “promoter” and “promotion” right? Technically they say that their lottery is guaranteed by an insurance company. But – yes the big but – they also say prizes are “paid for through advertising and other features available on the website”. One face value looking at their site, that’s a link to playing real lotteries online. They say the only emails you will receive are “as and when they’re needed” “generally you’ll receive emails to remind you to log in” and “updates to the site”. Hmmm, that sounds like a really good excuse for a heap of spam. and Customer Service

Scrolling through Free Lottery’s Facebook page, the only winners we saw were £20 Amazon winners. Guess Amazon is one of their promoters. It also appears that they play a bunch of other little games all thanks to different promoters. also uses Twitter. They have a snail mail address in the UK and an email address. No online form, no phone numbers, and no live chat. There isn’t a lot of information on who these folks are, but their ‘promoter and data controller’ is Take That Ltd. which is a marketer and web design company in the UK.

Why You Should Register with Free Lottery


It’s Free


You Could Win Something

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Free Lottery


Advertising and Marketing Spam

Games Spam


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Is Free Lottery Legit?

If you have time on your hands to either read emails and/or pop into their site and play yet another one of their games, could be a good place to register. Their privacy policy is very clear that they will be sending you marketing and advertising communications, and invitations to enter any promotions or competitions. doesn’t get a thumbs up or a thumbs down. If you have the time to play, it could be a way to win bits and pieces amongst the advertising you receive. Me, I think I’ll stick to playing some of those mega jackpots like US Powerball.

  1. Really don`t know right now. It`s hard to tell what`s right or wrong nowadays? Gregory Sims

  2. Do you win any money and for getting 3 numbers I would like to and this lottery is so very hard to match.

  3. In 2565 lottery number I won but my reward money does not show, plz check and reply

  4. Hi, just wondering why the last winners go back as far as 2018, none since have been printed?? Kind regards.

  5. If two numbers also matched then they should give at least 1$. it will be more good.


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