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Lottosheli Exposed — How About Winning Shekels?

Lottosheli Review

Shekels or dollars doesn’t make any difference in winning, but you’d better be an Israeli citizen if you’re playing online lotteries at Lottosheli. It’s an online lottery service provider for four lotteries played in Israel. Surfing through their website the terms and conditions leave out more than they include with vague references to possible fees and commissions that may or may not apply. The big thing though is the fact you must be an Israeli citizen, have an Israeli bank account and an Israeli credit card. I wonder if that still means someone who meets all these criteria and is living in France can still play? Let’s look.

Games at Lottosheli

Lottosheli offers four games operated by Israel’s Miphal Hapayis. Lotto is a standard lottery game with players choosing 6 numbers of out 37 and a ‘strong’ ball (what others call a bonus ball. It is played twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday. Chance, 777 and 123 are played daily with the times of the draw changing for Shabbat (Friday and Saturday). For more info on these games, you can read about them at Mifal Hapayis Exposed.

Playing their Games

One of the cute little things about this site is when players purchase their tickets, the amount of the face value for buying the lottery tickets and the service fee is identified separately. There is no minimum amount of tickets that have to be purchased, and they do offer subscriptions (buying tickets for multiple draws). Lottosheli also says that, though subscriptions are charged monthly, they will refund any non-drawn tickets if a player wants to opt out.

Lotto Sheli and Winning

Winnings under NIS 49,920 (about US$ 12,340) are tax exempt, and Lottosheli will collect this on your behalf and place it in your account. If your win is over this amount, players need to go to Lottosheli and complete a form for collection. What is weird on their site is this threshold is listed as NIS 50,000 in their terms and conditions. It’s not a big difference, but I don’t like it when they don’t get the numbers correct. There is also no information on whether they charge fees or service charge on winnings.

Who Can Play?

To play at, you must be an Israeli citizen over the age of 18 with a bank account and credit card in Israel and an active email account. It doesn’t say you have to be in Israel, though if you did win one of their jackpots, you’d have to get back pretty quickly to personally collect the lottery ticket. The big question is where you would do this?

Who is Lottosheli?

Lottosheli is operated by Lottosend Ltd., but there is nothing on their site that provides any information other than the name of the company. There are no snail mail or office address, and it didn’t seem to matter how hard we dug, we couldn’t find out where they were! Their site is available in English and Hebrew (drop the /en).

Lottosheli’s Customer Service

The customer service is open Sunday through Thursday 9:00 to 22:00 with slightly longer hours on Tuesday and only 9:00 to 14:00 on Friday. Saturday they open at the end of Shabbat until 22:30. There is an online form players can use, email address and phone number. I still think it’s weird that there is nowhere on their site that explains where their office with the fact winners over NIS 49,920 have to go there to process their win.

The Bottom Line

If you are Israeli, this could be a more natural way to buy your Miphal Hapayis lottery tickets versus walking down to the corner store. If you are living in France or Australia and are an Israeli citizen with a bank account there, it makes sense. Then again, there is the question of where exactly these folks are and where you’d collect your jackpot!


Clear on Fee Charged for Tickets

No Minimum Ticket Purchase

Good for Israelis


Not Clear on the Fees/Commission on Winning

Where are They?

Only for Israelis gets a thumbs down for Israeli citizens, and a thumbs down for the rest of the world. There is just too much information not available in their terms and conditions, and too many questions left unanswered.

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