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Winning Numbers for 2024-05-18
Numbers to Pick: 6/60
Days of Draw: Wed, Sat.
Average Price: $3.00
Odds of Winning: 1 in 50,063,860

Mega Sena Lottery Exposed — Get Ready to MEGA Jackpots!

Mega Sena Lottery Exposed

Mega Sena Review

You don’t get much more straightforward than you do with Brazil’s Mega-Sena lottery. The Caixa Econômica Federal Bank runs it. Okay, I can imagine that with all the noise these days on the ups and downs with banks, this doesn’t mean a guarantee, but this looks like a well-run lottery. It’s been around since 1996 with Caixa operating lotteries since 1961, so it seems like they know what they are doing. But, let’s take a closer look.

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What Is Mega Sena?

At the Mega-Sena lottery, players choose six numbers per lottery line. There is no bonus or a lucky ball. Players play a minimum of three lines, though they advertise many combinations of numbers (7 to 15), which costs more. Mega Sena pays out winners who pick 6 numbers correctly (the jackpot), 5 numbers, and 4 numbers. The draw takes place twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday.

Mega Sena Is a Little Different

Mega-Sena lottery doesn’t simply use one machine to draw numbers from 1 to 60. Instead, two numbers are drawn separately for each winning number. One drum has 0 to 5, and the other has 0 to 9. 00 counts as 60. I’m not sure why they do this as I’m not a mathematician; I can only guess that it decreases the odds of winning.

The cost on the ground in Brazil is 6 Real (equivalent to about US $3.00) for three lottery lines. The good, reliable online lottery providers charge a service fee above this, which is fair as they are the ones doing the legwork. I have to thank “Joanne” at for going the extra mile in finding out what the actual cost of playing Mega-Sena on the ground is.

Who Can Play Mega-Sena?

In going through the Mega-Sena lottery information, I can see why some might get a little confused. It wasn’t until I got into small print that I finally found that anyone over 18 can play. That includes foreigners. To claim a prize, players need a CPF, and a Brazilian Tax Payer Registration (Cadastro de Pessoa Física). If you are using one of the great providers of lotteries online, you don’t have to worry about it.

But How Much of the Mega Sena Prize Do I Get?

Mega-Sena takes 30% of the prize money off the top as Imposto de Rena (Income Tax – though I think it sounds better in Portuguese). It uses 32.2% of the lottery earnings for the prize fund. Of this, 35% goes to the jackpot, 19% goes to the 2nd prize, and 19% goes to fund the third prizes. The rest goes to a special Mega-Sena Lottery draw that offers larger than usual prizes, which they hold during the year, including an extra big jackpot for New Year.

Mega Sena Odds

MatchOdds of WinningEstimated Prize Fund
6 Numbers (Jackpot)1 in 50,063,86035%
5 Numbers1 in 154,51819%
4 Numbers1 in 2,33219%

Customer Service at Mega-Sena

There are no online help or contact details for the Mega-Sena lottery. Their site is only for information, including how high the current jackpot is. In talking to a couple of the online concierge lottery providers, they were great and answered my questions, which weren’t that many.’s online help, in particular, went the extra mile in answering my questions, and it took a bit to dream some up. As I said, this is one very straightforward lottery, and anyone can play.

In What Language Do You Want Your Information?

I didn’t quite understand why they have a button for both British and American unless it is underlined that anyone can play. They also have buttons for Portuguese and Spanish, which immediately change all the information to those languages.

Why You Should Register with Mega Sena


Official Government Operated

Lottery that Grows

Straight Forward

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Mega Sena


Only Pays Out on a Minimum of 4 Correct Numbers

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Is Mega Sena Lottery Legit?

Absolutely! The government operates the Mega-Sena lottery for the government. About 48% of the money raised goes to the public sector, including education, culture, sports, and social improvement. In 2011, The Brazil Business e-mag reported that bets raised an incredible BRL 10 billion (US $5 billion). This is a popular lottery that draws a lot of attention.

This is a lottery that grows. Their special new year’s lottery paid out BRL 177.6 million (US $88.3 million) in 2011. The bottom line on the Mega-Sena lottery is it gets a thumbs up. You can check the Mega Sena results at Lotto Exposed.

  1. Only the lotter provide the scanned lottery ticket which others not….So better to buy lottery ticket only from the lotter even though it might cost much than others…

  2. Great one of the coolest lottery to play.

  3. Played MegaSena few times and really like it. The only thing that troubles me is that you don’t get pay off if you have small winnings. It’s such a shame. Believe that it would be much popular lottery if they start practice this.

  4. Hello!

    Thank You for nice Info!

    I want know one thing: In which city this Draw takes Place in Brazil?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,

      Thank you for the question. The Mega-Sena draw takes place in a special lottery truck that travels all over Brazil. That means each draw takes place in a different city.



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