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MyFreeLotteryPool Exposed — What Does Captain Dano Offer?

MyFreeLotteryPool Exposed

MyFreeLotteryPool Review

Oh my goodness – clicking onto aka was like walking into a rave! There are things flashing, popping, and dancing around. It took a few moments to figure out where to start. Welcome to the world of Daniel Bader “aka Captain Dano”. The big thing is – it does appear to be an online lottery pool site that is free. But is it really?

Why is Jackpocket legit in the United States?

Games at

Captain Dano (you can meet him in his YouTube video) puts together a bunch of free lottery pools for the US Powerball and Mega Millions and California’s SuperLotto. It’s a little gray on how many shares are in each pool, but it appears players have opportunities to join a bunch of them – more on that shortly. To get into the games, click on “Join Us” and register. They do not ask for any credit card details! This is free play. Okay, most of us know that most of these free lottery sites usually mean a flood of spam and other advertising into your mailbox.

My Free Lottery Pool – How Do They Do It?

According to Captain Dano, there is no spam, no flooding your Inbox, and/or this is simply a chance to win something for free. So how do they pay for the lottery tickets for the pools? Advertising – and that is very clear from their site. That’s one of the issues in figuring out what to click on. Toyota is just one of the advertisers here with links to their “Buckle Up” program. I got lost a while at the Family Feud site at “Games and Stuff”. There is a Daily Horoscope page and seriously, there is a lot happening here – besides being able to play in lottery pools for free.

My Free Lottery Pool’s Basic Rules

There is only one account per member and your profile must be accurate. You must register with a Gmail or yahoo address (not sure why but their rules). The tickets in the pools are paid for by’s advertisers. It seems the lottery pools add up to about 300 tickets per month and players can request a copy of their numbers.

More on Games at Myfreelotterypool

This site does get a little confusing in its FAQs with more and more ways to play. Firstly, once you register, you can either use the Quick Function or pick your own 6 numbers. This is added to the “Predictions Roster” and “Official Pool Roster”. After each draw, your numbers are ranked. If you’ve won anything, you are awarded “winners’ points” which will be added to your account. You can choose to bet against Captain Dano and whoever is closest gets the reward points. It looks like reward points can be used to get more tickets in more pools – we think. Then there are “Fortune Cookies” that get more reward points or entries into pools, “Tell A Friend” and “Loyalty Points”.

Go First Cabin

Bouncing around the site, we wondered what the heck is “Go First Cabin”. As a First Cabin Member at, you are automatically entered into a heap of lottery pools. There are two ways to join – either purchase something from their First Cabin Clothing Boutique or link into Wintrillions or Congolotto and receive a free membership. Well, on the second option you have to email Captain Dano to check if you qualify.

Winning at

The terms and conditions are pretty short and sweet though it did take a couple of reads to figure out exactly what they are saying. The first thing you should know is My Free Lottery “reserves the right” to keep all winnings that aren’t the jackpot. It also keeps 10% of “net” winnings on jackpots and “reserves” up to 200 shares in all pools. Anyone who is holding a second or third prize tier for any of the pools is entered into the Admiral’s Club. takes 25% of those prizes and reinvests it into tickets in this club. They keep the rest.

Customer Service

Don’t look for live chat, a phone number, snail mail, or an email address. The only way to contact Captain Dano at is through their online form.


Why You Should Register with My Free Lottery Pool


Free Lottery Pools

Different Ways to Win

Free and No Spam

Why You Shouldn’t Register with My Free Lottery Pool


Busy Site

Only Winning Jackpots Actual Pay Out

Only an Online Form for Customer Service

Would you mind rating

Is My Free Lottery Pool Legit?

This is a serious advertising site that does look like a legit place to play in free lottery pools. We’re not sure how much you are going to win, but then again, it’s free so who cares! Winning is winning. And it appears that playing doesn’t mean your Inbox is going to get flooded with spam and other advertising. gets a thumbs up if only for the rave factor. I’m not sure if you (or I) are actually going to win something, but then again it is free! I’m not sure if anyone will ever be able to add up the different ways to play, but then again, maybe that is half the fun.

  1. It is free so best thing is to try.

  2. I see no problem if you pay instead of trying free with First Cabin.

  3. Despite repeated requests to close My Free Lotto Pool account my requests have been ignored. Customer Services are useless and incompetent. Do not sign up to this site.

  4. I have tried repeatedly to close my Free Lotto Pool Account via the contact us button and email but I just get ignored. Do not sign up to this site under any circumstances.

  5. Nice free lottery pool you can win real money I love it


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