UK Thunderball

UK Thunderball

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£500,000 00:00:00 UTC
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Winning Numbers for 2021-05-08
Numbers to Pick: 5/39 + 1/14
Days of Draw: Wed, Fri, Sat
Average Price: £1 per 6 numbers
Odds of Winning: 1 in 8.06
  1. No actual statistics found on how many people buy tickets each game for Thunderball. Someone requested it from freedom of information and they got the run around. If you know how many people buy tickets for each game then you can do the maths. It is a massive con and they are making MILLIONS as very few £500,000 are paid out. CON ALERT

  2. It’s a ripoff, like today 9/2/2019 no one has won 500,000 for 20 draws. There used to be 34 balls and the jackpot was won fairly regularly, not any more

  3. The Thunderball lottery funds will never be allocated fairly as long as Camelot are running the show and that goes for all Camelot run lottery’s.

  4. With the jackpot being just £500,000 then the odds of winning it should be no more than 1:1,000000 – £500,000 to the winner & the rest to Camelot to waste as they see fit

  5. I’ve just looked at the 500,000 wins and no one has won it in about at least 20 go,s if the money is not won it should pass down the other wins

  6. I buy one ticket for Friday and one ticket for Saturday, at £2 a week, it’s just a bit of fun, and you might get lucky, I think the odds are better than the ridiculous odds on the euro and national lotteries and at £2 for two tickets you get two goes at it

  7. Thunderball number 13 has been drawn 4 out of last 6 draws. This goes against the mathematical law of probability. Think of that what you will. I know what I think and will not be playing it again while Camelot hold the franchise.

    • That’s nothing! I bought two Thunderball tickets from the same terminal in two different days, for the same draw. I had the same Thunderball and one number (same on both tickets). However, I had TWO tickets from TWO terminals wit the SAME Thunderball and TWO identical numbers. Random, isn’t it?

  8. If there are 14 ‘thunderball’ numbers and there is a prize for getting this alone – why are the odds quoted 1:29 and not 1:14?

    • It would be 14/1 for the Thunderball alone but you have to take into consideration that you may also get 1+tball or 2+tball, these odds need to be offset against the 14/1.

    • John, that’s because Thunderball numbers chosen by people are influenced by the previous draws, that are “randomly” generated. See the message above.

  9. I don’t play any main lotto now and uk lottery got greedy having more draws a week then upping the prices BUT Thunderball stayed at the regular £1 a ticket, even tho it crept up from 1-2 then to 3 draws a week. I did stop doing it when the winning odds dropped but recently, I felt lucky and started playing again with a line for myself and two lines which my teenagers chose. So far, I’ve won a bit here and a bit there and I’m not out of pocket. I just love to win, even if it’s just £3.

  10. Another Camelot rip off with loads of £3 and £5 not many jackpots paid out ok if you like winning £5 or £10 win more at the races and an enjoyable day to go with it.

  11. Like the odds and most of all that it is trusted. As US citizen I just have one question – is it possible for US people to play online? I know that some of the lotteries are not allowing us to play but on UK lottery site I couldn’t find that it is forbidden. Guess that means it’s allowed 🙂

    • ‘Fraid not Daniel, you have to be physically present in the UK when buying your ticket to play any National Lottery games – it does warn you of this when you try to play online.

  12. Yes, it is great, and if I had listened to my inner voice to not look at the history adn to just choose numbers that were significant to me, I would have won. Oh well. Well… not really… I have now another thing to feel regret about, but I will be sucessful and rich on my own, but a big thing to do is to choose numbers significant to you, and to STICK to them.

  13. What happens to the top prize money when it isn’t won? Is this another scam by Camelot?

    • Bert, not that’s the scam because the prizes are fixed and guaranteed. But the winning numbers seem to be generated based on the data collected from the tickets sold (numbers chosen by players) that generate the “lucky dip” (mostly rubbish). Finally, the winning numbers are “generated” so that the total amount paid to the winners is the minimum possible. It is just gossip, but seems to be true according to the “coincidences” occurred on the rubbish sold on “lucky dip” tickets. See comments above.

  14. I love playing UK lotto! Forget about the odds, it’s just plain luck its as simple as that.

  15. I checked on the net on lottery results for how frequently the top prize is won and to my surprise could not find any. It appears that is harder to win than the loto top prize. I played the loto for many years but recently decided to change for thunderball as in my opinion with the recent changes the odds of wining are even slimer. I thought that changing to Thunderball would give mere chances of wining but now I don’t know anymore!?

  16. I cannot find any back history for Thunderball to see how many of the top prizes are actually won. For example in the last 30 days how many £500,000 Jackpots have been won? Is there a link anywhere on the National Lottery site to back history?


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UK Thunderball Exposed — Lottery, But Not James Bond Movie

UK Thunderball

UK Thunderball Review

It seems strange to use the word cute in describing UK Thunderball, but that is the appropriate word. This is a lovely little lottery that can be played frequently with better odds than some big boys. It’s operated by Camelot, who is the pros in lottery operations, but then again, don’t look for those mega jackpots here. But if you are looking to say, “I won, I won,” then this is an excellent lottery to look at.

Good Odds

UK Thunderball involves picking five numbers from 1 to 39 and one ‘Thunderball’ from numbers 1 to 14. Match all six numbers, and that wins the jackpot three times a week – Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Numbers MatchedThunderballPrizeOdds of Winning
5 NumbersYES£500,0001 in 8,060,598
5 NumbersNO£5,0001 in 620,046
4 NumbersYES£2501 in 47,415
4 NumbersNO£1001 in 3,647
3 NumbersYES£201 in 1,437
3 NumbersNO£101 in 111
2 NumbersYES£101 in 135
1 NumberYES£51 in 35
0 NumbersYES£31 in 29

Winning at UK Thunderball

What makes this such a nice little lottery is the 9 levels of prizes paying out all the way down to just guessing the ‘Thunderball’ winning £3. The jackpot is £500,000 for each draw with a total prize fund of £800,000 three times a week. It is also important to note that all prizes are paid out tax-free in a lump sum.

UK Thunderball and Camelot

This is a National Lottery, which is state franchised in the UK and the Isle of Man, operated by the Camelot Group. 50% of the money paid goes to prizes. 28% is spent as directed by Parliament for ‘good causes.’ 12% goes to the UK Government. 5% goes to retailers as commission. Camelot collects 4.5% to operate the lottery and 5% profit. The National Lottery Commission keeps an eye on these folks against these percentages.

Can Anyone Play UK Thunderball

Players must be 16 years or older to play UK Thunderball though if you are playing online, there could be rules and regulations regarding your specific location. It’s a little gray when getting into the rules regarding foreigners. The retailer rules do not exclude foreign players, though, say that the person purchasing the ticket must be in the UK. It does appear if you play through the UK Thunderball official site, a player must have a UK bank account, a UK or Isle of Man resident address, and be physically present in the UK or Isle of Man when making the ticket purchase. Make sure you use a trusted concierge lottery service if you do decide to play online.

Complaints at UK Thunderball

It appears that UK Thunderball and TNT Courier Service has been used to try and con people out of fees by email for processing players’ winnings []. Folks, if you haven’t entered the lottery, then you can’t win. No courier service is going to process this. Any professional concierge lottery provider will contact you in person regarding any big win, and there is no cost to you, or they will deposit smaller winnings directly into the account that you set up with them. Do not give anyone any money to process any winnings – ever!!!

James Bond and Thunderball

One of the challenges in getting to the bottom of information regarding UK Thunderball was all the different sites relating to the James Bond movie. It puts a smile on my face even as I struggled through all the information to get to the bottom line. I did love that movie, but boy, it made this investigation take a lot longer!

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The Bottom Line at UK Thunderball

This is a lovely little lottery that is run by professionals. UK Thunderball is played three times a week, so it offers lots of opportunities to win. It also has good odds with nine prize levels, so a player might not win a lot but could say, “I won!”


Officially Run Lottery


Good Odds


No Mega Jackpot

No Rollover Jackpots

If a player is not looking for that mega win, this could be a good place to play and win. I was talking to someone the other day who said he’d been playing it for some time now, and though he hasn’t hit any big jackpots, he’d won regularly with smaller prizes, which can add up. I saw the new speed boat he’d purchased!

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