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  1. A scam pure and simple. I was ” Playing 5 Free Games ” that I had won after spending 75% of my money on the Lucky 13 game. The PAilottery game said all Free Game winnings are 5X. As the last free game was over and in the middle of counting up my ” Win ” I was ” Timed OUT ” by the PAilottery site. So I logged back in and my winnings were gone!
    I called the PAilottery and spoke with a person that put me on hold several times after which they said ” I don’t see any wins “.
    It seems PAilottery LOVES to Take your money and is LOATH to pay any out at all. I’ll never play again AND will tell everyone and anyone how bad PAilottery is.

  2. This is a grimy site. Somehow they are withdrawing money out of my account every day, sometimes two or three times. Without my permission. My account is now overdrawn and they told me I had to get ahold of their 3rd party partner?

  3. I hate this so bad. I won on their “bonus’ money. They gave me $7, I got it up to $280. It would not allow me to withdraw any of the money. When I messaged them and called them I was told ANY money you win on “bonus money” becomes bonus money and is non transferrable!!!!!
    I had to play it down to $100 to cash it out… It’s been almost 2 weeks now and the money is stil “pending” they keep asking me for bank statements, when I upload them it just rejects them and asks again. They already have my bank statements.. and my debit card and my driver’s lisence. Why is it they can suck my money out of my account, but not into it?!?!?! I think a lawsuit is in order… seriously

  4. I rate the PA. Lottery .ooooooo1 percent of one star. The PA. Lottery is the biggest scam in the history of scams. The scratch off ticket odds are totally false. Most tickets say 1 in 4 are winners. Well I always buy 4 tickets but then keep buying until I win. After the tenth ticket, you get a 5 dollar winner. And I have stacks of losing tickets to prove this. The PA. Lottery changes the odds after the game is in progress. That’s called scamming. Why doesn’t someone start a class action suit? If they were audited, I would bet 100 to 1 that they are scamming everyone.

  5. Complete scam, no way the payout on these games is anywhere close to 88%. PA Lottery representative refused to provide access to audits.

  6. Def something fishy about this I lottery.. I’ve been playing for a long time now and seems like ur lucky if u win 10 dollars for 100 put in .. there’s been times I played through 60 dollars and had won nothing. on 50 cent bets.

  7. Pa Ilottery cheats players out of their money I just won twice on digging for dollars and it froze up both times before paying out my winnings, terms and conditions states their not responsible for malfunctions, isn’t it ironic it malfunctions on winning games, it bull and not surprising being a blue state.

  8. Absolutely terrible… There is no way the odds on these online games can be legal…you will only win $2..then lose 50 $1…lose another 50 games…

    • She’s the absolute worst! Never again

  9. I won 300, been waiting weeks for my winnings. Every other casino site pays within 3 days. Their excuse is the withdrawal department didn’t reach my withdrawal yet how many withdrawals do they have and how many workers do they have??? Don’t waste your money

    • Me too. For a 100 bucks 8 to 10 days for a withdraw…Disgusting. NEVER AGAIN!

  10. I hired an investigator to look into this app because I truly feel that it is rigged, and so does my attorney. There are various reasons why we feel this way, and most have already been mentioned by others in this thread. Something else I noticed is that if you look on their site under the winners, it’s the same names that win the large prizes. I looked under Allegheny county because that is where I am from, and almost every single winner from Allegheny county had the same name listed. So you mean to tell me that by chance and luck this same person won all of these big jackpot prizes? They are caught. This is crap. Don’t waste your money!

  11. Worst gaming site ever. Wins do not match what you put in and unlike slots machines at bigger casino sites, I have noticed there is no chance for a large payout. Suspend yourself from this site and go play somewhere where you can win and win big. Bott line site is a criminal joke. And as stated above very hard to get your money. But they need no verification to take your money.

  12. Won money on the i lottery online game. Was not allowed to collect my $150 winnings cause it has to convert to cash. I reached out to online chat to find out why I couldn’t collect my winnings. Was told by the online support chat that the money I win has to convert to cash. Yes. You win and it’s not cash until you reach 100% converted into cash. Yes, you heard that right. It makes you keep playing until you lose your winnings. I call PA online lotto a legal scam. Cause I’m sure it’s somewhere in writing. You cannot collect your winnings until you convert them into cash. Scam alert!!!

  13. This whole thing is a scam. If by the slim chance they let you win, because these games are not random, you will lose every single game afterward. Just play the super cash busters game. This needs to be investigated

    • Agreed. Every hot game is a scam. Just played 300 on monsters game and not one free game and hardly any wins. Ilottery should be investigated. A complete fraud.

  14. God forbid someone in your family under age happens to get into the game when you’re not around, they hide behind their rule of, you are responsible for your account. Even if you’re not around.

  15. Terrible I’ve spent thousands of dollars for a total of about 250$ won. So how is it gambling if there no chance of even breaking even you gotta spend 1000$ just to win 100$ please someone do something about this how is it not regulated? They need to be sued.

  16. Agreed a total scam. Someone needs to step in and regulate them taking a data fe of a scam of a game. It is totally rigged. Notice how they list winners but never tell you how much money they win. Ridiculous stay clear I am done with ilottery

  17. Don’t play online I’ve played a few times won a little cash out barely played only access on 1 device but for some reason, all my money is gone from my bank account. I thought it was a joke a glitch no bank statements show a lot of transaction I did not authorized but now to me in my book that’s a theft scam and criminal if I did this to someone I’ll be going to jail for fraud if you wanna gamble go to the casino not online where you gotta give your banking info that grants permission to your account lesson learned on my part

  18. Holy Government Sanctioned Corruption.

    I can predict the payouts of bonus rounds on certain games. There is nothing random about any of their games. I didn’t expect anything more from the state of PA though, it’s mob run and so is the app.

  19. Pa ilottery is an unhealthy joke played on unsuspecting Pennsylvanians. The random number/winner generated theory is bullshit, eventually, you’ll get the impression the game platform learns your habits and plays them against you, I believe a good mixture of winning and losing makes gambling fun overall, very little of that here. Ilottery spawned a gambling problem in me I had had not had before, so far in 2021 I dumped thousands in with nothing to show only leaving a depressed feeling I can’t be happy unless I throw another 20 in. If your novice gambler watch yourself here and immediately request the ilottery prepaid card, that way if you have overwhelming beginners luck like I had they can’t withhold your winnings for weeks, everyone won’t have the same experience this is mine.

  20. This is pure garbage, a dam joke. 100 percent stealing, not gambling. If this is what Pennsylvania is about DAMN… when you can’t win anything on a 10 cent or 50 cent bet ..What the HELL is this about.

  21. People don’t go there. It’s a scam and a ripoff. There needs to be an audit on these people. Taking people’s money is a sin. I can only give 1 star to submit. If there was a way to give a negative star I would.

  22. Horrible the higher amount you bet even less you win.. out of 100 not a single win… and over 400 total and wins of .20 and .40 cents ridiculous.. this should be illegal

  23. This lottery is rigged like the PA elections. Save your money and go somewhere else

  24. Honestly, it has to have the worst odd I’ve ever faced in gambling In my life the only pro is it’s convenient but I will say I’ve lost close to a grand out 250 in your down so much if and when you do win your in the losses still def a scam it’s not random I win almost four times as much playing min bets or one above min than I do betting 5-7 dollars a spin not worth it at all it’s trash no casino or skill machine have I ever lost every time I played never had more than 60 dollars above starting amount it’s a joke play tickets or other sites or sports gambling all way better odds and better pay outs idk where else I bet 5 dollars a spin and get congratulated about winning 1 dollar back well thanks for only taking four dollars

  25. Same as all these people as for me & my husband also. I can-not begin 2 tell you the THOUSANDS of dollars wasted This is just on our pa ilottery & since it’s been opened what a couple short years now. That’s not even to mention What I’ve wasted in tickets aside from that! Stupid I KNOW & IDK Y & I just keep doing it!!! & then I end up Hate-ing myself for it & on Top of that you come out feeling worse When You’re done playing than you did even b4 you started. They 100 percent take any & all of the fun out of it 🙁 Their shit is a 100% rigged I hope I’ll be the one to prove it, sue them, and then take my money back that way! Just like everybody else here there has been many times at least 6 that I can think of 4 of mine and twice my husband each $10 bonus winnings on multiple games that’s never got paid it don’t credit to your account now can you imagine what we don’t catch? Forget calling into report it Because one Who has time for that to good luck getting them to believe or so much as even getting them 2 understand what your trying to say! I did win a little bit of money back it took me 2 months I can’t tell you the calls I had to make, Copies of photo IDI mean the hoops you have to jump through just to get even a very small percentage back of what you put in they make it next to impossible!! So I won 2000 on 1 game and 1000 on another game a couple days later 2 months later when I finally did collect I ended up getting 2200 The rest went to taxes in right back into the lottery I must of spent another 600 off my husband bank card In between waiting for That money to be released.hey were on Covid- Lock down what else am I supposed to do? :/ Anyway I could go on all day so ill spare you guys But every single negative review is more than likely a 100% true & If You want to win some money Don’t expect to see it happen here 🙁 Welp still Goodluck to all who have a <3/hate thing 4 ilottery but still try thier Luck 😉 So Goodluck & Be Safe <3

  26. A dam joke. Never win just feed to state, cash cow. Save money go to jersey or vegas. Pennsylvania SUCKS..

  27. I lottery is a scam I just lost 400 dollars I won 50 dollars out of the 400 most of my bets were 50cents to 1 dollar HORRIBLE!!!!!! IM DONE WITH THEM! I’ve spent a lot of money over time and I’ve won nothing maybe 100 dollars I’ve won. I play today 100 dollars I hit for 10 bucks out of the 100 really!! Just HORRIBLE! Don’t play pa I lottery people

  28. I don’t refer a friend promotion a month ago supposed to get my $50 bonus the first of the following month within the first seven days have not received it yet and is a second week of the month have any contact with them at least 6 * between live chat and the phone and he keep telling me that the upper management has to review my account and my friend that I referred account and I will get my bonus at or they would let me know within a couple days have not received any emails so anybody wants to refer friend I refer you not to because if you do you will get screwed without no Vaseline and I also had one $7,500 3 months ago and I wound up getting $2,500 out of that 7500 and I Lottery took $5,000 of my money for taxes and something else so if anybody win any money substantial amount of money you’re probably not going to get but 2% of that whatever you win so if you want to keep getting screwed keep playing on all lottery whatever you do your life chat people and the people they call their phone representative are worthless

  29. One of the worst online gaming sites I know of. Had to upload 3 documents just to play back in 2018. Then sometime in 2019 could not deposit money to play. Again, was like a root canal to get verified just to play again. Why?? No one seems to know. After 3 times of being on the phone, emailing, and using chat 2 times, got cleared. Felt like I was trying to get a job with the FBI.

    Should have just stayed away. Games have horrible wins. Betting $1 to $2 a spin to hit 10 and 20 cents. Played the 007 games. Had 27 free games and won $7 on $1 spins. Had 47 free trips, bonus game, and won $4.

    Stay away. Many better sites than this.

  30. I have no problems with the website/app itself. The games are a fun way to pass the time. I rarely have technical difficulties, but on the very few times I’ve been disconnected during a game, it puts me right back where I was when I got disconnected. You lose a lot (duh, that’s how they make money!), but I’ve also had great wins ($600 on a 50 cent bet) and both winning and losing streaks. My issue is that they ignore you and treat you like a criminal when you try to withdraw money. The website says 3-5 business days to process your request and then more time for the deposit to hit your bank. In total, 8-10 business days. Today was Business Day #11 and my status was still simply pending. I tried calling but they are not accepting phone calls. I started a Live Chat and was told it was my fault that I haven’t yet uploaded documents verifying my payment and withdrawal accounts. That is 3 accounts – an old lost debit card, the debit card that replaced it, and my checking account. There was nothing on the website pertaining to these required documents until AFTER I contacted Live Chat. Then I was told I could submit a bank statement that showed my lost debit card number to verify that card was mine. I did so, and then another Live Chat rep told me that the card wasn’t on the statement, although it clearly was multiple times. I was told I couldn’t get my money until I had my bank send me a letter of ownership for the lost debit card. And then it would take 3-5 business days to process + time for my bank to process the deposit. They have no problems whatsoever taking thousands of my dollars without verification, but to withdraw a few hundred they make it so hard, lying to me several times, ignoring my request altogether, and then refusing the document that they told me I could upload. They only provide scripted responses and one Live Chat rep even terminated our chat *while I was typing my response to him.* Repeated attempts to speak with a supervisor were denied. Oh, and they told me after 15 days they cancel the withdrawal request. So by the time I get this letter from my bank (can’t do it over the phone, need to make appt because branches other than drive-thru are closed due to covid-19), palottery will have already canceled my withdrawal request and I’ll have to start over. And I wouldn’t even have known any of this had I not contacted THEM about the status because they hadn’t even looked at my request 11 business days later. There are plenty of online casinos you can give your money to… avoid PA iLottery if you ever want to be treated civilly if you try to take any of your money back.

  31. It’s a scam with promotions, anyway. No matter what promo is emailed to you… “Deposit $50, play with $125,” … you will receive $15 bonus cash. Three different ‘wow’ promotions received and only received $15 each time.

    This iLottery is outsourced, and someone is raking in the cash.

  32. Slingo is a scam you can’t hit all the numbers but when it comes the last number it was I mean always hits something else these people should it never fails this ilottery is a SCAM altogether I was never a big gambler and I think I’m going to go back to that mind state the ilottery sucks DONT was your money

  33. Spent 500.00 dollars on slingo 2 dollar games. Out of all the trys I hit 100.00 2x and lost it all. Horrible odds. It feels totally rigged and not chance at all. They offer a match to sign up, but don’t tell you, you have to spend 5x that or more to get it. Total scam, stay away.

    • I can’t seem to collect my winnings. I tried for weeks and I can’t get a hold of any. Don’t waste your time and money.

  34. I was going to try this..but after reading ‘all’ of the above.. I think it’s a $cam..AND NOT FOR ME!

  35. They are a scam. I won a little money and have been waiting for 3 weeks for the pay out. I have been calling for a week now and no answer. I lost a lot more than I won. I’m done

  36. I just spend $150 5 tickets 1,000, 000 RICHES. 1 after another. NO 1 PENNY. then I got 2 cash blowouts. Again nothing. And 2 plus money. I didn’t get anything. I mean nothing. Your odds are BULLSHIT I really tell everyone do not throw more of your money away anymore. I have the tickets I can take a pic and show you how BULLSHIT this is.
    And it’s supposed to be fun…they even take that away.

  37. Waste of money. I have made numerous deposits and have never gotten above $100 in winnings.

  38. I won $600 back in Jan 2020 been trying to cash out. At first when I contacted them,
    I was told they were having trouble with PayPal and would be about a week till the withdrawal
    I called them 3 weeks later they were still having problems with PayPal.
    So I tried ACH
    It’s over 7 weeks and still no cash out

  39. My experience was that I couldn’t lose initially and cashed out around 5-6 hundred in my first week of play. From there I would take some little wins and losses and about a month later I had hit $1000 on a 50 cent match game called snow me the money. Sounds amazing right? From there I have not won or even remotely came close to being up even a hundred dollars. I put back in the $1000 I won and easily enough to double that since then. Last night took the cake though, I deposited a little and had some bonus money from the 100 I spent at the beginning of month and decided to play the new 007 game they have been pushing down our throats on TV and social media. I was down to about 5 dollars with no real wins coming the entire time. So I hit the spin on 50 cents and hit the 4 globe bonus which should guarantee you at least your money back for the spin. It went thru all 10 plane rides for the bonus and paid out exactly 0 dollars and 0 cents. Then when I wrote them to ask if anyone else inquired about this was told that it’s paying out fine and do I have a screen shot of proof that there bonuses don’t payout? At the time I did not and answered his question, then when I explained to him that I have played on the SugarHouse – Hollywood FanDuel and multiple other apps that I have never seen such a thing happen and his response to that was where is your screen shot like it couldn’t of possibly happened. So then I dig into my archives of playing and found the exact game of this happening. I will upload the pictures of that game. Basically what I’m trying to say here is this has to be the most rigged ungoverned app on the market right now. If you ever play and raise your bets you will be taken. I had a friend who had 500 in their account and was doing pretty good. The moment they bumped up there bet to $20.00 on slinco they lost it all without one win in between. I also find it worriesome that this is the only gambling app that alienates 18 year old players on to basically give them a false feeling of a good percentage chance when in fact it’s all a setup to rob you legally without anyone to report it too that doesn’t fall on death ears.

    • I have also found the same exact results. And I have received $0 in bonus money on 007 when getting 4 globes as well. 3 globes also

  40. Spent hundreds won nothing. Now app crashes and can’t log in!


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PA iLottery Exposed — A Fun Digital World with a Few Limitations

PA iLottery Review

Lottery operators that work online aren’t only launched by third parties. Take the Pennsylvania Lottery iLottery, for example. PA iLottery was launched recently to offer online players a range of fun opportunities and digital games.

Keep in mind these are exclusive games that are only available in the online realm. If you want to play the PA Lottery Pick 4, for example, you will have to be in the state, and you will have to get an actual paper ticket from a retailer.

Hence, the PA iLottery is not an opportunity to play the official Pennsylvania Lottery games online. Instead, it should be seen as a nice add-on giving players a range of fun additional opportunities to make some bucks. Let’s dig a bit deeper to find out of iLottery works well and if it’s worth a try.

Games at Pennsylvania iLottery

As already mentioned, iLottery isn’t your option for trying the official games available in the state. If your goal is conquering Powerball PA, PA Lottery Pick 5, PA Pick 3, or any of the other local state games, you’re not in luck.

If you visit the official Pennsylvania Lottery website, you will see detailed instructions for each of the games and how these can be played.

We checked out the PA Daily Number lottery Pick 2, as an example. The instructions suggest you have to visit a PA Lottery retailer to get your playslip.

iLottery currently has 52 exclusive online games for you to test out. New games are developed and added all the time if you don’t think the diversity is enough. These digital lotteries range from well-known and popular formats like Keno and Deal or No Deal to more exclusive offerings like Grumpy Cat – a digital type of scratch-off game.

All of the games are available with a free demo that you can use to acquaint yourself with the gameplay, the cost, and the specifics. If you like the particular digital lottery, you create an account, and you can start betting real money on it.

As far as the cost of playing is concerned, it varies from one game to another. We examined a couple of opportunities at random. Big Money Slingo has gameplay options ranging from one to 30 dollars per single entry. According to the official presentation, this game allows you to win up to 300,000 dollars.

Games like Jungle Tumble and Grumpy Cat allow you to place your bet, and it can range from one to 30 dollars. Deal or No Deal follows a similar format.

LottoExposed alert

Play PA iLottery games online to get a $500 bonus!

Use bonus code DEP500 and PA iLottery will match 100% on your first deposit! Click on PA iLottery Offer to see details.

Getting Your Winnings with PA iLottery

While you’re not going to get the same money, you would by playing PA Lottery Mega Millions, for example, the iLottery digital games also come with some pretty nice prizes. Many of the payouts are dependent on the sum you decide to bet on the respective game, so it’s really up to you to control the process.

Currently, you can deposit money in your account through the use of several well-established payment systems like PayPal, Play, ACH e-check, and PayNearMe. The system also accepts Visa and MasterCard payments.

According to the iLottery terms and conditions, withdrawals from one’s account generally take three to five business days to process. As a general rule of thumb, the payment method that was used to put cash into the account is going to be the same method used to complete withdrawals.

Who Can Play at PA iLottery?

The terms and conditions also provide clear stipulations about who can play at PA iLottery.

To create an account, your country of residence needs to be the US. You also need to have a legal address in one of the states, which means that playing iLottery isn’t just restricted to the territory of Pennsylvania.

The PA Lotto online gaming option is open to individuals aged 18 or older. Keep in mind that depending on the situation, the iLottery team may demand the verification of a member’s identity. You may be asked to produce a copy of your ID to show that you’re legally an adult and that you reside in the US.

If needed, iLottery can also rely on the services of a third-party verification entity to make sure members are legally capable of playing online games and cashing out prizes.

Once again, if you are interested in the Pennsylvania official state lotteries, this is not the opportunity for you. Local lotteries can only be played within the territory of the state. Various international online lottery agencies carry Powerball and Mega Millions so you can give these bigger games a try, regardless of your location.

Who Is behind Pennsylvania iLottery?

The Pennsylvania iLottery is an official development by Pennsylvania Lottery.

Pennsylvania Lottery was set up in 1971and the first game in its portfolio was launched in 1972. This is one of the lottery entities in the US, with one of the wealthiest and most diversified histories. Through the years, Pennsylvania Lottery has been recognized as an innovator that launched an array of exciting games and experimented with different formats.

Thus, it’s no wonder that the PA Lottery decided to launch an entirely digital platform in the form of iLottery.

Pennsylvania Lottery offers full support for the iLottery members. There’s a toll-free number you can call if you’re experiencing any issues (listed in the footer of the iLottery website). A physical address is also provided if you are in Pennsylvania and would like to address a particular gaming issue in person.

Other Bits and Pieces

There are a few additional things we’d like to point out about iLottery.

There are a standard login and account creation option, and there’s also a VIP club. What’s the difference between the two, you may ask? We have the answer for you.

The VIP club is like a premium membership that provides additional perks on top of the standard ones.

It gives access to current exclusive promotions that aren’t available to regular members. There are also customized winning number alerts via email giveaways and coupons.

Signing up for the VIP club is free of charge, but keep in mind that some of the information is sent in the form of text messages. While these are free of charge, your mobile carrier could apply standard rates to the processing of the texts you receive from the Pennsylvania Lottery.

It’s also important to point out that the Pennsylvania State Lottery has launched an affiliate program for iLottery. This means that websites that refer people and get them to sign up will be stimulated financially for their efforts.

Thus, you need to be careful about the reviews you decide to trust. Some of the iLottery reviews could have been created for marketing purposes, attempting to convince you to sign up. Hence, you should be selective about the information you decide to trust online.

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The Bottom Line at PA iLottery

iLottery can be fun for people who are looking for an online gaming option (and not so much for those who want to play the actual Pennsylvania Lottery games like PA Lottery Powerball).

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the platform if you are into this kind of opportunity. To make our information a bit more condensed, here’s a brief list of the biggest Pennsylvania iLottery pros and cons:


This is an online lottery opportunity launched by the official Pennsylvania Lottery

iLottery features a wide variety of games of luck

Multiple payment methods are supported for added convenience

The money withdrawal process is straightforward and simple

If you sign up for the VIP club, you’ll be given access to exclusive offers, discounts, and coupons

The platform is compatible with computers and all kinds of mobile devices for an optimal experience

There are some daily and signup bonuses available

Can be accessed from all parts of the US

The things that we didn’t like so much include the following:


You cannot play the actual lotteries available in Pennsylvania like the Pennsylvania Lottery Big 4

The platform is not open outside of the US

These are digital lotteries, and some people are concerned about the fairness of such games and whether they will ever pay out big prizes

There isn’t information about big winners you can rely on for inspiration

In essence, this isn’t a per se online lottery operator. It’s a digital gaming platform. There are many other similar opportunities online, but at least the legitimacy of iLottery is verified. If you’re in the US and you like this type of betting, you can give iLottery a try without worrying about the quality of the offerings. Also, don’t forget any experience you may have with the platform with us in the comments below.

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