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SiVinceTutto Exposed — Italy’s Most Unique Lottery Is Definitely Worth a Try

SiVinceTutto Exposed

SiVinceTutto Review

Maybe the 6 out of 90 lottery format isn’t your cup of tea. After all, many lotteries have much more favorable odds of hitting the jackpot. But before dismissing Italy’s SiVinceTutto lottery completely, you may want to go through this review.

The premise of SiVinceTutto is quite different from what other lotteries have to offer. This is the main reason why the game has gained so much popularity so fast. We know that you’re more than curious to figure out what it’s all about. Without further ado, we present to you Italy’s SiVince Tutto.

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Brief Overview

SiVinceTutto was created as a complimentary game to the main Italian lottery SuperEnaLotto. Only 2 of the required 6 numbers have to be matched to win an award. As a result, Italians and people from other countries quickly embraced SiVince Tutto.

With 5 possibilities for winning an award, this lottery is definitely worth exploring. But before looking for an opportunity to buy your tickets, let’s figure out if this lottery is a legit moneymaking opportunity.

How Does It Work?

This is a 6 out of 90 game. That’s probably the only SiVinceTutto characteristic that really sucks. The game’s name translates to winning it all, which is an interesting aspect and the one that justifies giving it a try.

Previously, the lottery used to feature a rollover, but the practice has been discontinued. As a result, each drawing comes with its specific chance of winning. If there’s no jackpot winner, the lower-tier prizes increase exponentially.

Only 2 correct numbers are needed to win something. Though there are 90 options to pick from, having to get only 2 is far from impossible… and needless to say, the lowest tier prize could get to be lucrative for a particular drawing.

Odds of Winning and Prize Tiers

The odds of winning the jackpot aren’t that spectacular. Getting 6 correct numbers out of 90 has a probability of 1 in 622,614,630. The jackpot is a fixed amount of two million euros. Getting 5 correct numbers has an odds of 1 in 1,235,346. Typically, 32 percent of the funds generated through ticket purchases will be dedicated to the second-tier prize. If there’s no jackpot winner, the amount will increase to 33.36 percent.

The odds of having 4 correct numbers are 1 in 11,907 and 3 correct numbers – 1 in 327. These tiers will benefit respectively from 3.36 percent and 14.26 percent of the funds generated through ticket purchases.

If there’s no jackpot winner and no person with 5 correct numbers, the third-tier prize pool will increase to 19.52 percent from 3.36 percent. The 4th tier will get from 14.26 to the massive 50.3 percent.


Prize TierWinning Numbers RequiredOdds of Winning
1 Prize61 in 622,614,630
2nd Prize51 in 1,235,346
3rd Prize41 in 11,907
4th Prize31 in 327
5th Prize21 in 22


We can feel you getting excited about SiVinceTutto, and you should be. The game has a unique premise, and if you’re lucky enough to submit your ticket for the right drawing, you may end up being a lot richer.

Can International Players Try It?

Several online lottery agents make SiVinceTutto available to international players. The agents have local representatives responsible for purchasing tickets on behalf of the customers.

Keep in mind that lottery prizes in Italy are subjected to taxation. Five tax tiers depend on the amount you’ve won. Earnings up to 100 euros are tax-free. Winnings up to 1,000 euros are subjected to a few tiers of fixed taxation fees that aren’t high and particularly worrisome. Any prize exceeding 1,000 euros is subjected to a flat fee of 3.1 euros, as well as a 6 percent taxation rate.

Before trying an Italian lottery, you may want to check for your own country’s tax regulations. This will be important for avoiding double taxation and maximizing your prize.

All of the SiVinceTutto prizes will be paid in the form of a cash lump sum. You have 60 days from the day of the drawing to claim your prize; otherwise, the validity of your ticket is going to expire.

Why You Should Play SiVinceTutto


A lottery open to international players

Lucrative guaranteed jackpots

Lucrative lower-tier prizes

If there’s no lottery winner, jackpot funds will roll down

Prizes, including the jackpot, are paid in the form of a lump sum

Some online lottery agents enable playing SiVinceTutto syndicates for higher chances of winning

Some of the money generated through ticket purchases will go to good causes

Though it’s a fun and unique lottery to try, SiVinceTutto comes with several disadvantages that are very difficult to ignore:

Why You Shouldn’t Play SiVinceTutto


The odds of hitting the jackpot aren’t that high due to a 6 out of 90 format

Jackpot is fixed, and there’s no rollover

There’s only 1 drawing per week

The cost of SiVinceTutto tickets is higher than what many other international lotteries cost

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Is SiVinceTutto Legit?

SiVinceTutto is run and operated by Sisal – a company that was formed way back in 1946. The EnaLotto game came into existence back in the 1950s, and though it’s been modified numerous times, it remains one of Italy’s favorite ways to make easy bucks.

Sisal is also the company responsible for lotteries and games like EuroJackpot, VinciCasa, 10ElLotto, and Play Six. Because of this fact, you don’t have a single reason to worry. SiVinceTutto is far from a scam, and you can confidently purchase a ticket without worrying about being ripped off. If you’re confident in your luck and your intuition, go for it. The chances are that you’ll get a nice prize sooner or later, especially if the jackpot rolls down to the lower prize tiers. Good luck!

Should you play SiVince Tutto? The answer to this question depends entirely on the amount of money you want to win and the odds you feel comfortable with. We’ve already explained the fact that this lottery was created to complement Italy’s SuperEnaLotto. Thus, the jackpots aren’t that impressive, and the gameplay is unique.

  1. The fact that SiVinceTutto caters to international players sounds too good to be true. To be honest, there aren’t that many who offer this. Their lower tiered prizes aren’t so bad too and the fact that they pay in lump sum gets a thumbs up from me. And they give to good causes, I mean what is better than charity.

  2. The 6 out of 90? It’s almost a bingo game 🙂


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