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1xBit Exposed — Is This for Real?

1xBit Review

Sometimes it’s hard to take some of these lotto sites seriously. Take 1xbit.com/en/lotto – on their face menu they talk about their 12 different lotto choices to play (it’s actually 33) and mention “nice way to start 2017”. This site was founded in 2016 but don’t you think they could take the time to update their sales pitch. This is an online lottery provider that the buy-in and winnings are “mBT”. I believe that’s milli-bit-coins but not sure as the usual abbreviation is mBTC. So are they playing in a real currency?

Games at 1xBit.com

1xBit.com offers 33 different games to bet on. These include the usual big boys of US Powerball and Mega Lotto, down to Canada’s 7/49, Singapore’s 6 Ball and a variety of the European lotteries. Winnings are based on the official results from the jackpot down to (in some cases) paying out on choosing the correct bonus ball. But, payouts are in mBT. Buying in also involves purchasing bitcoin through one of the suppliers listed.

Let’s Talk Bitcoin

1xBit.com lists about 44 different sites to purchase mBT. As far as I can figure, mBT refers to a division of bitcoin though it’s not usually published in that format. I talked to Ixbit.com/en/lotto to try and get a handle on what the actual value was, and they will not discuss it. What I found confusing is most sites use the abbreviation mBTC versus mBT. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but if I’m playing lotteries online, I want to know exactly what I’m going to get. According to 1xbit.com, the term mBT is in fact milli-bit-coin hence 1,000th of a bitcoin. Surfing through the different lotteries, I couldn’t make heads or tails on what I’d win. Hey, I’m not a mathematician.

Getting Your Winnings at 1xBit.com

All deposits and withdrawals are through a cryptocurrency. 1xBit.com says they will process all withdrawal requests 24 days, seven days a week though it does not say how long it will take to get your payout. Chatting online, I was told they would pay within 30 days. There is also no information on what happens when you withdraw your cryptocurrency i.e., how do you convert that to an actual currency and/or how to use it. Buried in the terms and conditions of play is “The maximum return is limited to 120 BTC.” So what does that mean regarding any jackpot I won?

Speaking of the Terms & Conditions

There isn’t a lot of information on lotteries in the terms and conditions. Most of it focuses on betting on sports, slots, live casino, and cockfighting (sorry couldn’t resist adding that). It appears lotteries were added as an afterthought. In the terms and conditions, the only real information is how to make bets.

Talking to Ixbit.com

There are email addresses for support, marketing, security, and B2B connections and they say they will respond within 24 hours. There is an online form. There is also a pop-up window “Ask a Question” that is an online chat. There I no information on when they are there, and it seems most of the info they can respond with is back to the ole sports and other casino games.

The Bottom Line

There are some great online providers for playing international lotteries both to purchase tickets and bet on games. The whole concept of playing with a virtual currency through someone online (who I don’t know who, where or what he or she is) to get something that is the ‘the cloud’ is just too vague for me. Give me my winnings in straight ole US cash thank you, and I’ll take that straight to the bank… or shopping. Add to that; I want some clear terms and conditions to know what I’m winning and how I’m going to get it.


Lots of International Lotteries to Bet On

Uses a Crypto-Currency


What is “mBT”?

When will I get my winnings?

Where and who are you?

1xBit.com gets a thumb’s down. Just too much virtual and not enough real information for playing lotteries especially on what I will win. If you have information to share on this and/or are playing here, I’d love to hear from you.

Overall rating for 1xBit.com: Bad 1.5 from 0-5
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