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MyLotto Exposed — Limited Jackpots for Limited Players

MyLotto NZ Exposed

MyLotto Review

My Lotto Nz welcomed the enthusiastic online lotto community back in 2008. That’s how long New Zealanders have had an opportunity to play their favorite games without having to get out of a favorite couch at home.

The site has most definitely been redesigned since then as it brags a clean and functional appearance. Besides, a My Lotto app has also been launched. If you prefer browsing through your smartphone or tablet, that’s the one you should be downloading.

But why should you go ahead and give the My Lotto Nz experience a try (and should you even bother with it)? Today, we’re taking a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly to help you decide if this site is a yay or a nay.

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Games at

That’s the big question. To decide if you should open up a My Lotto account, you need to have a good idea of the available lotteries.

Speaking of which, the site and the app give you access to the most prominent games New Zealanders enjoy. You can try your luck in Lotto, the national version of Powerball, Strike!, Keno and Bullseye. On top of the regular games, My Lotto also offers a good selection of digital, instant games. You can play a demo version to acquaint yourself with those or spend actual money to win. Most of the virtual games are available at a single entry cost in the range from one to 10 dollars (obviously, the bigger entry cost will give you access to a potentially larger prize).

For other lotteries, the cost of ticket buying is the same as the cost of getting an old-school paper ticket from a retail venue.

My Lotto NZ and Claiming Your Prize

Once you go through the My Lotto login, you’ll get to claim the money that you’ve won by playing games online.

Prizes of up to 1,000 dollars will be credited directly to a player’s online account. When the sum appears there, it can be withdrawn.

For larger sums, a player will have to fill out an online prize claim form. There will be a verification period and some delay until the final payment gets issued.

A prize claim form has to be submitted within 12 months of the respective drawing taking place. If this doesn’t happen, the reward will automatically be forfeited.

Who Can Play at My Lotto NZ?

Here’s some sad news for everyone who isn’t in New Zealand. The website has geographic restrictions, and you cannot play if you’re not physically located in the country (the site detects your IP address and doesn’t allow you to register if you’re in another country).

Thus, if you’re interested in New Zealand lottery games, you will have to discover an alternative way to play.

For New Zealanders, there is a requirement for legal age. Anyone interested in using the website or the app to purchase tickets will have to be 18 or older.

The My Lotto App and Site: Who’s Behind Them?

MyLotto online is the proud creation of the NZ Lotteries Commission (Lotto New Zealand, for short) – the same official entity behind the organization of the country’s lottery games and the payment of prizes.

The entity has been around since 1987. Through the years, Lotto New Zealand has launched and retired many games to develop the selection that New Zealanders enjoy today.

You really have no reason to worry about playing My Lotto games online – the opportunity is 100 percent legitimate and reputable. And if you do run into some trouble, there’s support to count on.

Customer support options are available by phone, fax, post, and email. Since NZ Lotto operates physical locations, you can also visit one of these offices during working hours to have your questions answered.

Other Bits and Pieces

My Lotto site and app are created to provide a one-stop shop for the needs of lottery players.

Apart from opportunities to buy tickets online, you’ll also get My Lotto results updated as soon as a new drawing occurs. Information about drawing winners can also be accessed. While that one isn’t very beneficial (if you’re not one of them), it can be used for statistical purposes and sharpen your gameplay strategy.

People who have a registered My Lotto account can also store their favorite numbers and keep track of tickets. At the time being, there’s no information about special promotions available solely for account holders. Hopefully, Lotto New Zealand will consider changing that in the future. Apart from convenience, it doesn’t really offer all that much to registered members right now.

Why You Should Register with MyLotto


An official online portal launched and maintained by a national entity

A mobile app is available, as well

A good selection of national lottery games and virtual/digital games

Easy prize claim procedure for smaller sums

A couple of good functionalities available (storing favorite numbers, ticket reviews, results)

Why You Shouldn’t Register with MyLotto


Geographic restrictions – only available within New Zealand

A more complex prize claim procedure for larger sums

Would you mind rating

Is MyLotto Legit?

MyLotto online is a good choice for New Zealanders in need of convenience. Unfortunately, there are various missed opportunities that the official web portal and app are not addressing right now.

If you like the list of advantages and you’re not bothered by the shortcomings, give My Lotto New Zealand a try. And if you do, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section.

  1. Never had a problem with prize claims, of any amount. A win of $2400 was completed on line and was in my account by Wednesday.

  2. Great app!

  3. Can’t load this game try again, something went wrong contact support, you have reached your weekly spending limit. constantly get messages to put me off using app. I can go to a lotto shop and buy what I want.

  4. Like many other Kiwis living and working in Oz, I have had a mylotto account and played online twice a week every week for well over 20 years. My account was funded by my NZ bank account but now since this so called upgrade Im told that all overseas players have been geoblocked. The question I have is why? Dont give me this rubbish about possibly contravening the local gambling laws of Australia. Theirs is the same as ours in NZ and I have no desire to play theirs. I just want my account fully restored

  5. I personally believe it’s a scam as all the numbers are printed out or purchased via app and stored in a database, a tech geek from the organization may have an algorithm in place to find the unselected probability to increase the winning price amount and finally give it to one of their own. I might be wrong but this is what I feel.


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