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Lotto Social Exposed — Why Are So Many Vouchers, Coupons, and Different Discounts?

Lotto Social Review

Buy now and it’s only £9 or is it £3.99 or is it £1. The cost of playing at could be the million dollar question. Lotto-social is an online lottery syndicate provider for EuroMillions and the UK Lotto. They offer different combinations of numbers of ticket lines depending on how much you want to buy into a syndicate. There are all kinds of promotions and different offers though most of these relate to how long you’ve been playing on their site. Many of the special offers come through coupon voucher sites. So how come?

Games at

The only games offered here are different combinations of EuroMillions and UK Lotto syndicates. The different combinations can include specific days (like only weekend play) or the number of ticket lines (ranging from 20 to 60 ticket lines). Syndicates are capped at 49 shares. There is no information on what happens if not all shares are purchased. Ticket lines are chosen by their system.

Lotto Social and Winning

Winnings under £1,000 are paid into your account within 14 days. For winnings over £1,000, players have to contact customer service. There is no information on how long the ‘claim process’ will take. Your account has to have a minimum of £5 to claim any your winnings.

Promotions & Offers offers a special of 60 EuroMillions ticket lines plus raffle tickets for the special price of £9. But surfing around on the net, our team tripped on several sites that offer vouchers and coupons for a variety of different special offers ranging from £3.99 down to £1. These all involve registering on one of those sites that send you coupons regularly for a variety of products.

More Promotions at Lotto Social

Then there are the time frame promotions. Play for a full consecutive four weeks spending a minimum of £18 and players are entered into a draw for a £300 Amazon or an iPad in the form of a voucher. Players will be notified within 30 days and then have 30 days to claim their prize. Play at Lotto-social for sixty days and players get a voucher for a car competition for a BMW, Audi or Lotus. Pay ninety days continuously and you get a cash-back of 15%. This can take up to 45 days to process.

Why Do They Do It?

Buried in the small print they say “Hatchster Ltd. in conjunction with TxtLotto Ltd are the sole owners of the information collected on the site… but from time to time may provide you with 3rd party offers” and “may use your personal data to inform you of special offers relating to the Lottery service”. This smacks of the potential receiving of spam and other advertising. This is emphasized with the fact they are connected with so many voucher services.

Who Is

Hatchster Ltd. is the owner and operator of They are a company in the UK that works builds online applications for B2C and B2B clients. Lotto Social has an online form, email and snail mail address and UK telephone number for customer service. They also claim online live chat and it does seem to be online UK business hours but they are not great at answering questions. This company also owns lottery website. and the Bottom Line

When we first opened up this site, the team thought cool – a straightforward syndicate with clear rules and regulations. But – yes the big but – why all the vouchers, coupons and so many different discounts offers to get people to register. The conclusion the team came up with was they want your info for their clients. We’re not saying the syndicates are not legit but we do wonder what else you are going to end up with.



Clear How Many are in the Syndicate

When Do I Get My Money?


Vouchers? Coupons?

Spam & Other Offers?

What Is the Best Deal?

This site gets a thumbs down not because it’s not real, but because of the way it is presented. I’d be a bit nervous registering, wonder if I have gotten their best deal offered yet.

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