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Georgia Lottery Exposed — Georgia on My Mind…

Georgia Lottery Exposed

Georgia Lottery Review

Georgia has always been famous for peaches and pecans, but it’s making a name for itself for lotteries. And why wouldn’t it when Georgia’s one of the states that provide opportunities to play games of luck online?

Georgia Lottery games are readily available online through the official website and the Georgia Lottery apps. Do these ensure a perfect experience, however? That’s a whole different story worthy of some investigation.

If you haven’t played Georgia Lottery games online before and you’re curious, we’ve done the homework for you. Here’s everything you need to know.

Games at Georgia Lottery

Georgia Lottery Mega Millions and Georgia Lottery Powerball are obviously the two headliners of the show. Can you play these games online? The answer is a reassuring YES!

What’s even better is that the cost of tickets is the same in the retail network and online. You can easily try out the two biggest lotteries in the US from the comfort of your home without having to pay extra for that convenience.

Apart from the pan-American games, Georgia lottery online makes it possible to try out some of the local lotteries. Online players can test out Fantasy 5 GA and GA Lottery Keno. If you’re from Georgia, you know there are several other state games. These include Cash4Life, Jumbo Bucks Lotto, Cash 3, Cash 4, Georgia Five, and Print n Play. At the time being, it’s not possible to buy tickets for these games online.

If you go to the Georgia lottery website, you’ll see a “buy now” square next to the name of each game on the menu. This square indicates the lotteries you can participate in through the website. Hopefully, some of the smaller games will be added to the range soon as they have their own fans.

GA Lottery and Claiming Your Prizes

After checking your Georgia lottery results, collecting your winnings is pretty simple. It’s important to note that for GA Mega Millions, GA Powerball, Georgia Decades of Dollars, Fantasy 5, and other daily lotteries, winnings must be collected within 180 days of the draw.

Online players who win sums smaller than 600 dollars will have that amount deposited directly to their account. It’s up to the player to determine if they’re going to cash out the money or use it for the future buying of tickets.

For larger sums, online prize claims aren’t possible.

Sums bigger than 600 dollars have to be cashed out personally at Georgia Lottery District Offices. This process happens by appointment only, and you can schedule your appointment online. The website has a pretty detailed explanation of the prize claim process, and we recommend going through this information.

Who Can Play at Georgia Lottery?

That’s the big question.

Online Lottery Georgia seems like an enticing opportunity to test out local opportunities, regardless of your location. Unfortunately, most state lotteries in the US impose geographical restrictions even on the online gameplay. Yes, that sucks a lot, but it has to do with local regulations (and these have remained unchanged for a long, long, long time!).

The Georgia Lottery website has a detailed registration process. To purchase tickets through it, you’ll have to verify your age and prove you’re older than 18. Also, you have to be physically located within Georgia. You’ll be asked to provide your address, phone number, and the last four digits of your social security number.

In other words, out of state lotto enthusiasts and those abroad can use Georgia Lottery online solely for informational purposes.

Who’s Behind Georgia Lottery?

The website and the official app linked to it are both developed by the entity responsible for organizing games of luck in Georgia – The Georgia Lottery Corporation.

The corporation was founded in 1992, and it’s one of the most successful lottery enterprises in the US. Each year, it generates a turnover of more than one billion dollars. Half of that money goes to prizes, and a third is dedicated to funding education initiatives in the state.

So, you can rest assured that the website isn’t a scam. It’s an official channel for playing the lottery, and there are whatsoever no red flags.

Other Bits and Pieces

Georgia Lotto’s online experience is pretty simple and straightforward. There isn’t a lot more to say about it, but we found a few interesting details.

The website’s terms and conditions state that registered players are entitled to loyalty programs and discount promotions upon availability. While we don’t know how often such promo opportunities become available, they sound like a nice perk.

A final note would be dedicated to the so-called Digi Games. Georgia Lottery offers a selection of games that are solely available to play online. The selection is huge, and there’s a free trial version (demo) you can check out without spending any money.

If you pay attention to the reviews above this article, you’ll find out multiple people claim the Digi Games are rigged, and they’ve never won anything from them. While we can’t confirm such claims’ accuracy, they could be something to take in a month before giving the Digi Games a try.

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The Bottom Line at Georgia Lottery

We didn’t find anything troublesome or disturbing about Georgia Lottery online. It’s a pretty standard website that offers a user-friendly opportunity to buy lottery tickets.

The last thing we can do is summarize the pros and cons of giving the Georgia Lottery online a try.


Organized by an official lottery entity, completely legitimate

A mobile app is also available apart from the website

There’s a good selection of games to play online

The cost of online tickets isn’t higher than getting yours from the retail network

A range of digital-only games is available to test out and have a bit of fun

A simple and straightforward prize claim procedure

Registered online players are promised discounts and loyalty programs


Not all Georgia Lottery games are available to play through the online platform

Larger prizes have to be claimed in person

People from other states and other countries cannot use Georgia Lottery online

There have been some customer complaints about the website (check out the comments in this guide for more information)

If you’re a Georgian and you can’t be bothered to go to a shop for a lottery ticket, the online platform would be a good choice for you. Everything there is outlined in the terms and conditions – check the document out before registering. And if you already have some experience with Georgia Lottery online, do share it with us!

  1. Georgia lottery is a rip off online I just want to know how long is the state of Georgia going to keep on letting them take folks money people are playing like crazy to try to get out of property because they don’t want to pay anything an hour so people spend big money it doesn’t get anything off of it so I’m laying anybody knows don’t waste your time spending three or $400 and think that you going to win anything online they just a big rip off

  2. They blocked me on Twitter for calling them out on not playing Fair anymore they didn’t drop 386 all year long I tried to give him negativity star but it wouldn’t let me

  3. I win small amounts playing the diggi games. After all, it’s all for fun.
    My only problem is getting emails to play Celtic coins jackpot and it is the only diggi game that will not let me play. It builds up to 37 per cent and stalls out, then I get an error ft-003.

  4. Ga lottery is a scam all they are doing is targeting the poor to steal money

  5. Ga lottery diggi games are a big scam I have put a lot of money into my gambling account over $20,000 and I never got jackpot not once and the most I won was $200 the machine intelligence is so fake and overrated with the unnecessary jackpot notifications sad to say but ga lottery is worst than playing dice with your friends


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