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Winning Numbers for 2024-05-18
Numbers to Pick: 6/90
Days of Draw: Tues., Thurs., Sat.
Average Price: €1 for 2 Lines
Odds of Winning: 1 in 622,614,630

SuperEnaLotto Exposed — How to Purchase Tickets Online

SuperEnaLotto Exposed

SuperEnaLotto Review

Do you know Italian? If so, you can read the information on the SuperEnaLotto official website. If not, there’s no reason to worry! We’ve worked hard on this review, and we promise that it contains reliable information about playing SuperEnalotto, understanding its rules, and even buying SuperEnaLotto tickets online.

How Does SuperEnaLotto Work?

SuperEnaLotto is a standard numerical lottery. To get your ticket and have a chance to win, pick six numbers from 1 to 90. A minimum ticket is two lines (so two chances) at the cost of €1 over the counter at Italian retailers. If you want to learn how to play SuperEnalotto online, keep on reading. There will be a detailed overview of one of the coming sections.

Draws occur every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with seven numbers being picked through the ‘lotomatica’ – six regular and one ‘jolly’ number. The ‘jolly’ number is like a wildcard and is drawn from the original 1 to 90. It has to be examined with the main number, and it determines a few of the lower prize tiers.

If no one wins the jackpot at SuperEnalotto, it is rolled over to the next draw. Yes, that means it continues to grow to get bigger and bigger until it is won.

Is TheLotter legit to play SuperEnaLotto? 🤔

Add a SuperStar to Your Regular Six Numbers

A second machine selects a separate ball called the ‘SuperStar’ from numbers 1 to 90. This is an add-on cost item to the regular ticket line you can opt for. If your Superstar number is drawn in the SuperEnalotto draw, you win a prize, and/or it will multiply an existing prize. As it has the same numbers as the regular ticket, duplications can actually win bigger.

SuperEnaLotto’s Integrated System

Okay, I admit it took me a bit to get my head around this one. SuperEnaLotto allows you to pick more than the regular six numbers per line (yes, this costs more). You can pick 7 or more (I think up to 17) numbers. All number combinations are entered as a ticket line. 7 numbers would cost 7 ticket lines. 8 numbers would cost 28 ticket lines. SuperEnaLotto calls this the ‘Integrated System’ and claims it is particularly popular with syndicates.

How Much Will I Win at SuperEnaLotto?

SuperEnaLotto is a big lottery with a jackpot that grows until it is won. I gotta admit, though, with the range of numbers, the odds are 1 in 622 million of being a winner. Each prize at SuperEnaLotto wins a shared percentage of the jackpot. Not that one big number advertised.

Numbers MatchedThe Odds of WinningEstimated Prize Fund
6 (Jackpot)1 in 622,614,63020%
5 + Jolly Ball1 in 103,769,10520%
51 in 1,250,23015%
41 in 11,90715%
31 in 32730%

Money, Money, Money at SuperEnaLotto

The SuperEnalotto’s jackpot is worked out based on 35% of sales, with about 55% going to the Government. That still leaves a heap of money to be won, with the largest jackpot being shared so far at €177 million.

Can You Buy SuperEnaLotto Tickets Online?

Anyone who is in Italy can buy SuperEnaLotto tickets regardless of their nationality. If you’re not that lucky, you still have an option.

It’s possible to play SuperEnaLotto online if you choose the right ticket sale platform.

Online ticket sale platforms are service providers that enable international players to get tickets for their favorite lotteries. The premise is simple – you place your order and your SuperEnalotto numbers online. The website is responsible for having its local rep, purchase an actual ticket on behalf of the client.

When you buy SuperEnaLotto tickets online, you will either be credited with winnings via your account, or you will have to travel to Italy to claim a bigger prize. Either way, it’s a win-win situation!

What Else Do They Offer?

On the last Wednesday of each month, SuperEnaLotto runs a lottery game called SiVinceTutto that has a definite twist. I like this one. Jackpots don’t roll over, but roll down! So if the jackpot isn’t won, then that money in percentages is divided into the other prizes. If the second prize is not won, then this is also divided up into the other prizes. The full shared jackpot is paid out from that specific draw. This means there is a good chance of winning a lot more than average on matching only 3 numbers than other lotteries. The downside is that because the jackpot isn’t rolled, it never grows. Yes, you can play this one online!

What Else Could You Want at SuperEnaLotto?

Customer support doesn’t exist, but their website is pretty self-explanatory once you get your head around all the percentages that are bantered around. They have a page of ‘Statistics’ that provides information on the frequency that numbers have been drawn, commonest numbers, most overdue, and least picked.

SuperEnaLotto Scams: Do You Have a Reason to Worry?

SuperEnaLotto is a really, really, really popular lottery. This is the main reason why players have to be aware of several prominent scams.

SuperEnaLotto email scams run rampant. If you get an email from any lottery out there, you should be 100 percent confident that somebody is trying to scam you. The SuperEnalotto email scam tells recipients that they’ve won a program (that obviously the recipient hasn’t participated in), and the prize is 1.250 million euros. A response to the email is required to make a claim.

Several other similar emails have been circulating throughout the years. The sums vary, and so does the reason for winning the unsolicited “SuperEnaLotto.”

Obviously, you should never respond to such emails, and you should never provide personal/financial information. Even if you don’t send the scammers money, you can still suffer from identity theft or copious amounts of spam in the future.

Remember this one straightforward rule – unless you buy a Superenalotto ticket, you cannot win anything. A lottery will never contact potential players first, which is why emails, calls, or other forms of contact from supposed SuperEnaLotto reps are all a scam.

Why You Should Play SuperEnaLotto


The official lottery is well-regulated

Interesting options on playing

Love the idea of SiVinceTutto tickets

Three weekly draws

Why You Shouldn’t Play SuperEnaLotto


Odds are the worse compared to other big lotteries

A large percentage goes to the state versus the jackpot

Limiting your ticket lines using their Integrated System

Would you mind rating SuperEnaLotto?

Is SuperEnaLotto Legit?

This is a lottery that offers big prizes. SuperEnaLotto is an officially run lottery operated by the Italian government. Okay, given the current economic situation in Europe, that could make a person a little uneasy. Still, there haven’t been any complaints from anyone that they were unable to get their money.

Just remember, if you are going to play SuperEnaLotto online, be careful who you chose. Though Sisal has been around since 1946, other online lottery providers have not!

  1. Worst jackpot ever
    Don’t even play it’s too difficult to win
    Waste of money

  2. A month ago I started playing Super Ena Lotto and I really loved it. No winnings so far, but there are lot of fun there. First, I’m not from Italy and I’m playing online and this is the best part – I had no problems so far. Everything was really transparent and went smoothly. I asked for support two times and they responded in a short notice. If you like lottery and fun – this is the place.


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