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Deaf Lottery Exposed — Winning Gold Bullion

Deaf Lottery Exposed

Deaf Lottery Review

Organizing a lottery to collect funds for charitable purposes is not a new thing. Through the years, there have been dozens of sweepstakes, raffles, and other opportunities to win rewards when you contribute to some socially-beneficial cause.

Deaf Lottery Australia is based on this premise, but if you’ve gone through some reviews about it (even on this website), you know that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.

So, today, we are on a mission to discover what Deaf Lottery is all about, and if you should be participating in it.

For a start, Deaf Lottery Australia is organized by a non-profit organization to generate funds for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals across the country. That’s excellent. According to the official presentation, the NPO has been around with the same goal for more than 30 years.

To further its goal, it launched a chance to buy lotto tickets online and win some prizes. Apart from prize homes, there are multiple additional rewards you can eventually snatch each time that you decide to play.

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Games at

Deaf Lottery Australia conducts seven games per year, and you can acquire tickets for all of those online, through the official online portal of the organizer.

Ticket buying options start with a pack of five. At two dollars per piece, this means you’ll need to spend 10 dollars on the most affordable ticket buying option. There are also larger bundles, but the price per ticket remains the same. Thus, it is somewhat tricky to understand precisely what the point of these bundles is.

Deaf Lottery Australia’s next drawing is scheduled for August 2020. The previous two drawings took place in May and July of the year.

For the upcoming drawing, there’s a grand prize of 800,000 dollars. There are four possible prize claim packages that the top winner can choose among.  An additional sum of 128,500 dollars is distributed in the form of supplementary prizes. The 154 supplementary prizes include cash rewards ranging from 2,500 dollars to 100 dollars.

An early bird prize package of 10,000 dollars is also available for grabs.

Who Can Play at Deaf Lottery Australia?

According to the customer support center, the Deaf Lottery is open to anyone, regardless of their location. That makes the charitable opportunity quite different from other regional games that come with geographical restrictions.

Keep in mind, however, that prize homes are a part of the deal.

One of the ways to claim the top prize in the event of winning is through the design and development of a dream home in Australia (yes, you will be involved in the process). Thus, if you are a player from another country, that option will be unavailable (unless you’re planning a move to Australia).

To play, you have to sign up for an account and provide information about your address and your phone number. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing such information, you should probably look for an alternative online lottery playing option.

Claiming Your Deaf Lottery Prizes

As already mentioned, first-prize winners can choose how they’ll receive their reward.

The options are four – create a dream home, get a car and some money in cash, get a motorhome and some cash or choose any combination of these + a cash amount for the remaining sum.

Players have ten days from the date of the drawing to get in touch with Deaf Lottery Australia and point out which option they choose for the payment of their top reward.

Keep in mind that the names of Deaf Lottery winners will be announced on the game’s official website. Hence, you cannot remain anonymous and protect your assets in the event of winning something.

There’s no additional information provided on how smaller prizes can be claimed and withdrawn. It would be best to get in touch with the Deaf Lotto organizers and inquire a bit more about these procedures.

Who Is Behind Deaf Lottery?

The Deaf Lotto home lottery is held by Deaf Services – a non-profit organization that ensures sufficient support for the deaf and the hard of hearing individuals in Australia.

In 2020, it experienced a merger with the Deaf Society of New South Wales, which means that both entities are now involved in making the annual drawings happen.

You can get in touch with Deaf Services by phone, mail, or email. An international telephone hotline is also available if you are a global player, and you need to inquire about something.

Other Bits and Pieces

Previously, Deaf Lottery only supported credit card payments, and that has been a big point of contention among regular players. Right now, PayPal has also been added to the payment methods. For many, this option is considered a lot more secure.

Still, there are some online complaints about Deaf Lotto. Some reviewers report they’ve never won anything or they don’t know anyone who has. This is all hearsay, and it doesn’t negate the potential for winning a prize.

Another thing that makes some members disgruntled is the automatic enrollment for future drawings.

If you order five or more tickets, for example, you can become a part of the VIP Club at Deaf Lottery Australia. Now, VIP Club may sound great, but it’s not necessarily such a good thing.

While the VIP club does enable you to win some special prizes, it also enrolls you automatically for future drawings. This is an option you will have to consciously discontinue if you do not wish to continue spending money on this opportunity.

The most significant advantage of joining the VIP Club is that they become eligible for gold bullion prizes. Whether or not this is something of interest is up to you to determine.

Why You Should Register with the Deaf Lottery


Lottery ticket buying options organized by an Australian non-profit organization

Your entry supports a charitable cause

There’s a lot of prize customization possible

You can play from any country

Fairly affordable ticket prices

Multiple drawings per year

Supports the most popular payment service providers

Why You Shouldn’t Register with the Deaf Lottery


There have been some online complaints about the lottery

A very short period to come forward and claim the top prize (10 days)

Automatic enrollment in future drawings

Would you mind rating

Is Deaf Lottery Legit?

If you’d like to test it out, there’s nothing particularly troublesome about Deaf Lotto.

It’s up to you to decide whether you fancy this possibility. Deaf Lotto does not raise red flags, so you shouldn’t worry about exploring the games of luck available there.

  1. I used to occasionally purchase deaf lottery tickets via my ozlotteries account.

    NEVER AGAIN! Without my authorisation i noticed a payment that was declined due to insufficient funds. I looked into my account and noticed I had apparently signed up for an auto play every time they held a lotto draw. I know 100% this is not what I would sign up to, it was not authorised! Sneaky greedy org! Preying on the poor trying their luck when they have a few extra dollars to put on a lotto

  2. Deaf Connect does not appear to be a registered Australian charity. Very suspicious then.

  3. Purchased a $10 book but later I noticed that my CC had been charged $20. I called them and they said they will look into it. Haven’t heard back as yet.

  4. This Deaf Lottery is Australian and shouldn’t be confused with the US one.

    The Australian charity art union lottery is legit and is the fundraising program of Deaf Connect, Australia’s largest whole-of-life service provider for Deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind Australians.

  5. Bought a ticket for $100 and still no response to who actually won.
    Supplied email and phone numbers and still nothing.
    Think it’s all a scam!

    • You can easily find out the winning ticket numbers on their website…it’s not a secret…


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