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Boylelotto Exposed — Capped Win Versus Mega Jackpots

Boylelotto Review

Sometimes I wonder why some of these online betting sites jump into lotteries like It is owned and operated by Boylesports which is a huge betting site for all kinds of sports. Boylelotto is an offshoot that is a platform for betting on thirteen lotteries, but you’re not going to win any mega jackpots here. They put a cap on what a player can win.

Games at Boylelotto

Thirteen lottery games can be played – sorry bet on – at including Australian, French, New York, German, Numbers ’49, Numbers Irish, Irish Daily Millions, UK, Euro Lotto, Canadian Lotto, Greek Lotto, Hong Kong, and Spanish Lottery. Players can choose to be in on guessing correctly three, four, or five numbers. It doesn’t matter how many numbers are drawn in the official lottery. There is an option to include the bonus ball (where available), but that decreases your payout odds.

Should you register with 24Lottos?

How Does It Work?

The amount a player wins is based on how much they wager. For example, get three numbers correct, and you’ve bet $10, then the payout is 650 times $10 or USD 6,500. But – yes and this is a big but – even though they publish the winner that gets to say all five numbers correct will get whatever they bet times 111,110, there is a statement on each of the lottos that the “maximum payout to any one customer for one draw is €50,000 (for some) or the currency equivalent”. According to their site, getting five numbers correct in say Canada’s 6/49 and having a bet $2 x 111,110 would be CAD 222,220 – but will only pay out about CAD 68,000. The cap does jump for EuroMillions but only to €100,000.

Boyle Lotto and Customer Service

We checked this out with their customer service, and they confirmed this once again underlining the importance of reading the small print. Their ‘live chat’ was good, and the guy did take the time to double-check the information. They also offer a snail mail address in Ireland, toll-free numbers for the UK and ROI, a regular telephone, and an email address. You can always contact Leon Blanche if you have any media inquiries.

Bonuses at

They also offer a €50 bonus to new customers, but it involves a bunch of jumping through hoops – the worst being the first half of the bonus is only applicable if you have to lose your first bet. The second half kicks in after you’ve placed 5 further bets with specifics in the amount and odds.

Who is Boylelotto?

There is no question these guys are legit and have been around for a bunch of years. aka sponsors different sports including horse racing, and greyhound racing and has run Europe’s largest live poker event the International Poker Open held in Dublin for years.

Why You Should Register with Boylelotto


Established Company

Online Chat

Good Customer Service

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Boylelotto


Betting versus Lottery Tickets

Capped Win Versus Mega Jackpots

Players need Customer Service

Would you mind rating

Is Boylelotto Legit?

This is not lottery playing or buying lottery tickets, and more importantly, you are not going to win one of those mega-jackpots like EuroMillions gets up to. This is betting with a cap on what you can win gets a thumbs down. Besides the fact they can’t get their numbers correct, would you like to get 5 numbers right and have your win capped? The team will stick to their tried and true online lottery service providers.

  1. Let’s ignore the fact that this is betting versus actually buying lottery tickets and go straight to the cap on wins. My first thought was cool, the more I bet, the more In win and then I read about the cap regarding winning. I’m going to stick to real purchasing online lottery sites and am seriously going for that big mega win!


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