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Send My Ticket Exposed — You Pay a Lot but What Do You Win?

Send My Ticket Exposed

Send My Ticket Review is an online agency created to give international players access to multiple games from different parts of the world.

If you’re interested in international lotteries, you probably know already that online ticket buying is easy and effortless. Multiple companies offer such services and Send My Ticket is one of them.

We’ve crafted the following Send My Ticket review to give you a better idea about the characteristics of the platform and how it compares to other similar digital service providers.

Games at

According to the official SendMyTicket presentation, the platform currently offers 20 lotteries.

Send My Ticket is a chain of lottery shops working with a delivery company. You buy a ticket, local rep purchases it for you, the ticket is scanned, and you see the actual image as proof in your account.

Some of the games that service offers are: US Powerball and Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, La Primitiva, Thunderball, EuroMillions, the UK Lotto, several lotteries from Australia and a couple of less prominent European games.

Let’s see how the Send My Ticket pricing compares to what national lotteries and other agencies have to offer.

Send My Ticket offers localization so the price of the ticket will be available in your national currency. Hence, there could be some differences depending on where the website is being accessed.

We had all of the tickets for all lotteries available for the same price – six US dollars. In the same time, when the website is accessed from a European country, the fixed price changes to five euro or 5.62 US dollars.

As you can see, there are massive differences based on location and currency conversion. Also, the price of six US dollars for a single lottery ticket is pretty extensive. The UK National Lotto ticket costs two pounds or 2.5 US dollars. The commission SendMyTicket charges, is incredibly high, taking into consideration the fact that many of the available lotteries cost much less than the UK Lotto.

Getting Your Winnings with Send My Ticket

Keep in mind that once you sign up, you have to enter a credit card number, and you cannot continue browsing through the site without the provision of your financial details. Supposedly, SendMyTicket provides a free credit gift to first-time members, but the credit can only be used towards group play (syndicates).

After signing up, you get 24 hours for free. When the period is over, you will be charged one euro per day just for having an account! This is listed in the fine print at the bottom of the page. Please, read all the information before providing your credit card details.

SendMyTicket warns its members that some of the bigger prizes will take a longer time to be processed and credited to their accounts. The length of the waiting period isn’t specified. There also haven’t been any complaints we could find about lottery prize payouts not happening.

The problem with SendMyTicket is that the website itself doesn’t feature any detailed FAQ or terms. You have to sign up for an account to access the key details. To do so, however, you’ll be asked to link a credit card – something we don’t suggest you should be doing just to browse around.

Who Can Play at

Since the website doesn’t list any terms and conditions, it’s not clear whether limitations apply to certain kinds of lottery players.

The registration process also doesn’t ask for the age or the birthdate of the new website member. Hence, you can easily be minor and create your account.

When buying international lottery tickets, the rules that apply are those of the country where the game is taking place. Thus, if you’re playing the UK Lotto, you have to be aged 16 or older to claim a prize in the event of winning.

It’s a good idea to check national regulations for the lottery that you’re interested in before buying through an online agency.

Who Is behind Send My Ticket?

This is the million-dollar question. We had to put our detective hats on and dig dip to come across any information.

There’s no About Us section, data in the footer of the website, or a contact option to learn a bit more about the team behind SendMyTicket.

The domain itself is purchased through a hosting service provider, and the identity of the person or the company behind the website is hidden.

A SendMyTicket YouTube promo video is uploaded in Adam Rap’s channel. This is the only video there, and personal info isn’t provided. Looking for Adam Rap profiles online didn’t result in any useful information about the company behind SendMyTicket, where it’s registered and if this is a legal enterprise at all.

There’s also an official Send My Ticket YouTube account, but it does not provide any additional information about who the developer of the platform is.

When digging around, we did come across reports about malware and unsolicited popups being associated with Send My Ticket. We don’t know if this issue has been resolved, but it’s something to consider before signing up.

The website does feature an awful lot of promo videos and popups. Even if these don’t interfere with your computer usage, they’re certainly annoying.

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Other Bits and Pieces

When you go to the SendMyTicket homepage, you’ll see promises of gifts and other perks being provided with every ticket purchase. With the absence of detailed terms and conditions, it’s not clear how these perks work and whether you’ll receive anything at all after buying a lottery ticket.

Send My Ticket claims in its official presentation that it has had over 15,000 winners to present date. Keeping into consideration the age of the domain and the fact that there isn’t a single positive review about the service, we highly doubt the legitimacy of such claims.

Even when you enter an account and go to the part of the website that’s reserved for registered members, you can’t get answers about some of the most common questions. There are single and group play ticket options available, but nothing happens when you click on those. The only active functionality is the checkout that gives you a couple of warnings.

The first one we’ve discussed already – it’s the fact that you have to pay one euro per day to keep your account.

Also, you cannot claim a prize if you don’t have an active account. This means that if you pay the euro per day to buy a lottery ticket, you’ll have to keep on paying until results become available. In the event of account deactivation, you’ll have no opportunity for cashing out your prize.

The Bottom Line at

Be very, very, very careful about giving Send My Ticket a try.

Through the years, we have reviewed multiple international lottery online agencies. Some of them feature less than favorable pricing, and some have bulk ticket buying/syndicate play that cost a lot. None of the other platforms we’ve reviewed, however, ask their members for payment just because they have an account.

The list of good things about Send My Ticket is pretty short:


There is a decent number of international lotteries to choose among

Once a ticket is bought on your behalf, you will receive a scanned copy of that ticket

New players get a financial bonus that they can put towards group play

Accessible from all parts of the world where such services are legal

The shortcomings, on the other hand, will contribute to a lengthier list:


Costly tickets, even when compared to other online lottery agencies

No terms and conditions, it’s impossible to find out what you’re getting yourself into

No information about the entity behind Send My Ticket

To create an account, you will immediately have to provide credit card details

To keep your account open, you have to pay one euro per day (there’s no information about how you can cancel the subscription)

There are no online reviews from people who have used the service, which makes Send My Ticket even more suspicious

There isn’t any form of customer support or contact information you can use to get your questions answered

Send My Ticket is also not present on social media – this contact option is also non-existent

Should you be giving SendMyTicket a try? We honestly advise you against such a decision. There are too many red flags linked to the service, and the number of benefits is ridiculously low. Many other online agents offer better conditions, customer support, and complete transparency that you can enjoy without paying anything on top of the ticket price.

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