UK Thunderball

UK Thunderball

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£500,000 00:00:00 UTC
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Numbers to Pick: 5/39 + 1/14
Days of Draw: Wed, Fri, Sat
Winning Numbers for 2020-04-01
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UK Thunderball Exposed — Lottery, But Not James Bond Movie

UK Thunderball

UK Thunderball Review

It does seem strange to use the word cute in describing something called UK Thunderball, but that is the appropriate word. This is a lovely little lottery that can be played frequently with better odds than some of the big boys. It’s operated by Camelot who is the pros in lottery operations, but then again, don’t look for those mega jackpots here. But if you are just looking to say “I won, I won,” then this is an excellent lottery to look at.

Good Odds

UK Thunderball involves picking five numbers from 1 to 39 and a one ‘Thunderball’ from numbers 1 to 14. Match all six numbers, and that wins the jackpot three times a week – Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Numbers MatchedThunderballPrizeOdds of Winning
5 NumbersYES£500,0001 in 8,060,598
5 NumbersNO£5,0001 in 620,046
4 NumbersYES£2501 in 47,415
4 NumbersNO£1001 in 3,647
3 NumbersYES£201 in 1,437
3 NumbersNO£101 in 111
2 NumbersYES£101 in 135
1 NumberYES£51 in 35
0 NumbersYES£31 in 29

Winning at UK Thunderball

What makes this such a nice little lottery is the 9 levels of prizes paying out all the way down to just guessing the ‘Thunderball’ winning £3. The jackpot is £500,000 for each draw with a total prize fund of £800,000 three times a week. It is also important to note that all prizes are paid out tax-free in a lump sum.

UK Thunderball and Camelot

This is a National Lottery which is state franchised in the UK and the Isle of Man, operated by the Camelot Group. 50% of the money paid in goes to prizes. 28% is spent as directed by Parliament for ‘good causes’. 12% goes to the UK Government. 5% goes to retailers as commission. Camelot collects 4.5% to operate the lottery and 5% profit. The National Lottery Commission keeps an eye on these folks against these percentages.

Can Anyone Play UK Thunderball

Players must be 16 years or older to play UK Thunderball though if you are playing online, there could be rules and regulations regarding your specific location. It’s a little gray when getting into the rules regarding foreigners. The retailer rules do not exclude foreigner players, though, say that the person purchasing the ticket must be in the UK. It does appear if you play through the UK Thunderball official site, a player must have a UK bank account, a UK or Isle of Man resident address and be physically present in the UK or Isle of Man when making the ticket purchase. Make sure you use a trusted concierge lottery service if you do decide to play online.

Complaints at UK Thunderball

It appears that UK Thunderball and TNT Courier Service has been used to try and con people out of fees by email for processing players’ winnings []. Folks, if you haven’t entered the lottery, then you can’t win. No courier service is going to process this. Any professional concierge lottery provider is going to contact you in person regarding any big win, and there is no cost to you or they will deposit smaller winnings directly into the account that you set up with them. Do not give anyone any money to process any winnings – ever!!!

James Bond and Thunderball

One of the challenges in getting to the bottom of information regarding UK Thunderball was all the different sites that came up relating to the James Bond movie. It puts a smile on my face even as I struggled through all the information to get to the bottom line. I did love that movie but boy it made this investigation take a lot longer!

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The Bottom Line at UK Thunderball

This is a lovely little lottery that is run by professionals. UK Thunderball is played three times a week so offers lots of opportunities to win. It also has good odds with nine prize levels so a player might not win a lot, but could say “I won!”


Officially Run Lottery


Good Odds


No Mega Jackpot

No Rollover Jackpots

If a player is not looking for that mega win, this could be a good place to play and win. I was talking to someone the other day who said he’d been playing it for some time now and though haven’t hit any big jackpots, he’d won regularly with smaller prizes which can add up. I saw the new speed boat he’d purchased!

Overall rating for UK Thunderball: Poor 2.8 from 0-5
Based on 16 reviews

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