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Lotto Social Exposed — Why Are So Many Vouchers, Coupons, and Different Discounts?

Lotto Social Exposed

Lotto Social Review

Is Lotto Social a scam? That’s the million-dollar question.

If you’ve gone through some reviews, you already know that many people are highly dissatisfied with what Lotto Social has to offer.

Lotto Social cancel requests have been virtually impossible to process, according to people who have accounts there. So, should you be concerned? Should you give this website a try?

But let’s start with the basics. What exactly does this platform have to offer? Lotto-social is an online lottery syndicate provider for EuroMillions and the UK Lotto, and multiple other large international lotteries.

Several promotions are also featured there, probably the one characteristic that makes so many people interested in the platform. However, the Lotto Social app comes with lots of ambiguities that we will try to address in this review.

Games at

Lotto Millions started by only offering ticket buying options for EuroMillions and the UK Lotto. Today, several additional games have been added to the range of opportunities – Thunderball, Mega Millions, Powerball, Euro Jackpot, and SuperEnalotto. Syndicate gameplay is feasible for all of these.

Syndicates are capped at 49 shares. There is no information on what happens if not all shares are purchased. Their system chooses ticket lines.

Purchasing syndicate tickets through their system is relatively easy. You need a registered account for Lotto Social UK. Once you verify your membership, you can buy individual tickets or sign up for a subscription membership.

Keep in mind. However, there have been lots of complaints about Lotto Social cancel procedures. If you’re trying to find out how to cancel Lotto Social and stop Lotto Social payments, check out some of the user comments under the guide. Many people have found it nearly impossible to cancel their account after signing up, which you need to remain mindful of.

Claiming Your Prizes

Winnings of under £1,000 are paid into your account within 14 days. For winnings over £1,000, players have to contact customer service. There is no information on how long the claim process will take. Your account has to have a minimum of £5 to claim any of your winnings.

Unfortunately, a lot of the customer service information is provided only after you register and provide your details. Hence, you have to sign up for a membership before you can learn something more. That’s fishy and should be a red flag for you!

Who Can Play at Lotto Social?

You need to enter a mobile phone number before you can sign up for a Lotto Social account.

The terms and conditions do not list an age limit for signing up, and it seems that such information isn’t being required from new members.

The signup page also suggests that you don’t have to be in the UK to play, even though it is supposedly based there.

Who is Behind

Hatchster Ltd. is the owner and operator of They are a company in the UK that builds online applications for B2C and B2B clients.

This company also owns the lottery website.

Doing some research reveals a legitimate UK company that employs multiple people, which doesn’t stand out as great or terrible.

What stands out is that the only option for reaching out and contacting Lotto Social is an online form in the help center. There’s no phone number or a physical address to go to if you have particular questions.

It’s not exactly clear how much time is needed for the Lotto Social team to get back to you in the event of an issue.

Other Bits and Pieces offers a special of 60 EuroMillions ticket lines plus raffle tickets for the special price of £9. But surfing around on the net, our team tripped on several sites that offer vouchers and coupons for a variety of different special offers ranging from £3.99 down to £1. These all involve registering on one of those sites that regularly send you coupons for various products.

Then there are the time frame promotions. Play for a full consecutive four weeks, spending a minimum of £18, and players are entered into a draw for a £300 Amazon or an iPad in the form of a voucher. Players will be notified within 30 days and then have 30 days to claim their prize. Play at Lotto-social for sixty days, and players get a voucher for a car competition for a BMW, Audi, or Lotus. Pay ninety days continuously, and you get a cash-back of 15%. This can take up to 45 days to process.

One final thing you need to understand is the fact that Lotto Social has an affiliate program.

This means that people or companies who refer new customers will get paid for each referral. As a result, many of the positive Lotto Social reviews you’ll find online will be created by people who have a financial interest in getting you to sign up.

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The Bottom Line at

When we first opened up this site, the team thought cool – a straightforward syndicate with clear rules and regulations. However, one big question remains: why are there so many vouchers, coupons, and different discounts being offered to get people to register? The conclusion is they want your info for their clients. We’re not saying the syndicates are not legit, but we do wonder what else you will end up with.


Simple concept

User-friendly website design

Allows for international signups

There is a convenient mobile app

Multiple syndicates

A good choice of international lotteries


Tons of negative customer reviews

People complain they’ve been incapable of unsubscribing and stopping automatic payments

The website features numerous offers and discounts that seem to be somewhat fishy and sketchy

An affiliate program makes information about Lotto Social online untrustworthy

This site gets a thumbs down not because it’s not real, but because of the way it is presented. If you’re looking for syndicates and online gameplay opportunities, the chances are that you’ll come across much better options out there.

  1. Time wasted getting my refund as they completely 😒 mislead me..There’s their promise of cancel membership or subscription anytime but they take no notice and keep taking your money..There are too many in the Team who say one thing then disagree what’s been promised. I doubt I’ll get my money back now !!!!

  2. I played a one time £1.00 ticket and they have taken £75.00 loads emails to them, they say cant find your account and keep taking money

  3. SCAM
    Few days ago I have cancelled my syndicate, yesterday they have charged me when payment was due next week. I have contacted them for refund but I had declined. They say no further payments but they did. Isn’t easy to cancel your account permanently, you have to contact them. Liars

  4. I get £5 twice a week can’t find how to cancel thought I was only playing once

  5. Awful…. they said it takes 1 pound which I agreed to after putting my bank details in. It did not say that they would regularly take out payments I did not authorise….. AVOID AT ALL COSTS


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