The Florida Lottery

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  1. I notice the winners are majority whites specifically in Florida… Data show’s that more black and Hispanic and the poor are the majority of lotto players. You never see hardly Hispanics or blacks any minority win. The system is rigged to benefit only white winners. Or they just put random names and no one really wins the big jackpots.

  2. The Florida lottery is one of the biggest scams around. All these tickets have no winning amounts on them. The payouts are very small in nature. Numbers 1 and 8 always follow together on tickets. Old tickets are nor being sold at retailers that still have large amounts of money on them. They put out these new tickets which have no winners at all on them. Florida has really gotten so bad with these tickets. They are just taking people’s money. Many of the retailers say customers complain to them about how bad the tickets are and they relay the information to lottery officials to no avail. Another thing, why is it that Publix has the winning tickets and your mom and pop stores don’t. Stay woke people. Publix is in with lottery officials. No 1 store can have that many winning tickets. I wished we had Rebecca back running the lottery office. When she was there we sure had a better chance of winning. The lottery head in there now needs to be gone. Send him to another state but not Georgia. Until the Florida lottery starts to produce winning tickets, I for one will not be playing.

  3. I agree. Especially in the central fla area, Orlando, Apopka, and all around 🤔😤😠😠😠

  4. For over twenty years that I have been playing Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets, it’s the same circle game of buying Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets, going home and scratching them off, winning nothing, or $1, $2, $5, 5X $2.00, $10, $20, $50, or $100 cash prizes and then driving back to the store to cash in one or more of such embarrassing low cash prizes. Due to never winning big in playing Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets and enduring the same circle game as describe above for over twenty years and due to the many negative reviews from people on this Florida Lottery exposed website, I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as huge cash prizes on Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets. I am also a firm believer that all people who supposedly win big in playing Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets are fake big winners that either work for the Florida Lottery, or are people who are paid say $10,000 by the Florida Lottery to lie to the public about winning big so that the public will keep buying the Florida Lottery’s worthless scratch-off tickets. Thus, as a result of the above, I’m officially done playing Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets. Save your money folks and make your desired big bucks through another way that is real and that doesn’t just take all your money.

  5. The Fl. Lottery needs new management, the Fl. Legislature should be taken DOWN. There used to be one decent winner on every deck of 10 and 20 dollar decks, maybe a hundred bucks, but they now doubled the number of tickets on a deck, and no decent winners. The worst thing the nastards did was to start putting several million dollars winners out and four or five people a year get filthy rich, and the rest of us, millions get screwed. No way should there be even a million on a five or ten dollar ticket. Rip off bastards no longer get hundreds a month from me, I get a ticket a day, and once in a great while, I break even on that ten dollar ticket that has a 5× symbol on it, and two friggin dollars under it. Screw the thieves, and screw the legislators for allowing this bullshit
    Time to vote out every legislator! EVERY ONE OF THEM. DON’T say you like your legislator and vote for the nastards again, stand he’ll up, do the right thing, stick together and lose them ALL.

  6. Crooks… I won 2500 5 years ago when I didn’t play and now I play Everyday and haven’t won anything bigger than 500. There’s something definitely going on with the lottery they are cheap then they’re putting money in their pockets. $30 tickets and they won’t allow you to win more than your money back or maybe $10 the outright steal from the public

  7. This is BS how can you have a $30 scratch off and all the prizes be $10,000 -$100,000 except the one spot I hit a 5x and it be $5
    And actually hit the bonus and it’s $5
    Are you kidding me
    One dollar games don’t have 1¢ prizes
    Why do $30-$20- have $5 denomination
    On them.
    I’m very unhappy with Florida lottery
    It’s a scam

  8. I know at least 50 people who have been playing over a $100 a week for the last 20 years on scratch offs and have NEVER won over $50 bucks! These people check the website for the best odds and most remaining winning tickets available and still NEVER win anything. Wake up folks, Florida lottery scratch offs are a SCAM!!! Yes, they do have the few top prizes available because they have to POST the winners and prove that the top prizes really exist but as far as the MILLIONS of supposedly secondary and lower prizes go, they do NOT exist!!
    Florida Lottery must be INVESTIGATED!!
    It is impossible that so many people are dropping hundreds of dollars a week and never hitting a secondary prize or ANYTHING!

  9. I like to know if the Florida lottery actually reads these bad reviews?
    Me for one who doesn’t play anymore, because of learning early on that YES, the Florida lottery is definitely rigged.
    We are talking about millions of dollars here, who would give up so easily on this, certainly not the Florida lottery!

  10. Florida lottery is a scam and has gotten worst over the last couple of years. Most scratch offs only have $5 winners on them. If you but 10 tickets, only (maybe) 1 ticket is a $5 winner. Ever since Rebecca left the lottery office, Florida lottery has gone down hill. Every year they come out with Christmas tickets that you can’t win until almost the next Christmas. Floridians need to wake up and realize that the Florida lottery is a scam and it only fattens the pockets of who is running it, not ours. Also, if you have number 8 on any given ticket, the number 1 will also appear on that ticket. Watch your number pattern of what appears with certain numbers. I watched the pattern and figured it out. This setup ensured my research of the Florida lottery. Florida need to do an entire overhaul of the lottery system. Also, big winning tickets are not readily available to purchase when they first come out. They put 1 ticket out and it’s won most likely by someone in Miami. Then your next winning tickets are not available until around a year. These people need to stop lying to the Florida residents and just be honest and say the winning tickets are not in stores and won’t be for another year SO WE DON’T WASTE OUR MONEY!!!

  11. Definitely those 10.00 crosswords, I got four and they each spelled out refuse for prize

  12. Florida lottery is the worst lottery in the United States this is the place where lottery shouldn’t be an option, it’s a scam they take our money. Every game is a rip off. I believe they should be investigated then the power ball gets super high and it goes in other states and mega million if its Florida lottery lets keep it in Florida.

  13. The jackpot triple play is bullshit! They need to bring back the old “Mega Millions“ back because that new Jackpot Triple Play is too confusing and I had stop playing that stupid game the 3rd week it came out. The lottery officials gotta be ashamed of themselves, especially when it comes to playing the scratch offs games: the odds of winning is zero to none and that’s ridiculous! All they do is stealing from the people of this great state…shame! Shame! Shame!

  14. Have you ever noticed how NO big winning scratch offs are In Pinellas County?
    Same with Second Chance entries.
    If you enter losing tickets and watch the Winners on Second Chance website, they’re always on East Coast, Pompano Beach, Miami, NEVER West Coast, Largo, Clearwater.
    Oh, a few winners here and there in Pinellas Co., I even called the Lottery Commission and asked, “Don’t you put In winning tickets in Pinellas Co.?”
    Even Second Chance history for the past year shows 85% of winners are East Coast.
    My guess is their families are in those areas.
    Yeah, they need a Government Audit, what a SCAM!!!

    • You are 10% correct. These “5x”, “10x” wins that have a $1 or $2 under them to just get a return on your ticket purchase is degrading and borderline fraudulent.

    • You are so right I never see anyone from Pinellas win, especially FL lotto always winners down and around Miami area.

  15. Stop scamming Florida residents. You need to have Nikki Fried investigate you. You only have winners in your inner circle and your computer analysts and number changers need to be shut down. In an honest lottery system you only use one box and don’t have four or five different boxes. You should not be allowed to touch the balls period. No text projects should be allowed. No ball rigging. There should be a game commission to monitor the people and computer systems. No delays should be allowed. There should be a live lottery channel 365 days a week that displays the balls better than you do now. You don’t give money to the schools. That’s why the teachers are crying poor mouth. Somebody needs to do an investigation and follow the money. And take what legal action is necessary.

  16. Florida scratch off tickets get worse and worse…I don’t believe their odds for a second, they should be investigated. One state entity monitoring another…HMMMM!!!

  17. I moved to FL from KC couple years ago…I always bought scratch offs in KC and won pretty regularly. Since moving to FL, I have spent a lot on scratch offs and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve won anything (but it’s only been $1 or $2 win) … it is pitiful the way Florida is (what I call) raping the customer. I believe there needs to be an investigation from the Commissioner to see why more people are not winning on those games! What a farce and such a rip off! Whenever I have inquired at the convenience stores asking if anyone is winning .. the answer is always the same … NO!

  18. Save your money. The odds are against you. You go poor, they get rich. You might win, but overall you will lose. Count how much you spend, then count how much you have won.

  19. Dont buy floriduh Lottery scratch offs- THEY SUCK!!!!!!

  20. Is it only me, or does anyone else agree that the advertise odds of the Jackpot Triple Play for all six being right should NOT be 1:3 million, but more like 1:9 million?
    I have taken this up with the Fla Lottery Commission directly, and they produced a report that supposedly describes the statistical math to arrive at 1:3 million number, it is wrong!! Fla lottery thinks that because they give you two free plays in addition to the one you pick, the total of three number sets reduces the odds of 1:9 million down to 1:3 million, amazing math!?!?
    Do any statistics experts wish to chime in on this one?!?!
    Thanks ;
    Bruce F.

  21. Go to casino, stop allowing Fl. Inspector general and his band of thieves to rip you off on these scratch off tickets! Too much being pair to top winners, and millions of people get screwed

  22. At Winn Dixie, &Publix, as well as a couple 7-11 stores, in five days, I managed to spend over 1200,00 on 20, and 30 dollar scratch offs. I have figured out the problem. The lowlife scumbags and rat bastards who run lottery have raised the top prize on tickets so high, they have to screw millions of people in order to make a few filthy rich. When some asswipe does win that kind of money, he will go to Vegas, or Niagra falls, France or wherever, but no vacation in Florida, because he is probably smarter than to stay home on vacation, so Floridians get screwed by the bastards, and Florida loses.
    The Florida legislature is in dire need of replacement.

  23. As with most of The Florida Lottery‘s games, they suck! I have stopped playing scratch tickets because of the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent thought that the most I’ve won were two dollars. Probably one The worst games is the jackpot triple play, I guess I’ve spent several hundred dollars on triple play and have not even one a single free ticket. I will no longer be playing that game either. I encourage all people Boy got the scratch tickets and the jackpot triple play until they adjust the odds of winning. I would like to know who’s pockets all this money is going into? It’s certainly not going into the players pockets!

  24. Just disgusting buy a 05 $30.00 Gold rush ticket and not even get a penny back.

  25. Don’t waste your money on these scratch tickets from Florida. I have scratched hundreds of tickets and I’ve never won more than a couple of bucks. I would like to know who all this money is going to. I have lived in many states and the chances of winning on scratch tickets in Florida is by far the worst I’ve ever seen. I call for a boycott on all Florida scratch tickets until they increase the number of prizes they can be won! Don’t buy Florida scratch tickets!!!

  26. Bought 4 $30 tickets in a row and all were losing tickets. What a joke! Honestly I believe the FL Lottery is rigged. There are more losing tickets than ever before. By the way get a 10X symbol and win $2 prize on a $10 ticket what a joke!! The minimum payout should be 10X the $10. That’s how the NY lottery does it. Complete scam and they need to be exposed.

  27. Yeah the odds are skewed it’s bullshit $30 gold rush special edition says the odds are one in 2.60 bullshit I bought six tickets in a row None were winners $180 down the drain eat my ass Florida lottery

  28. Florida Lotto is a big time scam who is behind this big time scam who are manipulating winners there is hunger and people we all need money a list we all deserve to win a list 50000 to get off debt if the will give the opportunity people win 50.000 to many disentangle games will be amazing people will have a hope to keep going OMG Florida lotto we all need money to pay off credit card help people like me play lotto different games for last 30 years playing and never win only free ticket. This institution must to change and restructure for good not to rip-off others Please Florida lotto Helps others a list winning 50.000 that way many people get off of debt create a real game and honest game when people will WIN a list 50.000 and cancel the rest of stupid games you use to scam like Florida lotto extra like cash 3 like cash 4 like scratch games cancel the ones you create for scam be more transparent and honest Florida lotto institutions

  29. As a previous store owner that sold Lottery, I can tell you first hand it is a scam. Years ago yes there were payouts. Today Florida is broke and the lotto is the easiest way to bring in the money they need to stay above water. This state gives out more money to scammers moving down that do not want to work. Yes, they are capable of working but why work when you get it for free. Who is going to pay for this? Not the state. Guess what keep playing lotto and keep paying for your lazy neighbor.

  30. I moved to Florida 2 years ago and used to buy a lot of scratchers here on a regular basis until I realized what a scam it is..I have won no more than $10 all total! Needless to say, Florida lottery has lost my business ..such a racket!! The commissioner needs to do a thorough investigation on them!!!!

  31. Yes the Fl lottery scratch off games are a joke. The odds are doubled to what they are printing on the tickets. I buy them by the book and you will have 9 winners out of 30 tickets this is $20 dollar books. Spending $600 and not even getting half back is a scam. Georgia Tennessee Texas South Carolina Missouri North Carolina and Pennsylvania are guaranteed more than half your money back when buying a full book. Do some research a d see which states have better payouts and you will see fl is one of the worst. So do a little traveling to Georgia where the odds payouts are 20% higher than Florida.

  32. Scratch offs are ALL $2 winning ripoffs!!! A complete waste of money and time!!! I just bought my last scratchoff ticket, I’m just going to save the money I used to spend on scratchoff and I’ll come out WAY further ahead!!!

  33. I like the lottery draw when there are eyewitnesses otherwise I do not believe in the results of plays. That’s why, I do not play the lottery, only play the Scratch-Offs.

  34. I believe scam is a good description of Florida as a whole. They can’t even maintain an internet site.

  35. I play mainly Florida lottery’s pick 3 game and $30 and $20 scratch off games since 1999. My net loss in last 20 years is close to a million dollar. I used to play more than $1000 every day and used to win $290, $330 and even $5800 etc depending on my wager on a single number in a week. Even though I was a loser on a weekly basis, I used to win some of my selected numbers at least once in a week. Of course I was a compulsive gambling addict.

    But in recent years, I am just losing only not winning even a $290 when I play $100 – $500 quick picks on pick 3s. Also, I bought at least 15 – 20 books of new Gold rush classic ($20/ticket) and few books of gold rush platinum ($30/ticket) and another $5 book. None had even a $100, always lost more than half.
    Is it because I am playing from one store where there are no other players except me? To me, Florida lottery looks into the pattern of plays from each stores and sets up winning numbers. I haven’t played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at all. I know FL lottery cannot pay me every day. But I know from my experience, there’s some kind of set up going on since the leadership changed there.

  36. The thing is all forms of gambling is bad lotto, sports, casinos ext whatever money u have to throw away invest it into something besides a scam don’t be so ready to get rich quick so if u are gambling u are a looser 98% of the time people have no patients in America why u think foreigners come here and get rich Americans are dumb in American and guess what I’m dumb but now I’m smart no more gambling

  37. The new game Jackpot Triple Play claims the odds of winning the big prize is 1:3,122,273.33. You have to pick 6 out of 46. The odds of picking 6 out of 46 should be 1 in 9,366,819. You can find that online if you want. Now, you do get 3 sets of numbers for a dollar. But that would be 3 in 9,366,819 not 1:3,122,273.33. What they did was divide 9,366,819 by 3 to come up with 1:3,122,273.33. That’s not right. Since you get 3 sets of numbers the odds should be 3 in 9,366,819. This game replaced Lucky Money which had odds a little over 3,000,000. Could someone please check into this.

  38. I played the lotto a lot, and spend over 100 bucks each played which the only I got is 3/6 numbers at best case scenario. Only recuperate 5 bucks. Sometimes I think its even pointless winning it, because the downside is Florida lottery doesn’t give you an option to keep yourself anonymous, which is good for most people that want to hide their identity. Because we leave in a society that people are vicious and want to use or rob you. Which that can ruin your life or your loved ones. Even your own family can turn their backs on you. Florida lottery should take a look at that and consider that option for the winners to keep them self or their loved ones safe.

  39. I play the Florida lottery 5 dollar lucky 7 every day for 5 or 10 dollars. The back of the ticket says you have a 1 in 3.99 of having a winning ticket. Well i have kept track and of my last 73 tickets i have not won even once. Now either i am the unluckiest person in the world or this is a complete scam. I believe the later and this is a complete scam

  40. I played Florida lucky money for three years and four months straight before the game just recently ended and never won anything but free tickets I’m Floridian and I do believe that all these games are a scam to suck you dry out of money

  41. After Hurricane Michael left many parts of the panhandle in complete ruin, scumbags began looting. Amongst the large list of stolen goods/property were Fl lotto scratch off tickets. As if business owners were not cut down enough, the Fl lotto poured salt in the wounds of MANY of them… holding them responsible for reimbursement of these stolen tickets. These business owners (many of which will never open their doors again) has their businesses destroyed, looted by low level worthless scum and THEN slapped in the face with a bill by the white collar thugs of the Fl lotto. Hard to believe this is all meant to “further the education and better the lives of young people”…..
    If there is a better example of a modern mafia within the govt than the Fl lotto, I have yet to become aware of it. Perhaps the IRS, but we know they always get their cut, too. Please consider what filth you’re finding before you purchase another ticket from the Fl lottery.

  42. I do not play. Was viewing options for possible gifts. This generated a flood of emails, some from a company in Chicago that is almost impossible to get away from. BEWARE!

  43. I am beyond pissed off. This is really a scam and someone needs to seriously look into this. Something got changed drastically. We used to play scratch off games at work as a group and were able to win every now and then, prizes ranging from free ticket to 500$ almost bi weekly. For the last couple years absolutely nothing. We have not won anything. Free ticket at best. It doesn’t matter where you buy the ticket and how many there is absolutely nothing out there to be won. They are just printing bunch of loosing tickets. People stop buying that crap. You will not win. Someone needs to go to jail!!!

    • These people have a lot of balls paying out a 2 dollar prize on a 5/10/20 dollar ticket so when you hit a 10x icon or hit multiple numbers that all you get is your money back. I hit at least 10 times in the last two days where the prize was less than the ticket price. Been playing for a long time but I’m done. Screw you Florida lottery,…bunch of criminals.

  44. Scratch off tickets are an absolute joke with the FL lotto. It’s one hell of a scam, that’s for sure. More times than not, I see the folks that don’t have the disposable income to blow, lose consistently. The FL lotto targets lower income classes with mislead hopes and flashy adverts that, in the end, are complete falsehoods. Shysters.

  45. The Florida Lottery sucks! 99.7% of people playing their lottery system are going to lose. The paybacks on scratch tickets are a complete joke. The Florida Lotteys say’s “overall” odds to win on a scratch ticket are 1 in 3. However, when you take a closer look at the individual odds, for example on a $20 ticket, they say your odds to win just your money back are 1 in 6 and get progressively worse from there.

    Therefore, the odds are saying they collect $168,000,000 ($8,400,000 x $20) before they payback 1 top prize of $5,000,000 to one “lucky winner” for a profit of only $163,000,000! Wow, good luck to everyone who plays this scam!! The odds seem a little off to me, when they say your best chance to win $20 are 1 in 6. If I am understanding this correctly, that means “on average” if you invest $120 and buy 6 tickets, you should win a whopping $20 back!! Then your odds progressively get 5x worse @ 30-1 to win anywhere between $25 – $50!! I am not sure how the Florida Lottery is getting away with this ridiculous scam?!?! However, they do a great job of making their players believe that next big ticket is so close if they keep going! Seriously people, look at the odds and know how many millions of losing tickets are printed before they payout out one top prize..

    Odds of Winnings
    Prize Amount Odds of Winning
    $5,000,000 1-in-8,400,000
    $1,000,000 1-in-1,680,000
    $100,000.00 1-in-2,520,000
    $10,000.00 1-in-120,000
    $1,000.00 1-in-5,000
    $500.00 1-in-179
    $250.00 1-in-800
    $100.00 1-in-37
    $50.00 1-in-30
    $40.00 1-in-30
    $30.00 1-in-30
    $25.00 1-in-30
    $20.00 1-in-6
    Overall Odds: 1-in-2.99

    • I have been playing the Florida Lottery scratch off tickets for 15 years. I play the $5, $10, $20 and $30 tickets. I have found that if you are lucky enough to win, all they really give you is your money back. If you are really lucky you might find a $50 or $100 winner but that is about it. I have written the Florida Lottery on many occasions as I felt their lottery scratch off tickets are rigged to lose. They don’t even respond to me anymore. If you pay attention to how the numbers fall when revealed, you will see there is a pattern that the numbers will fall. If you have a particular pattern, then the numbers revealed will jump over or go under your pattern by one number. Every game and every ticket is like this. They claim that the odds of winning $500 are better on the new $20 Gold Rush than the original. I used to win $500 on average of once every two weeks on the original $20 Gold Rush. I have been playing the classic $20 Gold Rush for over a year now and have yet to win $100 let alone $500. You have to wonder how they can claim they raised over 30 billion dollars for education (supposedly). You cannot boast those kind of statistics by giving the player any kind of real winning ticket. Where are the $5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 thousand dollar winners? Do they even exist? Especially if the player spends $20 or $30 for a ticket! It is a big joke.

  46. Well fl lotto you did it to your self greed will always explode in your face just like it’s happening now nobody including myself are buying lotto tickets anymore can’t wait to sit back and watch how there going to steal players money and have very little prize amounts to give back because nobody’s play scratchoffs any tickets in my area have been on the same number for 3 and 4 days straight nobody buying. But im sure they will find some way for the taxpayers to bail him out o and i noticed if you try and hit the like thumb it dont work on reviews that bad mouth the lotto but the down thumb sur does work lmao but heck who are we kidding that’s the Florida Lotto for you

  47. EVERYBODY is saying… “WHAT HAPPENED WITH FLORIDA LOTTERY SCRATCH OFF TICKETS” they used to be fun. You can’t win anymore! It’s ridiculous! Something has changed big time! One state agency looking after another? Someone needs to do something to hold them accountable, they are stealing Florida citizens blind! MORGAN & MORGAN “for the people” HELLO!

  48. Florida lottery scratch off games, a great way for the state to steal millions of dollars off its citizens. It should not be legal to let them operate with nobody to keep them honest. Greed is King here. Just collect money hand over fist with tiny payout percentages. Bunch of crooks no better than any criminals. Don’t give them your hard earned money, you will lose big in the long run and they will laugh all the way to the bank.

  49. The Florida lottery has been HORRIBLE with their payouts lately. I used to win. What happened? I bought at least 20 of the price is right tickets. NOT ONE WAS A WINNER. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  50. The Florida Lottery website is always down!! The Powerball website never crashes and has more players! Get it together Florida lottery!

  51. I really, really, think that more payouts to more winners is a no brainer idea.
    I play like crazy, and the lost is always greater. If MORE PEOPLE won on the scratch tickets (big wins) it would boost the economic picture, or economy. But the selfishness of Florida government is overwhelmingly against this idea, and even though it would work. More wins equal more money spent locally.
    Try telling this to any lottery official, and you would be a marked human.
    Where do the billions go?
    Think about it.

  52. For playing a bunch of US lottery games, this site is cool. It’s very official so you know you’re going to get your winnings. No commission is applied though there is the tax thing. It’s clear on how you get your money and though you do have to go yourself over a certain threshold – who could resist a trip to Florida!

    • Big Scam I agree but the problem is that there are so many poor people in this country that the smart ones will take advantage by simply taking your money and making you believe you can be better…

  53. Most what i read online is trash and copy paste, but i feel you offer something different. Maintain it like this.


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Florida Lottery Exposed — Grab Your Ray of Sunshine!

Florida Lottery Review

When a person first thinks of Florida, it’s a combination of sunshine, beaches, Mickey Mouse, and pink flamingos! Okay, I also think about golf, and there are some of the best courses in the world down there, but there is always the question of where am I going to get the bucks to do it. The Florida Lottery has done all they can to make those dreams come true. offers a wide selection of different types of lottery games from the big national jackpots through to $1 Scratch-Offs. It’s all there to give everyone a chance. It’s not limited to Floridians or US citizens. Anyone can play. So let’s look at their games.

FL Games! Games! Games!

Florida State Lottery hosts the usual Mega Millions and Powerball.’s games include Florida Lotto, Fantasy 5, Lucky Money, plus a variety of Scratch-Offs. There is also their second chance for their Scratch-Offs which can be registered online.

Florida’s Lotto

Florida’s Lottery is played Wednesday and Saturday. It’s very straightforward with players choosing 6 numbers between 1 and 53. There is no super ball or bonus ball, but they do have an added value. For US$1 per lottery line more, the XTRA play multiples the non-jackpot prizes from 2, 3, 4 or 5 times the original amount. This is randomly chosen for each game. An example on the last draw, 50 people correctly chose 5 of the 6 numbers drawn and won $4,198.50, but 10 people with XTRA won $8,397.00. That prize was doubled. Alternatively, 56,832 people who correctly chose 3 out of 6 numbers and won $5 but 10,718 people chose XTRA and won $25 – the prize was multiplied by 5.

Florida Lotto Prizes

Mega Money at

Florida Mega Money is played Tuesday and Friday with a jackpot starting at $500,000. It rolls up as long as there is no big jackpot winner to $2 million at which point it rolls down, increasing the size of winning to all other prize tiers. To play Mega Money Florida, players choose 4 numbers from 1 to 44, and one Mega Ball number from 1 to 22. Florida Mega Money Lottery pays out on eight tiers.

Prizes that Roll Down Instead of Up

Lottery FL has a cute game played daily called Fantasy Five that doesn’t roll up but rolls down – in the best way. With a jackpot around $200,000, if there isn’t a top winner (that’s 5 out of 5 balls correct), then the jackpot rolls down to 4 out 5 correct or 3 out 5 correct. It also has an EZ Match feature that is an instant win.

How To Get Your Money at FL Lottery

It’s pretty straightforward for prizes less than $600. These can be claimed at any Florida Lottery retailer. If you are playing online, then this will be automatically credited to your account. For prizes from $601 to $250,000, wins can be claimed at any Florida State Lottery district office or Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee. Any prize over $250,000 awards must be requested at Florida Lottery Headquarters within 180 days of the draw.

Scratch-Offs have their own set of rules with specific dates that apply to start as short as 60 days after the end of the official game. Some folks try and monitor the number of Scratch-Offs sold per game and buy more and more tickets as the game is coming to a close.

Annuity Versus Cash Option

Lotteries at offers two options on getting your big jackpot – an annuity or cash option. Florida Lotto and Powerball are paid out over 30 years, FL Mega Millions over 26 and Florida Mega Money over 20 years. If a player opts for the cash option, then the amount of the jackpot won is (remember I am not a mathematician) less than the published jackpot. The amount published is based on the accrued value over the term of an annuity. Sounds confusing? It’s not. It still means winning a pretty colossal jackpot!

But I’m Not American

Players can be from anywhere. There is no restriction on residency, and they are clear in their prize claim rules and regulations that everyone is welcome. Just keep in mind that there are both state and federal taxes applicable.

Customer Service &

The Florida Lottery offers a variety of different ways to contact them though it is only during business hours EST 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is the usual snail mail address, as well as telephone and fax (do people still use fax?). There is also an online form though no direct email addresses.

Who is the Florida Lottery?

This is a state-run Lottery governed by the Inspector General. It was set up to support education in the State of Florida. Each of the lotteries offered has different percentages of how much goes to the state and how much goes to prizes.

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Florida State Lottery offers some great games. I particularly like the Florida Fantasy 5 which is played daily and rolls their jackpot down to 3 out of 5 numbers if the jackpot isn’t one by 5 in 5 or 4 in 5. It certainly increases the odds of winning. Florida Lotto also offers some great mega prizes with some excellent odds.