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TrueFlip Exposed — Stepping Outside the Usual Mega Lotteries

TrueFlip Exposed

TrueFlip Review

Whether you want to play in English, Spanish or Russian, if you’re looking for a blockchain lotto game, might be the place for you. I’m still trying to get my head around this daily online lottery game. The game itself is straightforward. My problem is the calculations on what you actually win – how much is the jackpot. Well, that and it would be nice to know who these folks really are.

The Game at

This is a daily lottery in that players choose 5 numbers from 1 and 49 and 1 extra number from 1 to 26. uses a random computer system to choose the winning numbers each day. This is all based on bitcoins. That’s what you pay to play and that’s what you win. The draw takes place each day at 20:00 GMT.

Is PlayHugeLottos legit in Costa Rica?

TrueFlip and Winning

Firstly, TrueFlip says that 50% of the ticket costs go to prizes with the rest going to other costs. That 50% is divided up into a multiple-tier prize. The rest goes to their costs ranging from promotion to services. The jackpot is published in bitcoins and again, I struggle to get my head around those figures. It looks like they pay out on the jackpot less than 4% commission. The latest game has a jackpot of 109.30 bitcoins which equals US$ 485,543.02 – according to their exchange rate.

Get Your Friends to Play

If you can encourage a friend to play, will give you a free ticket plus 2% of any of their winnings. I guess that comes out of the other 50% of what people are paying.

So Who Is True Flip? is owned by TRUE FLIP GROUP SOCIEDAD DE RESPONSABILIDAD LIMADA, a company registered in Costa Rica. There are a bunch of social media links, but no real contact information except an online form. We’re talking about no live chat, no phone numbers, and no snail mail addresses. I guess they are like bitcoin operating in the ether.

Hang on – What Is Blockchain?

I read up on this and after several sites and hours, I still don’t get it. I think it has to do with the fact that the basis of paying and winning is through an unregulated monetary system i.e. bitcoins. But is that it? Me, I like my money in dollars, preferably that good ole US dollar stuff.

So Why Play Here?

True Flip has this one area, underlining why to play. They claim here that 60-65% of your payment goes to the prize fund. That’s not what I read elsewhere. It is anonymous so you probably can duck taxes and other things, but then again, the jackpot doesn’t get up to those levels we see with US Powerball and Euro Millions. Then again, the odds are better.

Why You Should Register with True Flip


Daily lottery game

No tax

Good prize tier

Why You Shouldn’t Register with True Flip


Who are these folks?

No contact details

Not sure about their prize split

Would you mind rating

Is True Flip Legit?

Folks, this looks legit and if you are into playing and winning in bitcoins, this site does look like it provides a daily game with good odds. The only problem is based on what they say, it’s a little grey on what actually goes to prizes and what goes into their pockets. gets thumbs down mostly because of the lack of contact details and no information on who they are. If you are playing with these folks and have won, please speak up. It looks like a clean game to play at the same time, I’m sticking with US Powerball going after that big mega win!

  1. Awful agents, and when you need help they don’t answer, in chat or email. They made a mistake and I supposed to get a refund. But they ignore me, don’t play on emojino or true flip. They Will scam you

  2. 1) TrueFlip jackpot is now $2.5million worth of bitcoins.
    2) They have released a new game that happens every blockchain block, 5-60 min.
    3) They are working on getting a gambling licence from Malta or Isle of Man, both highly reputable.
    4) There was plenty of info who they are in their whitepaper during the investment period. This info will show up again once they gain the licence (hopefully Jan-Feb 2018.)
    5) Their fair draw process works like a charm and is 100% transparent.
    6) 60% of the ticket sales goes to the jackpot.


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