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Whichlotto Exposed — Free Sweepstakes Site I Won’t Play!


Whichlotto Review

I had myself a good chuckle today when I went onto Whichlotto.com’s site. Why anyone would waste his time creating something this unprofessional is beyond me. This is a free sweepstakes site – well, I think it is. There is not enough information available to clearly understand what this site is supposed to do. I wouldn’t bother reading any further unless you want a good laugh for the day.

Where to Start at Whichlotto?

Why anyone would call the lottery ‘Whichlotto.com’ is beyond me. There is nothing catchy, marketable or memorable about the name or the actual site. The artwork is childlike. No, I take that back. My nephew could be more creative.

Winning at Whichlotto.com

Whichlotto.com’s home page opens to a statement of play our three lotteries, and you could win $31,000,000. Below that is a Pick 6 lotto card and an offer to win $1,000,000. Next, there is a list of the other prizes offered from 5 of 6 numbers wins $100, 4 of 6 numbers wins $5, and 3 of 6 numbers wins 100iCoins. Winning numbers are drawn on the 15th each month at noon PST (that’s Pacific Standard Time – we think).

The Game

This isn’t The National Lottery of Israel or Princess Margaret Home Lottery. To play this lottery, a player starts by picking six numbers and then entering their name and email address. I had to see what happens next. In the ‘how it works’ area, it says that a player has to click on three banners to validate the ticket. Well, I typed in the information, and nothing happened. Seriously! The site simply confirmed they had received the information and said: “Please note you can only do at most 5 submissions a day!” There were no banners, no bells, and whistles, no redirect and it didn’t ask for any further information. I started wondering if the site had simply been abandoned.

What Next at Whichlotto

Supposedly there are two more lottery games for $10 million and 20 million. I never got there. The site just kept taking me back to play the first game over and over again.

Who Can Play?

Their games and contests are open to legal residents in the United States and Canada excluding Quebec. Different games exclude different places like Puerto Rico and Florida for all their daily sweepstakes and New York State for their second and third sweepstakes.

Whichlotto.com National Lottery – NOT!

Whichlotto.com has one menu item that I have no idea why they wasted space on this. It’s called “National Lottery.” It has a short explanation of what national lotteries are. All I can guess is they added this page to infer some credibility. The same goes for their “Lotto Works” and “Lotto Odds.” This isn’t information about them, but simply an explanation of the terminology.

Complaints at Whichlotto.com

There are no complaints as yet, but I couldn’t verify how long this site has been around and/or if anyone plays it. There is no mention of Whichlotto.com anywhere!

Whichlotto.com Customer Service

There is no customer service, no phone numbers or email address – not even a snail mail address. They say your ‘private and individual information’ will only be used to notify and verify you. Whichlotto.com directs players to read their privacy policy for more information. I would have loved to if there was one!

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The Bottom Line

Whichlotto.com can’t even be called a sweepstakes site much less a lottery. I thought it might have been an advertising site, but nothing popped open, and I didn’t receive any emails. It’s as if the site was designed and then abandoned.




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It did give me a chuckle, and I think I will use it in training to illustrate what not to do. If you enjoy playing free sweepstakes, I won’t bother with this one. It gets a thumbs down!

  1. A snippet from the website… What the hell do these guys think we are smoking?
    “She won a choice of either a Volkswagen Cabrio or $20,000 in our latest Car or Cash giveaway! Sherry opted for the cash, and when we told the folks at the U.S. Mint, they were so excited they printed up this special one-of-a-kind $20,000 bill to commemorate the occasion!”

  2. This is hilarious. It is so bad, it is almost good. Very strange as there is no indication why they do it. There is a winners page but no info on when they won. Add that there are no contact details and this site definitely goes into the bad category. I agree that it has a look that it was a project that was started and then abandoned.


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