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Lottoaruba Exposed — You Won’t Play There!

Lottoaruba Exposed

Lottoaruba Review

Clicking on won’t provide players with a platform to play lotteries. It’s a website that offers information on lotteries offered in Aruba. Where is Aruba, you ask? It’s one of those delightful islands in the Caribbean that jackpot winners might like to play. Between the gorgeous beaches and the stunning shopping, this is a place to spend those jackpot wins. But, back to the site itself.

Lotto Aruba Games

Players have seven lottery games to choose from. These are not what we would call mega jackpots but they are cute games, and the lower jackpot games are played twice a day. Currently, only one game, Catochi, is offered through an online provider on a different site. Players have ninety (90) days to collect their winnings, or the tickets are void. So what are the games?

Is The Lotter Legit in the Netherlands?

Pick 4 at Lottoaruba

Catochi is a pick four type of lottery game played twice daily. Players pick a four-number ticket though there is the option to play with several other ways. The only problem is there is very little information on how ‘Last 3’, ‘Back 2’, and ‘Back & Front’ work. The top prize in the tier is AFL 4,000 (around USD 2,200). Wega di number Korsou plays under the same format but only once a day with the same prize tier.

Pick 4 and More

Big 4 is another pick-four lottery and is also played twice a day, seven days a week. There are only two prize levels with the jackpot of AFL 5,000 (around USD 2,700). Then there is Zodiac with a little added difference. Players choose four numbers plus a zodiac sign. It is played twice a day, seven days a week. There are four prize tiers with the top level of AFL 25,000 (around USD 14,000). I should note that the site uses the more popular ‘AFL’ currency designation for Aruba Florins versus the official AWG.

And More at

Lotto di Dia is played daily with the draw at 9:00 pm Monday to Saturday and 2:00 pm on Sundays. Players choose five numbers from 1 to 30, or there is the option of a ‘Lotto-Loco’ – Aruba’s name for a quick pick. There are three prize tiers with the top two increasing each draw that doesn’t have a winner. The first prize starts at AFL 50,000 (around USD 28,000).

Lotto 5 is played two times a week, Wednesday and Saturday. Players choose five numbers from 1 to 35 or do a ‘Lotto-Loco.’ The five-tier prize level only has one that grows – the top level – which starts at AFL 100,000.’s Biggest Jackpot

Last but not least, Mini Mega is played two times a week, Tuesday and Friday. Pick your four lucky numbers from 1 to 30 plus a ‘Mega Ball’ from 1 to 15. You can also do a ‘Lotto-Loco’ on this game. There are seven prize tiers with the jackpot starting at AFL 250,000.

Customer Service offers a phone number and snail mail address, yes in Aruba. Plus there is an online form. There is no live chat, and we couldn’t find an email address on their site. They are serious with social media with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They also provide a page with the ‘live draws.’

Why You Should Play Lotto Aruba


Offers seven lottery games to choose from

Games include pick-four and pick-five options

Lotto di Dia, Lotto 5, and Mini Mega offer increasing jackpot

Offers a phone number, snail mail address, and an online form for customer service

Active on social media with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Live draws are available on their website

Why You Shouldn’t Play Lotto Aruba


The website only provides information on lotteries offered in Aruba, rather than an online platform to play

No live chat or email address is provided on the site

Players have only 90 days to collect their winnings, or the tickets are void

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Is Lotto Aruba Legit?

Folks, there isn’t a bottom line here. This is not a site to play lotteries online. It is simply an info site on the lotteries offered in Aruba. They are cute little lotteries that would be fun to play if you are visiting there though haven’t said that there is no information on whether you must be a resident or not. If you are visiting or live in Aruba and play these games, please let us know how you do. And if you are a visitor, can you win!

  1. Great article explaining the lotteries and I’ll definitely have to pick up a few tickets – especially that Zodiac one – on my next trip down there. Would not have thought about playing lotteries in Aruba. Having said that, I would like some info on what happens if I win – do I get to get my winnings!


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