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Smart-Winners Exposed — Is It Smart to Play There?

Smart-winners Exposed

Smart-Winners Review

When we first started looking at, the team figured we might have found something different. This is an online lottery provider for individual tickets and syndicates. The site is pretty straightforward and easy to move around with a few twists. In their ‘About Us’ they have a section on meeting their team. The other something slightly different is their Smart Play which is supposed to help players choose their numbers. Let’s take a look.

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Smart-Winners and their Games

The games at Smart Winners range from the big boys, including US Powerball and EuroMillions to US Colorado Lotto and New Zealand Lotto. There is a minimum purchase of two lines across all games, and they do offer consecutive play. It’s all pretty standard, though some of the games they offer are different. I didn’t know about Russia’s 6/45 and 7/49. The only issue is that some of these games can’t be played by anyone outside of that country.

Syndicates at Smart Winners

Smart Winners offer three syndicates. “Pot of Gold” includes EuroMillions and SuperEnaLotto with 100 lines in a syndicate and is $19 per month to buy in. “Treasure Chest” has 440 lines per month in six lotteries for $57 per month. “Strike It Rich” has 520 lottery lines in seven lotteries at a buy-in of $81 per month.

Bonuses at Smart Winners

Click on their “Like” and “Share” on Facebook and players get a 50% discount. “Tweet” to your friends and get a 35% discount. Both can only be used one time. and Smart Play

I’m not sure how smart Smart Winners’ Smart Play is but what it boils down to is a quick pick system called Smart Picker using some secret statistical model (their words). Then there are their statistics on the best combinations. They suggest that the best combos are two even and four odd, or two odd and four even. They also break up the ticket itself to how many numbers should be chosen from the top half or bottom half of the ticket. This is a new one for me, and if anyone has used it (and won), please let the team know!

Who is

Looks like getting in touch with Smart Winners is not a problem. You can open a support ticket (and check its status); open a complaint (and contact their complaint department), or call them by fax or telephone number. Also, the Smart Winners website has a live chat window.

Meet Their Team

We’re still not sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but Smart Winners has a page to ‘meet their exclusive team’ of people around the world who physically buy your tickets. The point of this, we are guessing, is to build confidence in the fact your ticket will be purchased.

Why You Should Register with Smart Winners


Cheap Syndicates

Variety of Lotteries

Smart Play

News Section

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Smart Winners


A Bit Messy

Would you mind rating

Is Smart Winners Legit?

Smart Winners lottery service was founded in 2010. There is nothing that indicates this is not legit. This lotto agent has its face and some unique features that distinguish it from the bunch of others.

We are not giving thumbs up or thumbs down. This service looks promising enough; that’s why we ask you to evaluate it by leaving your feedback.

  1. Trustworthy and secure platform for buying lottery tickets online. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with quick payouts and excellent customer support.

  2. Smart Winners has truly transformed my lottery experience. Their efficient and user-friendly platform made playing the lottery an absolute breeze. I was impressed by their prompt and reliable customer service, which was always ready to assist with any queries. Moreover, their wide range of international lotteries offered me an exciting opportunity to participate in some of the biggest draws around the globe. Thanks to Smart Winners, I’ve had a seamless and enjoyable lottery journey, and I eagerly look forward to continuing my participation with them in the future.

  3. Waste of time. Doesn’t pay pass it buy. Just praying on people during hard times. I bet if I had money in my PayPal they would have taken it.

    • Dear Qarma Timmons,

      We noticed your reviews regarding our service, but there might be a misunderstanding. You haven’t played on our platform, and we don’t utilize PayPal as a payment method.

      Kindly verify that you are providing feedback for the accurate platform.

      Thank you.

  4. Even though it is interesting, I am owed $5,000.00 already, having completed all games, all questions and watched all the ads and completed all the “tasks”. Not a penny has come to PayPal. I sent an email which was promptly answered (a good thing) that they get so many redemption requests they need more time. I am currently in a queue at number 2568

    • I am at almost 5000. Maybe next year it shows up. Thanks for your review

    • Dear Lynette DePlato,

      We noticed your reviews regarding our service, but there might be a misunderstanding. You haven’t played on our platform, and we don’t utilize PayPal as a payment method.

      Kindly verify that you are providing feedback for the accurate platform.

      Thank you.

  5. Hey guys don’t buy from this site. Totally scam, they don’t even buy tickets. They make mistakes uploading the tickets because they make their own ticket, they don’t make the effort to try the copy the real ones. Just buy from other more respectful sites,


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