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Deaflottery Exposed — Winning Gold Bullion

Deaflottery Review

Hospitals, charities and causes all seem to be jumping on the lottery band wagon. The Deaf Lottery out of Australia is the latest that we took a look at. Their top prize can come in a package of high end cars, a new home, recreational vehicles (motorhomes through to yachts), farm machinery, trucks and gold bullion. Yup, that would one would catch your eye. One of the other things you do need to know is anyone can play here – it’s open to foreigners. Let’s go take a look.

Games at

There are seven draws/lotteries a year with a threshold of 1,350,000 tickets sold each draw. Players are encouraged to buy subscriptions with a variety of extra prizes depending on how many tickets you purchase. The earlier you get in, the more prize opportunities there are.

What Do You Win at Deaflottery?

1st prize options are valued at $525,000. Players can choose between different packages of Investment & Lifestyle, Mortgage Buster, Getaway Lifestyle or Design Your Own Lifestyle. This includes a combo of gold bullion, cash, a credit for a deposit to Metricon Homes, cars and caravans – or you can design your own prize with cash and gold bullion. Winning a $240,000 Aston Martin Vantage plus the gold bullion did catch my eye. Order consecutive tickets between the value of $10 to $200 for a lottery and if you win the 1st prize, you also win an additional “book” prize of gold bullion starting at $5,000 up to $55,000. There are 99 other prizes including Eftpos Gift Cards to the value of $5000 (2nd prize), $3,000 (3rd prize), $2000 (4th & 5th prize), $1000 (6th to 10th prize) and $200 (11th to 100th prize).

What Other Extras?

If you are entering to play this game for the first time, there is a “Full-Time Bonus Draw” to win one of five gift cards or travel vouchers of AUD 2,000. If you’ve got a brochure about the lottery, look for the promotion code (right hand corner) to have a chance to win 3 $200 Eftpos Gift Cards. If you are ordering online, don’t forget to click on the brochure to get your promotion code. Individual tickets cost AUD 2.00 but if you order a subscription of $20 or more, players are entered into $30,000 worth of extra prizes as well as the main prizes. and Subscriptions

The Deaf Lottery Australia is played seven times a year. Players are encouraged to purchase a minimum $20 subscription meaning you are committing to entering seven lotteries. Become a VIP Supporter by ordering 5 or more tickets for 3 or more lotteries in a row (prepaid or auto debit) and you become a VIP Supporter. This enters you into an additional part of the prizes available for $15,000 gold bullion or travel and 10 Eftpos gift cards each valued at $500. It also enters you into 8 weekly draws of $1,000.

Who Can Play at The Deaf Lottery Australia?

Playing and winning is open to anyone – anywhere. You can purchase tickets by telephone, online, by snail mail and fax (do people really still use them). Just keep in mind that part of the prize is a credit for a deposit on a home in Australia. I guess with the cash and gold bullion, that wouldn’t be too hard to do. Getting in touch with these folks is easy through the same mechanisms to buy tickets though remember they are available AEST business hours of 9:00 am to 7:30 pm.

What Does?

The Deaf Lottery Australia supports Australian Sign Language (Auslan) lessons in providing independent living support, awareness training, support to families, interpretation and employment services.

The Bottom Line

This is a nice little lottery (hey – it certainly doesn’t have any mega jackpots) where what you spend on tickets is going to a good cause. The prizes are good – how could anyone not get excited about winning gold bullion!


Gold Bullion

Good Odds

Anyone Can Play


No Mega Jackpots

Only Seven Times a Year

A Deposit on a Home in Australia

The Deaf Lottery Australia gets a thumbs up, especially as we all can play! If you miss this draw, you can always jump into the next with seven a year!

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