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Veggie Lotto Exposed — 50% of Ticket Sales Goes to the Vegetarian Society

Veggie Lotto Exposed

Veggie Lotto Review is a homegrown (pun intended) weekly (Saturday) lottery draw with 50% of the ticket sales going to the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom. There is a jackpot using the six official numbers drawn weekly by the Australian National Lottery Super66 game. Seven other tiers are guaranteed prizes through a raffle system. But – yes there is a but – you must be a resident of the UK to play.

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The Game at

Players choose 6 numbers between 0 and 9 using either their favorite combination or they can click the “choose for me” button. Each line costs £1 – the game is placed once a week. Pick all six numbers in the correct order and win the jackpot. The Australian National Lottery Super66 game conducted by Lottery West provides the six digits in the specific order drawn. The other 7 prize tiers are guaranteed from the tickets purchased in a raffle format.


The jackpot at is a fixed £25,000. There are three other tiered prizes based on a percentage of ticket sales. Tier 1 (1 prize) is 15% of the ticket sales. Tier 2 (2 prizes) is 7% of the ticket sales, and Tier 3 (4 prizes) is 2%. An example would be Tier 2 prize based on 5,000 tickets sold would net two prizes of £175 but at 20,000, two prizes of £700. Tier 1 to 3 prizes are adjusted against actual ticket sales. Go to the website and they regularly update the actual value of the prizes. Raffles winners are determined using a site called

Other Prizes at Veggie Lotto

It looks like throughout the year there are other prizes that pop up. The Christmas special was a hamper worth £850 and September had a Le Creuset set of cast-iron pans. and Syndicates

Though Veggie Lotto doesn’t offer any syndicates, they do provide a PDF instructional on how to set one up. It’s really great to include providing a copy of a draft contract for running a syndicate. One of the things they point out is the importance of setting out special arrangements like if someone doesn’t pay – what happens?

Who Can Play at Veggie?

Players must be residents of the UK and 16 years or older. Oh – and makes it very clear you can’t buy lottery tickets for someone else – only on behalf of yourself. Having said that, people can purchase gift vouchers from £5 to a maximum of £100. Gift vouchers come in green or orange.

What’s it All About?

Fifty percent of all ticket sales go to the Vegetarian Society ( in the UK. The money is used to help people learn how to prepare vegetarian and vegan food, develop new products (recipes, tips, and advice) and bring the veggie community together. 30% goes to ticket sales and 20% to administration.

Talking to Veggie Lotto

Customer support is available Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (GMT) excluding bank holidays. There is a snail and email address plus a telephone number. There is a ‘white page listing’ instruction page to ensure you receive any email sent by Veggie Lotto versus ending up in spam. You can also keep up to date through Twitter.

Why You Should Register with Veggie Lotto


Straightforward Game

Guaranteed Prize Tier

Added Prizes Beyond Prize Tier

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Veggie Lotto


Small Jackpot

Prize Size Dependent on Ticket Sales

Only for UK Residents

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Is Veggie Lotto Legit?

This is definitely not the place where you are going to win a mega jackpot. At the same time, it’s a cute little lottery that provides some prizes plus the money is going to help a community initiative – if you live in the UK.

This site gets a thumbs up for UK residents and a thumb’s down for the rest of the world. I did enjoy surfing around on the Vegetarian Society’s site – some really interesting recipes.

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