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LottoWorld247 Exposed — Good, Bad, Severely Exaggerated or…?

LottoWorld247 Review

LottoWorld247 Review

A service that’s been around since 2002 is supposedly doing something good to be in business still. That’s when LottoWorld247 was created, according to the lottery agency’s official presentation. But has it done something right? That’s what we’re going to look at today.

A clean website that looks well-organized and functional greets you when you first decide to check LottoWorld247 out. Also, if you’re a lottery enthusiast and enjoy some of the biggest games from across the world, you’ll definitely see a range of names you recognize.

To have a good idea of how the service works, we’ve tested out multiple aspects of it. Also, we went through the terms and conditions – a document that’s so essential but that many people ignore before spending their money on a service.

Based on our extensive research, we’ve come to a couple of key conclusions. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Games at

With so many lottery agencies that offer one thing but deliver something completely different, we had to start at the basics.

So, does LottoWorld247 actually buy tickets on behalf of its customers? That’s a great starting point for a Lottoworld247 review.

The homepage states that this is exactly the kind of service you can anticipate. The terms and conditions page doesn’t provide any concrete information about what you’d be getting. All we saw references to was the “service” and its nature hasn’t been described in any detail. Hence, this document doesn’t shed more light on the responsibilities that LottoWorld247 has towards its customers.

An FAQ section is also available but this one also doesn’t explain the mechanism of playing. Usually, websites that enable the purchase of international lottery tickets have local agents. These people are responsible for buying tickets on behalf of clients. As proof of purchase, clients will receive a scanned version of their ticket via email after it’s been bought. Unfortunately, LottoWorld247 doesn’t describe any such procedure and there seems to be quite a lot of vagueness as far as ticket buying goes.

The only thing we did find out in the FAQ section is that LottoWorld247 has over one million registered users who have collectively won more than 169 million euros by using the website. Needless to say, such claims can’t be verified to their full extent.

In terms of lottery availability, here’s what you’ll be given access to.

There are seven lotteries in total – SuperEnalotto, the US Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, La Primitiva, and UK Lottery.

To play Powerball in the US, you’ll need to spend two dollars on your ticket. If you choose LottoWorld247 as your service provider, you’ll need to spend 4.20 euros (4.5 USD), which is some serious markup. Quite a lot of service providers offer better prices but it’s up to you to decide where and how you’re going to be spending your money.

LottoWorld247 and Claiming Your Prizes

As per the official website presentation, LottoWorld247 credits winnings directly to a player’s account if a sum is smaller. For larger amounts (a specific number hasn’t been provided), players will be contacted in person to get more information about the claim procedure.

In order to withdraw money from your profile, you’ll need to add a bank account to which the respective winnings will be directed. Also, the money you’ve won from any lottery can be used to buy additional tickets via LottoWorld247.

There is a minimum withdrawal amount of 10 euros that will have to be reached before a claim is made.

Who Can Play at

LottoWorld247 does state it verifies the identities of new website members. You have to be of legal age in order to give this service a try. That’s a pretty much standard requirement. Other than that, there isn’t an awful lot more you have to know about signing up.

Keep in mind that some countries have laws against online gaming and buying lottery tickets through such service providers.

If you live in such a country, chances are that you wouldn’t even see a website like LottoWorld247, as it’s not going to even load.

LottoWorld247: Who’s Behind It?

A few things we need to mention here. First of all, remember what we said in the intro? LottoWorld247 has supposedly been around since 2002. That’s a statement we found to be not true or exaggerated at best. A website domain lookup suggests that LottoWorld247 was registered in 2019. The service could have run under a different name and domain before that but no such mention has been made.

So, if a company can’t keep a straight story about exactly when it was founded, what else is shady? We suspect that the claims about the number of active members and the amounts paid out to them are also seriously tweaked.

Speaking of the company behind LottoWorld247 – which one is it?

As we’ve come to see often, the website’s About Us page doesn’t give a name or any specific detail about the entity behind the project or its competencies.

The terms and conditions state that LottoWorld247 is registered in the British Virgin Islands as Payport Global Consulting. Interestingly, we couldn’t find any info on such a company. A business by the name of Payporte Global Consulting does exist but it seems to be focusing on other kinds of services.

Also, for the first time ever, we came across a site that doesn’t have any kind of Contact US section. No phone number, no email – nothing!

It’s only in the FAQ section of the website that you’ll find an email as a contact option and that’s the only one available. Interesting, right?

Other Bits and Pieces

Ok, so we figured that with millions of active members, there will be at least some LottoWorld247 reviews and testimonials online.

But nope, there’s nothing. Not a single mention of someone winning five dollars from the website. Isn’t that surprising for a service that has been around for 20 years?

The LottoWorld247 Facebook page has 338 likes and nothing new has been added to it since December 2020. There is also quite a lot of spam, and repeat publications there and it doesn’t seem like an actual and thriving community. The Facebook page does have a review section but not a single testimonial has been published there.

We hope that the mention of these facts is making it a bit easier for you to draw some conclusions about the service – heavily overpriced and quite shady. The lack of transparency is one of our biggest pet peeves and we do consider it a big red flag. After all, a service provider that’s confident in their offering will back that service up fully. In the instance of LottoWorld247, there are just unverifiable claims and no evidence.

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The Bottom Line at

Is LottoWorld247 safe and will you receive the kind of service that’s being promised? We can’t really answer that question but you’ve probably decided for yourself by going through our LottoWorld247 review.

To end it all, let’s give a quick overview of the pros and cons.


A clear, well-organized, and functional website

The signup process is fairly simple and standard

Some of the world’s biggest lotteries are being represented

There’s a simple prize claim procedure and the withdrawal threshold is just 10 euro

Some welcome offers and bonuses are available for those who are just signing up

Supposedly, the service has been around for quite a lot of time and there are lots of active members (unverifiable)


Very limited range of lotteries to choose among

Tickets are seriously overpriced, especially when compared to other solutions

No way to contact the service provider other than by email

Claims about when the website has been set up are not true

There are no online reviews or user testimonials to verify claims about millions being paid out in prizes

So, there it is. We don’t have to say a lot more about LottoWorld247 – you’re a smart cookie and you know what to do. The one thing we’d like to end the review with is the fact that lots and lots of online lottery agencies do exist. Because of this fact, the competition is quite intense. You don’t have to settle for something questionable when much-better opportunities await you. Just saying!

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