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  1. How come you never see more than one or two people winning big money if those numbers are drawn fairly, why at some point do you not get 48 or even more people winning. Answer because it’s controlled by computer to pick the numbers that nobody has selected, hence all the rollovers nearly every week. Surely this can’t be legal?

  2. The national lottery is a fix something should be done about it Camelot are not trusted its publics money they are playing with they definitely are a cheat the machines are rigged I know a lot of people been playing lottery since it came out and not getting by 3 numbers it’s definitely rigged the government should step in and find out who is responsible for this and show the public how they are doing it

  3. Total rip off the extra numbers were added to stop people winning, and why do you think you can’t purchase a ticket after 7pm, it is so numbers can be picked no one has, that is why there is so many roll overs.
    You are not meant to win, it is a rip off.

  4. Absolute waste of money the chances of winning a big ticket item are so remote. You have more chance of winning on the premium bonds. Don’t waste your money the odds are atrocious. Having played since its inception spending £25 per week and have never won more than £100 in all that time. Save your money you will be richer for it. Would have given it a minus but it wouldn’t let me

  5. In the past many people asked, why National Lottery DOES NOT SHOW LIVE DRAW! Only pre-recorded ones. Also why you cannot buy tickets at the last minutes? In countries outside UK you can buy tickets at the very last minute. I guess there is suggestion that they allow an AI or an ALGORITHM to choose numbers either choose numbers that no one chose, thus nobody winning jackpot, or choosing the numbers that hundreds of thousands of choose causing lots of winnings, lowering the final winning sum.

    There are also questions, like that the winners are either family members of those who are involve in this possible scam or made up people who could actually be some people from other countries who are unaware of them being actually posted on NL website as big winners.

    At last, there is also an article – that exposes their practices for example:

    1. Lotto Jackpot calculation error

    The Lotto draw held on Saturday 19 October 2013 was a single rollover from Wednesday 16 October 2013, with three jackpot winning tickets sharing the jackpot originally broadcast as £6.2m and subsequently recalculated to £4.8m.

    2. Incorrect Lotto Millionaire Raffle results number published on website

    The Lotto draw held on Saturday 10 October 2015 was a launch event for the refreshed game. The launch promotion included 45 Lotto Millionaire Raffle prizes consisting of 25 £1m prizes and 20 £20,000 prizes.

    3. Incorrect Lotto draw result number on National Lottery website

    Camelot publishes the results of draws on the National Lottery website where players can check if they have won a prize.

    How can they post an incorrect lotto draw result number when there is millions of pounds at stake.

    and there are many more!

    If you read this and have time, reply to this post, and tell me what you think about those accusations and what are thoughts about:

    1. The live draws not being live only pre-recorded

    2. Closing ticket purchase an hour prior to the draw? Could it be that they implemented an AI or an algorithm to

    2. Do you know actually someone who won a jackpot or a big prize 9,8,7,6 or at least 5 digit prize?
    (No one I know since I got start playing NL more than 10 years ago had won any big prize nor a jackpot, no one I know knows someone who won a lot of money!)

    3. People winning are either related to people who work, own, are simply people who are living outside Britain getting paid for their picture and been posted on NL website, or are simply unaware of their faces being posted on NL website. (would you try to check all lottery websites in all countries around the world to see if someone used your picture as the big winner, I guess not). Occasionally there is some winners who actually won some smaller jackpots and are not related to NL in any way.

    4. And what do you think about price raise for all the games (euromillion, lotto, etc.) and increasing number of digits to make it even harder to win any reasonable sum?

    When I remember the cost of Euromillion was £1.50 and lotto £1, and chance of winning was way higher than it is now, I myself long time ago won, 20, 40 and if I am not mistaken £70 within a month of playing. Now you are lucky to get one correct number and no chance of winning anything reasonable. Big winnings start between 6-7, correctly guessed numbers, acceptable when guessing 5 numbers, and anything else is pretty much nothing.

  6. I pressed the button twice to play Mega Money instant game and £2 was taken twice from my account without me having played a game. A message then came up
    advising that I hadn’t won anything!

    This is obviously very suspicious, so I have lodged a complaint with Camelot.

    Will keep you all posted when I receive an explanation etc from Camelot

    I am not going to let this rest.

  7. National Lottery is a scam and the only winner is the Lottery, they present themselves as legal company but it is only a propaganda in order to fraus the players by collecting their money, promising a win but not actually allowing anyone to win. The National Lottery should be scrutinised and closed due to its illegal activity.

  8. Grow up people biggest scam and fraud know why does it take nearly two hours to make the draw after the time for buying tickets has closed SIMPLE to make the algorithm so that roll over after roll over can be made why not have all draws made on TV from a bag of numbers none of this bag of balls chosen by XYZ BOLLOCKS

  9. like everyone I think it is a con prices up more nos I have not won in 5 years playing twice a week now stopped, it needs to run by someone else I begrudge the money to some of these useless swimmers and athletes

  10. Online lottery scratch cards are a total con. most 90% of the time you loose. 8% you might get your money back to the value you have spent on the scratch card. 2% you might get double you value of the scratch card. 0% win anything else. There are only one winner when it comes to the lottery scratch card and that’s the lottery.

  11. when it used to be 40s numbers may be u could win but with 59 number
    it is impossible and rollover before used to attract to buy more tickets but not any more
    I will never spend more than £2 on them( for charity like them) they have certain town in UK to give them the jackpot

  12. I bought lotto and set for life yesterday both lucky dip and both had 4 consecutive numbers

    I think this is a con it seems too coincidental!!

  13. All lotteries are still owned by the government, all lotteries around the world are here for one reason, to rob you from your hard earned cash, they are fleacing us the public out of trillions bigger than ever before people who play the lottery games know this but don’t want believe this is fake, we think that one day we might some how have chance to win this jackpot more like scampot,wake up people smell the coffee, watchdog get in there and sort this out ASAP before everyone is blead dry by the biggest scam in history rollover after rollover my ass intrest rolled over into there government banks they must be into trillions, when they say charity or good corse this pulls on your heart strings why bring this into the lottery, because they get even more money from the public shame on them for using these words charity or good corse they sick and crucked, when the shit will hit the fan hard the riots will begin and all hell will break loose, what will they do to the penny less weak inecent public, blame us like always, use us like scape goats, they started it its just like an infectiuse desease. It does not let you rate minus scamalot.

  14. The instant on-lines are a total scam…..I played a total of 63 games fairing pay and try won a total of £23 …great investment for potentially £350+…I have asked for information under the FOI act and all I get is palmed off with a load of crap!!!! ….Don’t suppose after posting this I will ever win a penny….

  15. Been playing for more years than I can remember and all know is I am skint and nearly homeless, I have read many an article about the lottery machines being hacked when in Europe and I seen the winning always seem to go every where but the south and south east, I have never won money but have one a few free tickets which every one knows that you are never going to win with them. cost of a ticket goes up 100% so they double their own profits yet the amounts you can win have come down. Please put your money on a horse you have a better chance of a win than the lottery.

  16. I have been playing the national lottery online for a long time, I have decided enough is enough, since the lottery began the most I have won is £800 on the hotpicks, I have not kept count on how much I have spent, time to save my hard earned money, bye bye scamalot.

  17. I played the national lottery for 20+ years and never missed a day then the numbers went up to 58 and the odds sky rocketed, so stopped playing and now sometime later i decided to check my numbers just to see if I might have made a mistake but only could check the draws for 180 days but the only wins I had were lucky dips which sucked the national lottery is a scam of all scams

  18. Filled with horrible framed online games that would just suck you dry. If I’m not mistaken casinos have 99% payout rate of the 100% bets, national lottery is 50%. If however you want to half your money, my bank account number is 6513 5699 XXXX XXXX.

  19. Terrible odds and expensive to play. The jackpots are just big carrots, much better to have larger smaller prizes such £10 for 2 numbers, £500 for 3 numbers etc. Reduce the numbers to 49, reduce the ticket price back to £1.

    Camelot (scamalot) should be taken to court and stripped of their license.

  20. The statistics themselves speak volumes

    Such terrible statistical chances but even then the specific number draw is rigged to minimise the amount the company have to payout.

    And don’t get me started on the fact they don’t really don’t give a flying fig about good causes just lining pockets of the few

    This May 4th draw the lottery had the chance to give something back to the people something long overdue – they failed miserably and gave in to greed.

  21. is connected to the UK criminal database so if you have been arrested for drink driving or whatever and you have a criminal record WILL NOT LET YOU WIN BIG if you play online because they know who you are when you give them your bank details to pay for the games it will only let you win the least amount possible on any game of theirs, for instance if you play the £4million instant win online which cost £10 a game then the most you will win is £20 pounds and that’s only when you spent about £100 on the game ITS A FACT YOU WILL NEVER WIN BIG WITH ANY CAMELOT GAME, people should delete their accounts and change your lotto numbers and play offline, buy your tickets and scratch cards, instant win cards in your local shop NOT ONLINE Camelot is owned by a Canadian teachers’ pension fund in canada, it’s not even UK owned. Sir Richard Branson should own it but they told him no chance.

  22. I have been playing for a while and won small amounts, which just went into my credit. 3 weeks ago I ‘won’ £240, went through the process of having it paid to my credit card. To date, still nothing received, sent 2 emails, no reply. The winnings I requested for payout is also no longer in my credits! What to do???

  23. Terrible iv played it from the start but not now you don’t win anything at all I had 5 lucky dips and 2 sets of my own numbers and won nothing I played 10 pounds on Wednesday 10 on Saturday someone else needs to take over now or lottery will lose customers and money iv joined a facebook group called boycott the lottery and its growing in numbers with people who are really fed up with the lottery we all need to boycott it and give the money we spend to our own charities we support

  24. The national lottery should be taken away from its current supplier and be awarded to someone honest.
    They have got greedy and dishonest.
    Prices and odds have increased. I’ve also found it strange there are Rollover jackpots when a super draw is close. And the online scratch cards are fixed as I can predict the number every time and it shouldn’t be possible.

  25. Camelot should never have been allowed to be sold to a private pension fund company, it should have been stopped by the regulator, it started out a £1 a ticket and i believe was honestly run, since this Canadian pension fund company has taken over it’s become highly suspect and should never have been changed from its original format or cost, i also believe the regulator is not fit for purpose,this sell off was definitely not to the public’s benefit, and the only people this benefited was the greedy Canadian pension fund company and the changes they’re making only increase the odds in they’re favour, what use is a regulator when they seem to be going along with these dubious changes in a game that has long lost its original fairness and chances of winning any prize has become minuscule kick Teacher’s into touch they should never have been allowed to have anything to do with the lottery

  26. When is used to be Camelot UK owners they will get in touch with you when you won via email if you played online like I did these new owners do not bother to do anything or to let you know they are a bunch of rich greedy retirees from Canada, who all they want is to make profit. Before real Camelot UK owners will even pay you even £10 pounds, when you won them more raffles were won, with these guys you hardly get any prizes well what a disappointment I am not playing more with then not worth a try

  27. The Online games never seem to pay out more than the card or a £5 possibly.

    The lottery numbers I think are controlled by a computer.

  28. The national lottery was fun when it cost a pound to play!
    The national lottery was fun when the second prize was worth Winning!
    The national lottery was fun when they only had one game a week (it was an event)
    It’s now run by out of touch yuppies with no idea how the rest of the country feel

  29. A True Story
    A couple of years ago I once bought a lucky dip winning 1 million raffle ticket but didn’t realize until 180 days had past and it was too late to claim it
    And that ticket is still kicking about to this day.

  30. I have just read that someone played hangman twice and it generated the same letters, around 6 weeks ago I rang Camelot to tell them I had just played Cashword didn’t win so bought and played. Again to get exactly the same card letters keys and no win, I could predict the next letter, as it was exactly the same, I rang them to be informed there was no chance as they are all computer generated and it never does the same one twice, well, I fact it does as it happened again yesterday I’ve contacted them and had no response as of yet, this is disgusting and unfair especially for me a paying customer and whoever else has experienced this.

  31. My account has been hacked Tring today email them and they respond with an automated email saying they would contact within 24 hours 3 weeks later I’m still waiting

    • Totally disgusting the national lottery is a big scam I think watchdogs need to get involved FACT

  32. Great to see an official site where I can get lottery tickets. I can imagine it is frustrating for non UK residents. It just figures that some scam artists out there would use such a reliable and official site to try and take people’s money. But I guess people are still getting conned by these kinds of things.


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National-lottery Exposed — UK Lotteries for UK Residents Review is a site that offers online access to lottery tickets, scratch cards, and instant games if you’re a resident of the UK or Isle of Man and actually there. That’s very clear on their website. They have been operating since 2004 and is owned and managed by the Camelot Group. 50% of all ticket sales goes toward prize money with 28% to charitable causes.

Games at

There are a variety of lotteries to play, including EuroMillions. In the National Lottery, players get to choose six numbers between 1 and 49. Winners have to guess at least 3 of the numbers to win a prize. Should the jackpot not be won that week, then it is rolled over to the following week. Registering is straightforward, but they do not accept credit cards, and they only accept debit cards registered in the UK and Isle of Man.

National Lottery Customer Support’s customer support can be reached through email, telephone and snail mail. There is no live chat service which somewhat frustrating. It is interesting to note that they actually have a complaints procedure under their ‘Contact Us’ page. The absence of Live Chat will be disappointing, especially for new players who want to get started and have questions that need immediate answers. It can be intimidating the first time a person has to enter personal details into an online system.

Complaints at

We searched Google for complaints on the and found nothing. We did find a high number of fraudulent emails using their name in circulation. These appear to have started in 2010 originating in India. The emails advise people that they have won a lump sum in the UK National Lottery. But this isn’t actually’s fault, and it is just people taking advantage of their good reputation. []

Some sites went on to comment on’s customer support lack of response on this issue []. They could have been a bit more sympathetic and appreciate that people were notifying them of the issue.

My personal favorite was ‘Customer Service is Diabolical’ referring to the frustrations of getting answers from Customer Service on timing out when putting money into the player’s account [].

Instant Games Instantly In Question at

We have found there to be several reports questioning the legitimacy on certain Instant Games, such as Hangman where the same letters appeared twice in a row [] but we’re not sure whether this had something to do with the session expiring. There were enough complaints to consider there might be an issue here.

The Site at National Lottery

On the bright side, the site is well-regulated and secure, and the graphics and information provided are thorough and useful. Results are updated with high efficiency. The site allows people to play as an individual or join a syndicate. This theoretically increases your chances of winning. Weekly prizes always exceed £1 million, and the rollover has even reached £14 million.

The site also offers a page for unclaimed prizes dating back to December 2011, so if you find that old ticket lying around, there is a place to check if you won!’s Charity Side

The 28p from every £1 spent on a lottery ticket goes to a variety of charitable causes, including promoting local athletes for the Olympic Games. A full list can be read on their site. Camelot (that’s the owner of this site) aims to “maximize returns to society in the most efficient and responsible way” It’s not just the 28p that this involves but also the 12% lottery duty that is paid to the government. That means 40% of total sales goes to the greater good!

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The Bottom Line

We thought that offers a complete package for UK residents resident in the UK or Isle of Man – and are actually there! Theoretically, the more people that play, the bigger the winnings and the more that goes to the charity side. Then again, this is UK lotteries for UK residents.



Official Government Site

Supports Charities


UK Residents Only

No Live Chat

Instant Games?

For UK residents who are in the UK, the site is easy to use, friendly and secure. Just stay away from the Scratch Cards – for now.