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Africalotto Exposed — Computer or App?

Africalotto Exposed

Africalotto Review

Do you play lotteries more on your computer or your mobile phone? One of the fantastic things Smartphones have achieved is increasing the number of people that are ‘connected’ to the internet. It isn’t surprising that launched a mobile app for people to play their lotteries. This Zimbabwe lottery site started off life as an online lottery provider but expanded with an app available for Android and iPhones. Heck, one of their lottery games can only be played through the app. Let’s take a look.

Is 24Lottos legit and safe to play in Zimbabwe?

Games at

Africa Lotto offers three lottery games and scratches. Bonus Lotto starts at a minimum jackpot of USD 50,000 and is played Wednesday and Saturday. Use your favorite 6 numbers out of 36 or opt for a quick pick. Lucky Numbers is played every 15 minutes with the option of Pick 1, Pick 2 or Pick 3. The biggest win here is USD 50,000. Fast Lotto is only available through a mobile phone app and is played every five minutes. Players choose 1 number from 0 to 9. Your winnings are based on five times what you put in. There is no information on whether they offer subscriptions.

Africa Lotto and Winning

Winnings up to USD 100 can be claimed at any of the Africa Lotto outlets. Anything over $100 must be claimed at their head office in Harare, Zimbabwe. It wasn’t until we got into the mobile app information that we found out how to make withdrawals. You request a withdrawal code from Africa Lotto and then go to a retailer or head office. It is time sensitive, so don’t do this until you’re ready to get your winnings.

Africalotto & Promotions

Through their app, they offer ongoing promotions that can only be used to buy more tickets. There is no information on how much players get or when they get it. Bonus money can only be used to purchase more tickets.

US Dollars versus Zimbabwe Currently

You must have noted that all winnings are quoted in US Dollars. That’s because, with the rapid inflation, the Zimbabwe dollar was made obsolete. It’s hilarious as many sites still quote the exchange rate so theoretically USD 50,000 would make you in Zimbabwe currency (if it was still used) about ZWD 18.6 million.

Customer Service &

Getting in touch with customer service, Africa Lotto offers a snail mail address, telephone and mobile number, and two email addresses. There is no information on how quickly they will respond, and two days later, we are still waiting. In their terms and references, they say “please visit us at Africalotto branches to submit comments and suggestions.” Not exactly online user-friendly!

Who Are They

The only information on is that the company is trusted. Their motto is “To conquer the world.” Okay, I don’t think that’s going to happen with a jackpot that starts at $50,000 that doesn’t seem to grow very fast. There isn’t any information on the parameters of how it grows, whether it goes up a specific amount each week the jackpot isn’t won or whether it is based on how much people are playing.

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Is AfricaLotto Legit?

Though it doesn’t say it on the site and our emails have not been answered, it does appear this is a game for people to play in Zimbabwe. The team assumed this based on the fact that to claim any prize; people have to either go to the retail shops or head office.

This site gets a thumbs down mostly on the lack of information. I can imagine there are a lot of people in Zimbabwe that play through their mobile phones but then they can walk into the local retailer and get answers.

  1. I suggest it to be a good exercise to let people get their winnings through Eco cash for those using Smartphones since they access their deposits via Eco cash. The facility of travelling a long journey to collect an amount exceeding $100 becomes to be unbearable. Technology should improve with time.

  2. Part of me took one look at this article and wondered about how real it is. Then I talked to a couple of friends and they said it is for real. The fact that it can be played on an app and not just on a computer makes it easy. I know the jackpot amount doesn’t compare to some of the other lotteries around the world – but it would be good money for me!


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