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Lotto.pch Exposed – Free but Flee!

Lotto.pch Review

PCHlotto is the latest addition to the Publishing Clearing House family. If you live in the United States, you have to have heard of these guys. They’ve been around since 1953, initially starting as a one-stop shop for magazines. They utilized a sweepstake marketing technique to generate sales and customer contact information. Once you get on their list, it’s almost impossible to get off. But, let’s look at their PCHlotto games.

Games at

PCHlotto offers a bunch of daily lottery games which are free to enter. They advertise an assortment of games called PCHlotto Twilight, Frostbite Funds, Reindeer Riches, and Seasons Winning. A screen at the top states what I guess is the available jackpot with money being added to it like a clock counting seconds.

Concern No. 1 at PCHlotto

Some of the games advertise that they are Pick 7s, but when you click on the actual game to play, it goes to the same Pick 8 game. This is just sloppy. advertises that each different game has different prizes but there is no real breakdown or explanation of what the actual prizes are. They say there are daily wins but do not mention what will actually be awarded each day.

Concern No. 2 at PCHlotto

Click on ‘About PCH’ and an advertisement pop up. It takes two clicks to get rid of that window. I mean “do you really want to miss this opportunity” – definitely! Do you really want to leave this page – yes! It doesn’t matter where you go on this site the “This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave – data you have entered may not be saved” message comes up.

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PCHlotto and Who Can Play

Playing at is open to US and Canadian residents only who are “physically located and residing in either country.” Then it adds, that Canadians can’t play on this particular sweepstakes but doesn’t say where they can. Oh, and people from Quebec can’t play.

Who is PCH

Publishing Clearing House is a direct marketer of magazines and products. They also use and sell customer lists. They expanded their mail marketing campaigns to include Blingo Inc., Funtank, and Liquid Wireless. Their advertising campaigns include a Prize Patrol where supposed winners are televised getting their million dollar check or $5,000 a week for life. Blingo, also known as PCH Search and Win, is a search engine where supposedly as you search like you would on Firefox, you stack up opportunities to win instant prizes.

Spam and Tracking

How do you stack up opportunities to win? They are tracking where you go and what you view. They collect this information and sell it. I regularly clear my computer to prevent this. PCH will do anything to get your name and number – okay, email address. They will send you advertisements, and product sales and sell your information to others. Get ready for an Inbox of spam! That’s how they make their money.

Complaints at

Funny, there aren’t a lot of complaints about PCHlotto, but there are thousands about PCH itself. They range from playing their sweepstakes for years and never winning, to collection issues on accounts that are already paid, and products that break or don’t work. The complaints directly about related to problems in submitting the actual Pick 8 card without purchasing something. They say that the system takes you in circles to input your information again and again.

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Is PCHlotto Legit?

I’m not saying that doesn’t give out money or prizes. This couldn’t be confirmed either way. What I am saying is that these folks will do almost anything to get your information to either send you advertising or sell your information so someone else can.

PCHlotto gets a serious thumbs down! Even though it is free, you might not have the time to play their games while working your way through all the emails you receive.

  1. Check My Numbers seems to be the best way to determine how close you came to picking winning numbers. Checking this daily helps you to gauge what numbers come up repeatedly.

  2. Bad program does not work half the time

  3. It’s all a scam. Prizes are never awarded. They just make up a list of winners. Their new phone app is just Spyware. I have received 2 $10 checks in 45 years. They probably make most of their money on S&h charges. Nonrefundable of course. Most of what they sell is cheap crap. And if you order, they are after you to order again before you ever receive the 1st order. Fraudulent business. They do just enough to keep you hooked but notice they never really publish a winners list, and the last time they actually announced a major winner was 2015. Fed up!

  4. I know I have an older computer but after 6 hours of trying to complete 10 games for the “bonus” game, ….

  5. I recall that some years ago, Publishers Clearing House was found to have been dumping literally tons of mail-in entries in a New Jersey landfill.
    This leads me to believe it is still the same today. The only exception being, since it is now mostly online, those entries are all going to the great junkyard in the ether.


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