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SurfLottery Exposed — Catch the Wave to Win!

SurfLottery Exposed

SurfLottery Review

What do you think about the use of lotteries for fundraising for non-profits? We were into the Surf Life Saving Lottery out of Australia today who raises funds for clubs. There are a bunch of these fundraising lotteries worldwide now that are actually a bit more like raffles. So do you think it’s good to raise funds and provide a platform for players to win prizes?

How Does Work?

The Surf Life Saving Foundation runs six lotteries per year. Players sign up for a monthly ticket allocation with tickets accumulating for the draw every second month. Hard copy tickets (there is that option) are received within 15 working days of purchase. Tickets purchased online are automatically assigned on the purchase dates. First purchasers get three tickets to the first lottery draw and then two to each draw after that. Players can get on board for as little as AUD $2 per month.

This Lottery Office review explains in great detail whether or not the Lottery Office is legitimate in Australia and also has real customer reviews

Prizes at Surf Life Saving Foundation

There is a bunch of ways to win.’s main draw is for a house in Queensland, Australia. 1st prize in the December draw was a house valued at AUD 966,000 plus a bonus prize of an Infiniti Q60 3.7 Coupe S Premium. The online promotion winner got a Coles Myer Gift Card worth $1,500. Last October, it was a Bribie Island Home valued at AUD 948,000 plus a bonus prize of 50,000 in gold bullion. I guess that must be cashable. But as they say – that’s not all! The Champions lottery last October netted gold bullion to the tune of $10,000 plus $1,000 in bonus Home Tickets. One of the challenges with playing at this site is that the different games go on within the monthly subscription depending on how much you are paying to play.

Loyalty Programs at

The Champions Club not only provides double entries into each draw but depending on what you spend, it can increase the number of entries into their weekday draw for a prize valued at AUD 5,000. For each additional $10 spent monthly on tickets over your original $10, the amount of entries increases. Prizes are not always cash. It can be travel credits, gift cards, gold, and/or other supplier prizes – and it is not cashable. Games are played in Aussie daily excluding national public holidays and Queensland. Okay – not sure about that Queensland reference.

Who Can Play at

Everyone is welcome to play – Aussies and Internationals. We’re not sure about the claim that some of the prizes are they are not convertible to cash, but then again – where there is a winner, there is a way! Customer Service

Getting in touch with the Surf Life Saving Foundation is pretty easy and they are great at responding in a timely manner to emails. They also offer a snail mail address, optional phone numbers for international dialers plus toll-free numbers for Aussies and Kiwis. Their office is open 8:30 am through 7:30 pm Monday to Friday and 9:00 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday.


Why You Should Register with Surf Lottery


Winning and Supporting a Cause

Multiple Ways to Win

Doesn’t the Word Surf Put A Smile on Your Face

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Surf Lottery


Only One 1st Prize

Sorting out Ownership/Prize

Postage on Deliver on Spending Your Gift Card Internationally

Is Surf Lottery Legit?

The team and I had a talk about this whole concept of fundraising and lotteries, and our bottom line was we liked it. People are encouraged to support an important cause that actually does save lives at the same time, people get to win stuff. has a good scale of options to win – and does a lot of good.

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What charities are involved in Surf Life Saving Australia?

The Surf Life Saving Foundation (SLSF), renowned for its vital role in supporting Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA), also orchestrates the SLS Art Union in Bowen Hills. This key fundraising initiative is integral to their efforts in generating essential funds. Through these programs, the SLSF effectively bolsters lifesaving activities and vital programs throughout Australia.

So yup – these guys get a thumbs up, especially as people can play internationally. The challenge, of course, is if you won Bribie Island Home, how you collect. Okay – I can already see myself booking my flight to head down under!

  1. Why don’t you except cash anymore. I just went to buy tickets but was told they only accept cards. If you think that I am going to let you guys access to my credit card. No way.

  2. Don’t sign up to surf life saving lottery. I cancelled after being constantly pested to buy more tickets and to up grade, then 1 year after cancelling they started taking money out of my credit card again, and made up all sorts of lies as to why. I don’t think they give any money to the surf life saving.

  3. Appears to be a lottery with very little chance of winning the stated prizes. Does not fulfill my expectations of a donation to saving lives in the water.

  4. Got a call about $20 tickets and thanks for support over 5 years I declined and mentioned I wanted to cancel it they said can’t do that here but here’s a number I didn’t end up calling and today check my bank statement and THEY TOOK $50 NOT $30 and have now screwed me up for my automatic payment arrangement with my electricity company easily spent over $2,000 since I started and this is the thanks I get I got screwed can’t process refunds for days I wanted confirmation of refund and to cancel forever and they said I’ll call you back MASSIVE SCAM didn’t win anything BTW in 5 years not a single thing

  5. I have previously purchased tickets at the prize home and not had a problem before when you could get paper tickets. Now you have to have electronic ones that should be emailed to you. 5 days after purchase I am still to receive my tickets to the house. No reply to my email no answer to phone call. DO NOT buy tickets for prize homes with Surf life saving, spend your money buying tickets at the mater home it is only 1 street away at Bribie Island and get tickets immediately.


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