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777Lottos Exposed — EuroMillions Syndicates for UK Residents

777Lottos Exposed

777Lottos Review

If you’re into syndicates and only interested in EuroMillions, then 777Lottos.com might be where you want to play. This is an online lottery provider site that provides two sizes of syndicates only for EuroMillions. Being in a syndicate does mean you increase your odds of winning simply because you have a share in more tickets. But – yes the big but – the ratio of members and tickets definitely is important. Let’s go take a look.

Is 24Lottos a lottery agent you should trust?

Games at 777Lottos.com

This site offers two types of syndicates for one lottery – EuroMillions. The first syndicate has 75 lines per week split 30 lines for the Tuesday draw and 45 for the Friday draw. Times that by four weeks and you have a share of a total of 300 tickets. Players choose their specific 2 lines to be included in the draw, one on Tuesday and one on Friday twice a month. Okay, I have a problem with that. What would happen if the line I chose was used on Tuesday and not Friday – and won on Friday? The other syndicate they offer only has 100 members but only shares 200 tickets a month with the same concept of 25 on Tuesday and 25 on Friday. Ditto on when your ticket numbers show. Entering a syndicate is for a minimum of 3 months.

Getting Your Winnings

Winnings are subject to a minimum payout of £10 and more per player. If the winnings in a syndicate are less than that, then the amount is carried over to the next month until the winnings get to that point. Players are notified by email of what they have won. After requesting your “request is successful” for a payout, winnings will be transferred within two working/business days. 777Lottos.com says that winnings are commission free. Oh, and if you stop playing during any three-month period, any wins accrued cannot be collected.

777Lottos.com and Their Guarantee

If you don’t win within a calendar month that is part of three months of continuous play, you will be refunded your costs for that particular month. It is interesting they use the term calendar month versus 4-week play which is actually the period you usually buy tickets for. The only thing is they say that they can change the numbers any time they want.

Free Tickets at 777Lottos

Free tickets are played on Friday’s draw and only paid out if they win after you’ve played for three months continuously. Stop playing and you don’t get the winnings. There doesn’t seem to be any info on their website on how to get a free ticket.

Who Can Play?

Only UK residents 18 years old or older can play here. That’s important because they will not refund your membership fee if you make a mistake and join.

Who Are They??

777Lottos is owned by a company registered in the UK with a snail mail address in London. For customer service, they provide a telephone number and email address, Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm GMT, and Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. They do respond to emails fairly timely. Customer service by telephone is prompt and they seem to know what they are talking about – then again, this is only two syndicates for one lottery.

Why You Should Register with 777Lottos


Two Syndicate Options for One Lottery

No Commission

Prompt Customer Service

Why You Shouldn’t Register with 777Lottos


Only Two Syndicate Options for One Lottery

Poor Syndicate Ratio of Tickets to Players

Only for UK Residents

Would you mind rating 777Lottos.com?

Is 777Lottos Legit?

Playing syndicates is great for increasing your probability odds of winning, but I’m usually looking for a lot more tickets per draw than shares or members. Take their largest syndicate of 150 members, they only offer 30 or 45 tickets per draw. That’s not a ratio I’d be happy with.

This site gets a thumbs down simply because of its syndicate share ratio. When I play in a syndicate, I’m looking for something with at least as many tickets per member.

  1. I cannot access my winnings and I have written emails, and no one writes back. This has been done on several occasions. Can someone actually respond??

  2. I want to stop playing how do leave thanks

  3. Please Please stay away from this site. I joined and after a year wanted to get out as winnings where always small compared to the amount putting in.
    Don’t believe there were 150 lines going in each game in the UK lottery at all after reading others remarks in this forum.
    Each week I would get an email with the amount of winnings I had won that week and was starting to build up a bit of cash, though not any amounts that with great. I was well over the £10 you needed to withdrawn money, but when the Covid hit us the emails stopped.
    I kept checking each week but nothing came, so I emailed them but got no reply and even done the message system online but still no reply.
    I tried going into my account online but for some reason couldn’t get access to my account as I could previously. I thought I got password wrong, so again asked for reset but couldn’t get one.
    In May this year I bit the bullet and phoned them but didn’t realised until I asked was speaking to someone in South Africa. I explained what was on and they said they haven’t been sending emails for a while now and couldn’t find my register account that I had been receiving emails to.
    They said they wold investigate and get back to me. Stupid of me I said how much there should be in the account and they got back to me as said within 2 days.
    They couldn’t find this account, had I set it up under another email address.
    They found another email address I use and said that was the only email address they have of mind, and proceeded to put money in that account I had mentioned earlier. There has been no explanation where the other account I registered with has gone and I could not prove that the account existed as I had deleted all emails. I tried retrieving these but to joy. In June I decided to end contract and was told to email them with cancelation which I did on the 30th June 2020. I had no confirmation to this cancelation and hope all would go through ok, as there was money/winnings in this account to withdraw.
    Today I have look at my account and there isn’t any money in there, its all gone.
    No a cent. I was told that I could withdraw winnings at end of Month (July) and I had to do it through withdraw under my account.
    So where has the money gone? What happened to my original account and the money in that?
    Just makes you wonder if I’ve had one a big win and they done scam with this and palmed it into their coffers.
    So please stay away all as you can see it is a scam. I was stupid to join and I class myself as pretty switch on to scams but please.

  4. I heard via a call on my mobile phone recently that Sainsbury’s had entered me into this so-called lottery in the middle of last year, but I am uncertain and somewhat confused to whether it is legitimate or a scam. I have heard many times recently via TV shows such as the BBC’s “Watchdog” about the way people act so confusedly when they hear that they have been entered into anything or other. I was given a helpline number, based in Liverpool, which may be of some assistance somewhere but I am very unsure.


    STAY AWAY……… had a call this afternoon from a man from 777, when I told him that I’m working and couldn’t talk, he replied with all due respect he’s working too and could he have a moment, this attitude doesn’t wash well with me so I just said no call me back.
    again i have just spoken to a woman this time who is more full of shit that a silage truck, she was very pushy when I told her that I’m not prepared to sign up to anything costing money at the moment she rambles about how they are part of the GDP data protection which means nothing if your ripping people off when I told her that I want to check 777 out and to call me back she insisted that she stay on the line telling me to look at there web site, I explained that I would be checking out independent reviews whilst doing this and the first few reviews were shocking, I explained that due to the reviews I would not be taking this any further, she then got very pushy and told me that people don’t write the truth, I cut her off explaining which part of NO is it that she can’t understand and explained that for her own self respect as a human she might like to look at her morals. and to take me off their database. its shocking that they are allowed to be working like this she really was very pushy god knows how many people they are ripping off totally disgusting company please please stay away.


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