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PPINTL Exposed — Where Is The Details?



Platinum Placement International or ppintl.net (aka PPI) is yet another online lottery service provider that gives players the option to play in international lotteries. They are the lotteries that offer the biggest international jackpots, but players must commit to a minimum of draws and games. I did have a bit of a problem getting my head around the use of the term ‘games.’ I get that playing the lottery is a game of chance, but I would have thought the word should be the tickets. Let’s look further.

How ppintl.net Works

Players simply chose what lottery they want to play and for how long they want to play either with their favorite numbers or quick picks (randomly selected numbers). One of the weird things is there is nowhere they say they buy the tickets. Okay, they do say they submit your entries to the national lottery of your choice. I just found it an interesting use of words.

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Lotteries Packaged

Platinum Placements International offers a lottery bundle called the Billionaire Series, including Australian Lotto, Euro Millions, UK Lottery, Euro Jackpot, Italian Superenalotto, Japan Jumbo Draw, Mega Millions, and US Powerball. This is played through a subscription for one or two months with 60 draws per month. Lottery lines are chosen through the quick-pick method, so don’t look to play your favorite numbers. Also, it is weird that they do not offer an individual play capability for Italian Superenalotto in their lottery options.

PPI’s Special Offers

They also have some special offers, which include free lottery tickets for Lucky Draw (2 draws in June for $5,000) and Australian Gold Draw (four players win free lottery play for a year drawn at the end of each month). Subscriptions are also available, though this information is buried in their special offers. They also offer a subscription only when the US Powerball jackpot is over 100 million.

PPI and Winning

According to ppintl.net’s terms and conditions, “absolutely no transaction fees, bank transfer charges, taxes or commissions are deducted” from that big jackpot win. Ya right! We all know that federal and state (for most of them) taxes are deducted from all US lotteries. So, if that isn’t true, can we count on the rest being true?
Worse, in their FAQ, they discuss the ratio of payouts on US jackpots. They mix up the concept of an annuity, lump sum, and tax. Sorry folks, you got it very wrong!

Who Can Play at ppintl.net?

Players must be 18 years of age and over and are bound by the rules and regulations of their country of residence. PPI also says players in Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Libya, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and the USA cannot play here.

PPI and Customer Service

Don’t look for an immediate response or live chat! PPI has an email address, online form, several telephone numbers, and a PO Box snail mail address. Their Terms & Conditions and FAQ are minimal.


Getting behind the scene to check out complaints is frustrating because of the name of the company. It’s incredible how many sites use the term ‘platinum.’ PPI’s website does warn against the fact that they have been targeted by scammers who send out emails pretending to be them. Though Platinum Placements Limited has a head office in the Netherlands, it is owned and operated by IBD Integrated Business Direct Limited in Ireland.

Why You Should Register with PPI


Big international jackpot lotteries

No commission or fees on wins

Billionaire Series

Why You Shouldn’t Register with PPI


Annuity versus lump sum information

No taxes or taxes

Terms & Conditions limited

Would you mind rating Ppintl.net?

Is PPI Legit?

Though mostly PPI’s services seem relatively straightforward, I get a little twitchy when there are a bunch of contradictions on their site. This is especially important when thinking about jackpot wins.

Our team gives ppintl.net a thumbs down. The fact that they do not understand the difference between annuities, lump-sum payments, and taxes, especially when it comes to US Powerball, is enough to get me to walk away and not play.

  1. I received a letter in the mail. The first thing I saw was that they stated you can post your order back to PPI 11g Dorset St Dublin Ireland in the envelope provided. The envelope had Wealth Traders Hong Kong on it. It is now in the rubbish Bin.

  2. Definitely it’s all in the details to me! If I am going to provide my personal and credit card details, I want to be confident the provider knows what they are doing. The contradictions tells me that they are not paying attention to the details – and that could be my winnings! Definitely not on my list of where to play.

  3. How come your Official Selection Committee adress is PO Box 8246,3503 RE UTRECHT, and your oficial adress is 3600 BA MAARSSEN,THE NETHERLANDS???

  4. hiya, ppi are bad news, i had to cancell my credit card because if you play 1 lottery game with ppi,they enter you into lottery”s you have”nt even asked for. colin.


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