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LycaLotto Exposed — Do They Make the Grade?

LycaLotto Exposed

LycaLotto Review

Do you like syndicates? We’ve been looking at a bunch of different online lottery syndicates lately and it’s made us rethink what makes a good one. is the latest. They offer six lottery syndicates. So, do they make the grade?

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The Games at

There are six syndicates offered at LycaLotto. US Powerball has 25 lines at 80 shares for €4.26 per share. Mega Millions is 50 lines/80 shares for €4.26. EuroMillions has 25 lines/85 shares for €4.40. Irish Lotto is 13/65 at €2.82. UK Lotto (including the Millionaire Raffle) is 13/65 for €4.26. And lastly, UK Thunderball has 8 lines/75 shares of radio at €2.28. The price per share is pretty good though the share ratio leaves a lot to be desired.

LycaLotto and Subscriptions

Players can opt for a subscription for periods of 2, 8, or 24 draws, though no discounts apply for buying in on multiple draws. There is no VIP club or other accumulative discount mechanism which I like. If you do opt for a subscription, it seems you can suspend your play by simply clicking on an “active/inactive” button.

Getting Your Winnings says they will get you your money “as soon as reasonably possible”. There are minimum and maximum amounts for withdrawing your money, but they don’t say how much either is. They say there is also no commission, though there might be “third party fees”, which could include conversion fees, commission, and/or other fees from the form of transfer. Hang on – they have their own company that transfers money. I wonder why they don’t insist on using that. More on that shortly.

Who Can Play at Lyca Lotto?

The only restriction for playing here is you must be 18 years or older. Unlike a lot of other online syndicate lottery sites, there don’t seem to be any other restrictions on nationality or location.

Who Are These Folks? is owned by Pettigo Comercio International Lda and run by Lotto Plus. Though they are registered and operated out of the UK, the parent company is actually registered in Portugal.

Talking to LycaLotto

There is a support pop-up tab and live chat, though don’t expect a quick answer. works business hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT, Monday to Friday. There is a UK telephone number, email, and snail-mail address (UK through a post box). Any questions sent through the support pop-up tab are acknowledged immediately with a receipt – which is good. How many times have you used one of those online forms and wondered if the message was actually received?

Other LycaLotto Products is only one of a variety of products that this company offers. They also have LycaMobile (low-cost international mobile operator), LycaTV (television channel system), and Lycafly (online booking system for flights). Lycaremit is an international money transfer system. They advertise that any transfer over £300 gets a credit of £5 free. Plus, there is the Gnanam Foundation that promotes livelihood through an ethos of “teach a person to fish”.

Why You Should Register with LycaLotto


Straightforward Site

No Commission

Anyone 18 or over can play

Why You Shouldn’t Register with LycaLotto


Poor Share/Lottery Ticket Ratio

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

When Can I Get My Winnings?

Would you mind rating

Is LycaLotto Legit?

After looking at a bunch of options and doing the math (yes, I can do basic), the syndicate ratios simply do not make the grade. There is also a lot of information missing from the terms and conditions on getting your winnings, and no information on whether you get your money back if you opt out of a subscription.

Though this site is pretty straightforward, it gets a thumbs down on the syndicate share ratio. Definitely shop around if you want to get into lottery syndicates.

  1. SCAM
    I did an experiment just to confirm … and it’s true: pure scam!
    In none of the draws the value entered in the account was the real, but the accumulation was a lottery in which I won 11.66 € and was placed in the account € 0.51!!!
    Clearly avoid and pass on the seriousness of these gentlemen.


    Thieves! They never answer the phone and take their time to respond to chat if not ignored at all! They would say that they will not pay less than £10. I made it up to have that amount and claim it. They asked all kind of questions, enquiring IBAN from a bank, contact… They did not pay for more than two months and then took a 20% commission. Their payment system id hyper-complicated and they cannot read an IBAN, after several emails, they ask where my bank was based (country)! Scam, scam, scammers!

  3. Lycalotto is a thorough scam. I buyed in there £1 for 40 lines offer and they took my money but didn’t enter me into any draw. The money just disappeared, no tickets, no nothing, just a a results page showing the draw results.
    If you give them your card details they will just start auto charging it till theres no money left. Thats all they wanted my details for. Beware.

  4. I had one share of Friday’s (17-11-17) Thunderball of 8 lines i.e £8 for 0.57p. I worked out my share would be 7.14% of any winnings but these 8 lines won only £3 and my payout is only 0.13p which equates to only 4.3%.


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