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Swisslos Exposed — Sprechen Deutsch, Französisch oder Italienisch

Swisslos Exposed

Swisslos Review

It’s easy to understand why is only offered in German, Italian, and French. The player must be from a German-speaking Swiss canton, in the canton of Ticino or the Principality of Liechtenstein. No one else can play. is an online lottery and betting platform that offers lotteries at face value. For all of their games, this site is operated as a non-profit supporting the cantons where players reside. So, let’s take a look.

Is GiantLottos legit or a scam?

Games at

There are only two lotteries available at Swisslos – Swiss Lotto and EuroMillions. Players can play their ticket lines either through straight play, system, or magic play. The system adds additional regular numbers or stars/bonus balls obviously at an increased cost. Magic play is using “Jumpin’ Jack” a quasi-inventive form of the quick pick. Okay – that was quite fun. There are subscriptions (Abo) but no syndicates.

Swisslos and Other Games

This website is more betting and scratching-focused than lottery focused. They offer SPORTTIP (sports betting), TOTOGOAL (football betting), Bingo (scratches), Clix (more scratches), LOSE (even more scratches), Subito (looks kind of like Keno), PMU (horse betting), and WETTBEBERBE (free birthday draw). Games can be played online via your computer or by apps. There is also a menu where you can add a card to purchase a gift for family and friends. But make sure your friend or family member is from a German-speaking Swiss canton, in the canton of Ticino or the Principality of Liechtenstein!

Winning and

Euro Millions has a slightly different winning rate of what goes to the cantons and what goes to the player. It’s very confusing to read though that might be the language challenge. Keep in mind, each country where EuroMillions has its particular twists in how the game operates. Take the UK that adds the Millionaire Raffle. For winnings over CHF 1,000 (USD 1,054), there is a withholding tax off the top of 35% though players may get some of this back when they file their tax returns. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that as there is some ratio between what a player has paid out versus what they have won, plus each of the different cantons gets to add to the tax. Players have six months to claim their winnings.

Swisslos and Promotions

Okay – I get that there might be a bit of a language issue again, but there is a notice that Swiss Lotto has some instant win of CHF 10, but it looks like this expired in 2014. There are also some giveaways in their betting but let’s stick to lotteries.

Customer Service

If you’ve got questions then you can either call them from 7:00 to 18:30 ish, Monday to Saturday. I say “ish” as the close time is a little later a couple of the days of the week. They also have a snail mail address in Switzerland and an online form. There is no email address or live chat. Though, in their betting menus there does appear to be live chat. We didn’t go there.

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Only Two Lotteries

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Only for Specific Swiss Players

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Is Swisslos Legit?

If you are from a German-speaking Swiss canton, in the canton of Ticino or the Principality of Liechtenstein, then this might be the place to play online. Then again, the 35% withholding tax, or whatever the actual tax is, looks like double dipping to me as the money Swisslos makes already goes back to the cantons where play is legal.

It’s hard to give this a thumbs up because of the limitations on who can play here. For those that are from a German-speaking Swiss canton, in the canton of Ticino or the Principality of Liechtenstein, then the tickets at face value are attractive. But, if you aren’t from these areas – the bottom line is you can’t play.

  1. I’m swiss we have also a scratch win for life you get 4000fr for 20years each month. It costs 5 francs if you buy combi ticket 6tickets 25 francs one win included. Well, I don’t like in general that it never clear if the winning tickets are unknown by the lottery or if they can keep them hidden. Like in America scams happened inside the lottery.

  2. Why do people go to all the trouble of setting an online lottery site up and then limit who can actually play there? There must be a heap of people who live in the specific areas that are allowed to play. I was looking around for a different lottery to get into and sad that this one isn’t a game I can get into to.


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