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  1. Tried lotto tickets online for over £100 worth of scratch cards I won £2 never play this scam again it’s Camelot who making the money
    That’s why Richard Branson’s offer was rejected because they would be unable to have back handers

  2. The regulators allowed Camelot to double the cost of a ticket and at the same time add another ten numbers to the draw vastly increasing Camelot’s profits obviously corruption is going on, also why is Camelot allowed to do the draw? surely it would be a better idea to use a totally different company or charity for that.

  3. I agree the lottery is a scam either one winning ticket or a roll down to keep people interested and money spread out and then only one or two ticket holders win second prize as long as you have a machine picking the winning numbers it will always be fixed go back to the old way of balls in a bag picked like they do with the football competitions but they won’t do that as they have no control of the winning numbers people will start to get wise the best one is 99% it will always go to max roll over

  4. Deposited £10 to play Yahtzee in the instant games. Had a £3 win & 2x £1 wins. Twice I had 2x throws left & only wanted one 6 to roll out for £100…No chance…What a total scam rip off rigged game..Never again….Just one small win over £3 would have been nice…My conclusion is the game always wins….

  5. They say “extraordinary things happen when everyone plays a little” of courseee!!! The owner of this stupid shit scam lotto is getting richer in richer everyday!!!!

  6. The national lottery is owned by Camelot. And it’s regulated too.
    I have no issues with this at all

  7. When it first started there would sometimes be six winners sharing the jackpot, now occasionally, there’s only one. Now I’m no economist but I reckon there’s something negatively economical about too many working class getting rich in one go. Once 7:30pm arrives, there’s time for the machine to conjure a set of numbers nobody has chosen out of the 45 million combinations, or a set of numbers just one person has chosen, weird right! Out of all the people that has a ticket, just one person has that combination every time there’s a win. The winning combination is the one nobody else chooses. Fingers crossed for that one but I’m out!

  8. It’s a scam! I can’t wait for that day that someone finds these people out with proof. All this is just a big money making scam!

  9. I have tried the instant win games about 10 times now, thinking that surely at some point, I might at least look like I might break even. I never, ever look like finishing ‘up’. It is a complete scam, and there is none of the excitement or jeopardy of most online gambling games, there is just no chance of winning. You pay your money, watch the game unfold, and you lose. Occasionally, after spending £10, you might get £2 back, but of course, nobody withdraws after losing 80% of their money, so it is soon gone again. It’s all just pointless and depressing. I persisted, just to be sure, but I’m done now, permanently.

  10. I have been doing the national lottery ever since it started back in the 1980s and I have won little bits here and there nothing life changing, I have noticed sometimes they advertise a jackpot and then it changes to a couple of million less, I do think there is something a bit fishy but a small percentage do win to keep people playing there games and I’m one of them

  11. At least the Lotto has better payouts in the lower payouts than I can say about the pathetic Euro Millions. £30 for 3 numbers compared to £5.30 on the Euro’s. Plus the fact the people who run Euromillions change payouts regularly and don’t stick to the known format of 5&2, then 5&1, then 5. Someone must put me right here on this statement, what is the difference between 5 main numbers and 1 lucky star, and 4 main numbers and 2 lucky stars, surely each of those are only one number short of the jackpot and should receive the same money. I also feel the second prize should be 10% of the jackpot for that draw, so if it’s £14m the second prize should be £1,4m divided amongst the second prize winners.

    • The difference is down to statistics, the first 5 numbers are chosen out of 50 numbers and the 2 star numbers are chosen out of 12 numbers, therefore to get 1 number it’s 1 in 50 chance and the star number is 1 in 12 chance… so 4 main + 2 star is 621,503 to 1 chance and 5 main with 1 star is 6,991,908 to 1 chance… that’s why you get more…. so, in essence, you played even Tuesday and Friday you would have to play 139,838,160 times, so that would approximate out to 1,344,597 years before you would approach 1 in 1 chance of winning with the same numbers!

  12. Is a scam! If you do win, the prize is so minute. It is better and more secure to donate the money direct to my chosen charity!

  13. The instant win games are literally rigged, you can predict the outcome every single time before it even happens. And the statistic “1 in 2.whatever” underneath is just a lie. I’ve just now lost 15 games in a row, where the odds are 1 in 2.9.

  14. Complete fix now smaller prizes for non jackpot winners and online scratchcards are a complete waste of time never see online scratch card jackpot winners

  15. I’ve never won anything but £2s and £5s here and there.
    Over the years I’d hate to calculate what I’ve spent on tickets.
    These thieves make millions and millions and seldom give anything back to those who play online cos they’re considered fools for registering.
    I’m about to delete my account.
    It’s beyond good and evil what they do.

  16. Mega cash word purple is a con!!! There’s not even enough squares to reveal for the letters on the crossword. Cheats!!!! There’s absolutely no way you can win!!!! What a load of crap, the only winners are the greedy money grabbing national lottery. Dreams come true!! Definitely for the national lottery they do. Play fair!!

  17. I think the national lottery chooses areas where rich people live.
    A family member has played for 22 years in a syndicate with over 30 players and not won a penny. Help us poor people help us to have a smile on our face. The rich people are ok, help us who work 60 hours a week.

  18. Scam, pointless if you only win your money back, scratchcards are a massive scam also

  19. bad place to play, been playing every week since it first started and have always used the same numbers across 5 lines, the most I have won is £10 that was when you got £10 for 3 numbers never won anything since the prize went up to £30 for 3 numbers, does anyone actually win on the UK national lottery, I think it is just one big scam, don’t think I will be playing anymore, this site has had thousands of pounds from me over the years and in all I don’t think my winnings as reached £100. HUGE SCAM

    • You may be waiting decades to win if you do the same numbers every week. Look for patterns and choose numbers that fit the pattern every week. For instance, you would be surprised how many times the date comes up in the National Lottery, or how often the Thunderball itself is that day’s date (is, the Thunderball is no 1 on the 1st of the month, or 7 on the 7th, etc. Which would get you at least £3 for your £1 ticket.) But raising the price to £2 and adding another ten numbers to make 59 just shows that Camelot is aware that there are patterns and too many people were winning by playing them. Hot picks are your best bet (£60 for 2 numbers: £850 for 3 numbers, although the bonus ball doesn’t count.) Scratch cards are a complete scam: you’re just wasting your money buying bits of cardboard. And people rarely get more than two numbers with a Lucky Dip ticket; my personal belief is that Camelot uses a computer to look for the statistically least likely numbers to come up that week for their Lucky Dip tickets.) Don’t forget that Camelot used to have links with G-Tech, an American-owned firm with links to the Mafia, and a past history of already being investigated for rigging state lotteries in the USA.

  20. Lottery winners are paid off actors. I would really like to know those people who work there how many times they have won … they really can’t be trusted

  21. When they have a Saturday super draw no one ever wins on the previous Wednesday so where does the money from that go? Also, it’s nearon impossible to win set for life. Got £8 in my account and once that’s gone it’s over.

  22. Been playing on and off since the mid 90s, some weeks jackpot on euros jumps by huge amounts untill it gets big, then goes up small amounts weekly despite more money being put in obviously. Apparently, Camelot has around 6.8 billion profits but by my research is more like 20 billion… I wander where the money is going🤔🤫hum.

  23. I have never won anything except lucky dip a few times

  24. it’s liberty how they control you with this b/s, don’t chance it any more, I have won like nothing in years, rip off

  25. I’ve played every draw since it began way back in 1994..
    I’ve won a total of £210 but must have spent thousands trying to win and all I wanted was a half decent win .. must have won hundreds of so called lucky dips though..not one of em a cash winner just another so called lucky dip!!!

  26. The National Lottery is a scam! Been playing for two years and win just 13quid from Euromillions. They just collect big amount of money and take it for themselves. And then again start collecting.. The numbers are generated by computer, so whatever you choose it will select other numbers. Total waste of money. People should stop buying it, you just giving money for rich scammers.

  27. We played £20 per week over 2 years we won on around £30 back we’ve all thrown the towel in.
    get Mr Branson to run it you will see a difference in fairness and payouts.

    It should be made as a raffle with £50,000 prizes as many as the pot dictates, it would make a lot of people happy, not just the fat cats.

  28. a total money making machine, the odds are totally against winning and if you work it out mathematically it is totally false, there is no doubt that it’s a total scam, it cant be luck that makes billions a year for the government and Camelot, the payout odds are not in line with pure chance, 48% payout is no way realistic without a fiddle going on, premium bonds are a better bet, and you cant loose

  29. I play on line for last year and won only free lucky dip like everyone else has said it’s a con iv played from the start with same numbers and 2 lucky dips every Wednesday and Saturday and never won anything it’s about time it looked into now like tomorrow night this week they are short of 5 million to 30 million for so called made up charity so there will be no winners on lotto tomorrow night

  30. The National Lottery is a stealth tax on the gullible and wishful. Roll over after roll over with zero winners 99% of the time. It’s a criminal enterprise that will never be investigated or audited because they are in bed and protected/operated by the government. It wouldn’t surprise me that the occasional ‘big’ winners are paid actors perpetuating the illusion of you ever being able to actually win any real money from these bullshit scam artists.

  31. If I could give any advice to anyone reading this; don’t bother. I have been playing the Instant-Wins and there is no chance that the odds they display are legitimate…. 95% you lose, 5% time you win your money back just about. Total rip-off and a scam. Would give negative rating if I possibly could.

  32. Agree with the above comment when the lottery first started it was televised and I remember the balls were drawn by an individual and not by a machine BRING THAT BACK that would be the right way

  33. It is a scam now, it was ok at the start, I even knew someone who won a 6 million share of a euro lotto, now though as many have said they state that there is a roll over even though the draw beforehand hast been drawn, this can happen a few draws in advance, where shops will receive the usual posters etc weeks before the draw, the amount will be correct and not once have they been incorrect. The draws are rigged to pick numbers that haven’t been chosen, which is alot easier now since adding extra numbers. They can roll it over as many times as they want to increase peoples spending as when it starts reaching silly money people spend more for that chance of winning. Its a catch 22 situation as you have to prove it but woth such high odds it’s hard to but people have to realise that with millions playing it mot just in the UK (ie euro lotto) then those huge odds come right down, so for someone not to win is actually highly unlikely.

    The governments in place be it labour or cons doesn’t matter they don’t want to know, why mess with their true Lords and masters! But of course, people will always play and spend money with these con- men/women.

  34. DOES NOT SHOW LIVE DRAW! Only pre-recorded ones.

  35. Stealing people’s money, simple as that. Loyal players who have played from day one & have played the same numbers now have no chance of winning because of the disproportionate amount of fifties in every draw. How many times are there two or three fifties in the winning line? It happens too often to be pure chance, the draws are rigged purely to make money for themselves. If the ordinary man in the street regularly stole money from people they would eventually receive a custodial sentence. Why does this not happen to those in charge of the lottery? The lottery is now just legalised theft but the authorities turn a blind eye, what a surprise.

  36. Confused the tv are advertising 20m rollover must be won in Saturdays lotto but Wednesday hadn’t even been drawn so they are telling us no-one has won before the draw what does that tell you very disappointed

  37. I’ve long had the suspicion that the winning numbers are those that no one has chosen.

  38. It’s now a SCAM!, plain and simple, if the truth ever came out it would finish them permanently and possibly end up in a major criminal fraud investigation. This has already been said:-

    1.) No adjudication
    2.) No invigilation
    3.) No live TV audience’s
    4.) No transparency of operation
    5.) Unjustifiable delay time before the numbers are “drawn”.

    However it was not always the case from the beginning. The “rot” set in when Camelot we rewarded the renewed franchise instead of Virgin. The UK government has plausible deniability since they don’t know the details of Camelots lottery operation, and more importantly do not want to know and must not know at all.

    Since this would amount to exposure to litigation should the truth about their operations be know at some point. However this is not too likely since they run a tight ship and can easily fall back on their so called “honest contingency plans”.

  39. I play on the app! The app will not let me play if I turn off my location but if I was to play in France it would let me play my numbers why?

  40. Dreadful as it is. Give some hope to the punter. Make it cheap, make it easy to win, no rollovers, no good causes, cap the jackpot, and have lots of worthwhile lesser prizes, ONCE A WEEK.

  41. It’s time they paid out more money, I regularly have 2 numbers but only get a free game, it should be at least £5.

  42. It’s a profit making company…….that is all you should need to know. An above board way of doing the lottery would be a bingo style hand spun machine with an audience and independent film crew filming it. The trouble is you’d have a winner almost every time then and the company effectively loses control, and control is the key word. To make huge profits you have to have control which is why its ran using computers because those computers know exactly which combination of numbers have and haven’t been picked, thus giving the company control. From there it’s easy to work out all the financials for any given draw. And remember no independent film crew, no audience, and over play on it being all above board (we have used machine 3 and set of balls number 4)…….the control means control over the profits and remember its A PROFIT MAKING COMPANY……….total scam. you pick 26 and 28, the machine selects 27, you pick 44, 45, 47 and the machine selects 46, it’s not a coincidence!

  43. Terrible should be shut down ripping the plays off we need to stick together and stop playing while the prizes are so low until the play fair all stop playing for 1 to 2 months lets see how they like it

  44. I am starting to think the whole thing is a massive scam, waste your money elsewhere!

  45. I complained about the odds being displayed on the website as being incorrect. My account was suspended and my review on Trustpilot was removed. Legalised crooks, should have been given to virgin to run as a non profit.

  46. Given the number of Double, Triple, and Quadruple roll-overs with the UK National Lottery, it is clear that the odds of winning are definitely not in favour of the punters but solely for the benefit of the organisers and any shareholders. When there were only 49 numbers being played, some had a chance of winning but since the introduction of 59 numbers, the odds of winning are practically next to zero.
    Does the government rake off any of the profits? If so, then that would be cause for them not to interfere with the running but if not, then the government must be forced to take some action and stop this blatant rip-off

    • The government is raking in big money from these crooks, nothing is gonna happen. Everyone should stop buying tickets. That would hurt them financially and from then changes could be made.

  47. Total scam. Where’s all the money going? Lining the pockets of the rich, that’s where. If they were serious about making people’s lives less of misery there would be millions – literally *millions* more prizes. As it is, there’s only ever a handful of winners… or *so they tell us*.

  48. The national lottery must be run by the mafia as it’s the biggest scam in history. Lottery odds. According to the National Lottery website, the odds of winning the major prizes are: Lotto jackpot: 1 in 45,057,474. EuroMillions jackpot: 1 in 139,838,160. Set For Life top prize: 1 in 15,339,390. Thunderball top prize: 1 in 8,060,598. top prize, is Thunderball.

    • The lottery scam definitely…you say red they say pink ..etc etc ….choosing numbers is a sham …it’s always in between numbers …does anybody ever win ..crooks …

  49. Utter scam. If you study the results it is clear its not the National Lottery that was set up some years back. For a start, they introduced more numbers this makes winning less likely. Rollovers for three weeks then they reset back to the start ie 3 million and no top two winners. It seems that way on all the games. The only beneficiary is the Canadian Teachers Pension Pot. Don’t waste your money.

  50. How come you never see more than one or two people winning big money if those numbers are drawn fairly, why at some point do you not get 48 or even more people winning. Answer because it’s controlled by computer to pick the numbers that nobody has selected, hence all the rollovers nearly every week. Surely this can’t be legal?

  51. The national lottery is a fix something should be done about it Camelot are not trusted its publics money they are playing with they definitely are a cheat the machines are rigged I know a lot of people been playing lottery since it came out and not getting by 3 numbers it’s definitely rigged the government should step in and find out who is responsible for this and show the public how they are doing it

  52. Total rip off the extra numbers were added to stop people winning, and why do you think you can’t purchase a ticket after 7pm, it is so numbers can be picked no one has, that is why there is so many roll overs.
    You are not meant to win, it is a rip off.

    • The 7:30pm cut off was from when they had to do the live draw to set everything up, the numbers where still picked by a computer based on those that had not been picked by anyone, at the beginning/first few years, the aim was to get people hooked, so lots of winners, I knew a guy who won 6 million. (Lucky sod lol) but now as people are hooked and there is no need for set up etc due to no live broadcasting etc it wouldn’t matter if they allowed people to pick right up to the last min the computers would still pick the numbers that hadn’t been chosen in order to create a roll over, then this pushes people to spend more money for the following draw and suddenly “your in for a chance of winning 100m+” so yes someone will eventually win it but not untill they decide, so its a scam as you have no chance of winning until then!

  53. Absolute waste of money the chances of winning a big ticket item are so remote. You have more chance of winning on the premium bonds. Don’t waste your money the odds are atrocious. Having played since its inception spending £25 per week and have never won more than £100 in all that time. Save your money you will be richer for it. Would have given it a minus but it wouldn’t let me

  54. In the past many people asked, why National Lottery DOES NOT SHOW LIVE DRAW! Only pre-recorded ones. Also why you cannot buy tickets at the last minutes? In countries outside UK you can buy tickets at the very last minute. I guess there is suggestion that they allow an AI or an ALGORITHM to choose numbers either choose numbers that no one chose, thus nobody winning jackpot, or choosing the numbers that hundreds of thousands of choose causing lots of winnings, lowering the final winning sum.

    There are also questions, like that the winners are either family members of those who are involve in this possible scam or made up people who could actually be some people from other countries who are unaware of them being actually posted on NL website as big winners.

    At last, there is also an article – that exposes their practices for example:

    1. Lotto Jackpot calculation error

    The Lotto draw held on Saturday 19 October 2013 was a single rollover from Wednesday 16 October 2013, with three jackpot winning tickets sharing the jackpot originally broadcast as £6.2m and subsequently recalculated to £4.8m.

    2. Incorrect Lotto Millionaire Raffle results number published on website

    The Lotto draw held on Saturday 10 October 2015 was a launch event for the refreshed game. The launch promotion included 45 Lotto Millionaire Raffle prizes consisting of 25 £1m prizes and 20 £20,000 prizes.

    3. Incorrect Lotto draw result number on National Lottery website

    Camelot publishes the results of draws on the National Lottery website where players can check if they have won a prize.

    How can they post an incorrect lotto draw result number when there is millions of pounds at stake.

    and there are many more!

    If you read this and have time, reply to this post, and tell me what you think about those accusations and what are thoughts about:

    1. The live draws not being live only pre-recorded

    2. Closing ticket purchase an hour prior to the draw? Could it be that they implemented an AI or an algorithm to

    2. Do you know actually someone who won a jackpot or a big prize 9,8,7,6 or at least 5 digit prize?
    (No one I know since I got start playing NL more than 10 years ago had won any big prize nor a jackpot, no one I know knows someone who won a lot of money!)

    3. People winning are either related to people who work, own, are simply people who are living outside Britain getting paid for their picture and been posted on NL website, or are simply unaware of their faces being posted on NL website. (would you try to check all lottery websites in all countries around the world to see if someone used your picture as the big winner, I guess not). Occasionally there is some winners who actually won some smaller jackpots and are not related to NL in any way.

    4. And what do you think about price raise for all the games (euromillion, lotto, etc.) and increasing number of digits to make it even harder to win any reasonable sum?

    When I remember the cost of Euromillion was £1.50 and lotto £1, and chance of winning was way higher than it is now, I myself long time ago won, 20, 40 and if I am not mistaken £70 within a month of playing. Now you are lucky to get one correct number and no chance of winning anything reasonable. Big winnings start between 6-7, correctly guessed numbers, acceptable when guessing 5 numbers, and anything else is pretty much nothing.

  55. I pressed the button twice to play Mega Money instant game and £2 was taken twice from my account without me having played a game. A message then came up
    advising that I hadn’t won anything!

    This is obviously very suspicious, so I have lodged a complaint with Camelot.

    Will keep you all posted when I receive an explanation etc from Camelot

    I am not going to let this rest.

  56. National Lottery is a scam and the only winner is the Lottery, they present themselves as legal company but it is only a propaganda in order to fraus the players by collecting their money, promising a win but not actually allowing anyone to win. The National Lottery should be scrutinised and closed due to its illegal activity.

  57. Grow up people biggest scam and fraud know why does it take nearly two hours to make the draw after the time for buying tickets has closed SIMPLE to make the algorithm so that roll over after roll over can be made why not have all draws made on TV from a bag of numbers none of this bag of balls chosen by XYZ BOLLOCKS

  58. like everyone I think it is a con prices up more nos I have not won in 5 years playing twice a week now stopped, it needs to run by someone else I begrudge the money to some of these useless swimmers and athletes

  59. Online lottery scratch cards are a total con. most 90% of the time you loose. 8% you might get your money back to the value you have spent on the scratch card. 2% you might get double you value of the scratch card. 0% win anything else. There are only one winner when it comes to the lottery scratch card and that’s the lottery.

  60. when it used to be 40s numbers may be u could win but with 59 number
    it is impossible and rollover before used to attract to buy more tickets but not any more
    I will never spend more than £2 on them( for charity like them) they have certain town in UK to give them the jackpot

  61. I bought lotto and set for life yesterday both lucky dip and both had 4 consecutive numbers

    I think this is a con it seems too coincidental!!

  62. All lotteries are still owned by the government, all lotteries around the world are here for one reason, to rob you from your hard earned cash, they are fleacing us the public out of trillions bigger than ever before people who play the lottery games know this but don’t want believe this is fake, we think that one day we might some how have chance to win this jackpot more like scampot,wake up people smell the coffee, watchdog get in there and sort this out ASAP before everyone is blead dry by the biggest scam in history rollover after rollover my ass intrest rolled over into there government banks they must be into trillions, when they say charity or good corse this pulls on your heart strings why bring this into the lottery, because they get even more money from the public shame on them for using these words charity or good corse they sick and crucked, when the shit will hit the fan hard the riots will begin and all hell will break loose, what will they do to the penny less weak inecent public, blame us like always, use us like scape goats, they started it its just like an infectiuse desease. It does not let you rate minus scamalot.

  63. The instant on-lines are a total scam…..I played a total of 63 games fairing pay and try won a total of £23 …great investment for potentially £350+…I have asked for information under the FOI act and all I get is palmed off with a load of crap!!!! ….Don’t suppose after posting this I will ever win a penny….

  64. Been playing for more years than I can remember and all know is I am skint and nearly homeless, I have read many an article about the lottery machines being hacked when in Europe and I seen the winning always seem to go every where but the south and south east, I have never won money but have one a few free tickets which every one knows that you are never going to win with them. cost of a ticket goes up 100% so they double their own profits yet the amounts you can win have come down. Please put your money on a horse you have a better chance of a win than the lottery.

  65. I have been playing the national lottery online for a long time, I have decided enough is enough, since the lottery began the most I have won is £800 on the hotpicks, I have not kept count on how much I have spent, time to save my hard earned money, bye bye scamalot.

  66. I played the national lottery for 20+ years and never missed a day then the numbers went up to 58 and the odds sky rocketed, so stopped playing and now sometime later i decided to check my numbers just to see if I might have made a mistake but only could check the draws for 180 days but the only wins I had were lucky dips which sucked the national lottery is a scam of all scams

  67. Filled with horrible framed online games that would just suck you dry. If I’m not mistaken casinos have 99% payout rate of the 100% bets, national lottery is 50%. If however you want to half your money, my bank account number is 6513 5699 XXXX XXXX.

  68. Terrible odds and expensive to play. The jackpots are just big carrots, much better to have larger smaller prizes such £10 for 2 numbers, £500 for 3 numbers etc. Reduce the numbers to 49, reduce the ticket price back to £1.

    Camelot (scamalot) should be taken to court and stripped of their license.

  69. The statistics themselves speak volumes

    Such terrible statistical chances but even then the specific number draw is rigged to minimise the amount the company have to payout.

    And don’t get me started on the fact they don’t really don’t give a flying fig about good causes just lining pockets of the few

    This May 4th draw the lottery had the chance to give something back to the people something long overdue – they failed miserably and gave in to greed.

  70. is connected to the UK criminal database so if you have been arrested for drink driving or whatever and you have a criminal record WILL NOT LET YOU WIN BIG if you play online because they know who you are when you give them your bank details to pay for the games it will only let you win the least amount possible on any game of theirs, for instance if you play the £4million instant win online which cost £10 a game then the most you will win is £20 pounds and that’s only when you spent about £100 on the game ITS A FACT YOU WILL NEVER WIN BIG WITH ANY CAMELOT GAME, people should delete their accounts and change your lotto numbers and play offline, buy your tickets and scratch cards, instant win cards in your local shop NOT ONLINE Camelot is owned by a Canadian teachers’ pension fund in canada, it’s not even UK owned. Sir Richard Branson should own it but they told him no chance.

  71. I have been playing for a while and won small amounts, which just went into my credit. 3 weeks ago I ‘won’ £240, went through the process of having it paid to my credit card. To date, still nothing received, sent 2 emails, no reply. The winnings I requested for payout is also no longer in my credits! What to do???

  72. Terrible iv played it from the start but not now you don’t win anything at all I had 5 lucky dips and 2 sets of my own numbers and won nothing I played 10 pounds on Wednesday 10 on Saturday someone else needs to take over now or lottery will lose customers and money iv joined a facebook group called boycott the lottery and its growing in numbers with people who are really fed up with the lottery we all need to boycott it and give the money we spend to our own charities we support

  73. The national lottery should be taken away from its current supplier and be awarded to someone honest.
    They have got greedy and dishonest.
    Prices and odds have increased. I’ve also found it strange there are Rollover jackpots when a super draw is close. And the online scratch cards are fixed as I can predict the number every time and it shouldn’t be possible.

  74. Camelot should never have been allowed to be sold to a private pension fund company, it should have been stopped by the regulator, it started out a £1 a ticket and i believe was honestly run, since this Canadian pension fund company has taken over it’s become highly suspect and should never have been changed from its original format or cost, i also believe the regulator is not fit for purpose,this sell off was definitely not to the public’s benefit, and the only people this benefited was the greedy Canadian pension fund company and the changes they’re making only increase the odds in they’re favour, what use is a regulator when they seem to be going along with these dubious changes in a game that has long lost its original fairness and chances of winning any prize has become minuscule kick Teacher’s into touch they should never have been allowed to have anything to do with the lottery

  75. When is used to be Camelot UK owners they will get in touch with you when you won via email if you played online like I did these new owners do not bother to do anything or to let you know they are a bunch of rich greedy retirees from Canada, who all they want is to make profit. Before real Camelot UK owners will even pay you even £10 pounds, when you won them more raffles were won, with these guys you hardly get any prizes well what a disappointment I am not playing more with then not worth a try

  76. The Online games never seem to pay out more than the card or a £5 possibly.

    The lottery numbers I think are controlled by a computer.

  77. The national lottery was fun when it cost a pound to play!
    The national lottery was fun when the second prize was worth Winning!
    The national lottery was fun when they only had one game a week (it was an event)
    It’s now run by out of touch yuppies with no idea how the rest of the country feel

  78. A True Story
    A couple of years ago I once bought a lucky dip winning 1 million raffle ticket but didn’t realize until 180 days had past and it was too late to claim it
    And that ticket is still kicking about to this day.

  79. I have just read that someone played hangman twice and it generated the same letters, around 6 weeks ago I rang Camelot to tell them I had just played Cashword didn’t win so bought and played. Again to get exactly the same card letters keys and no win, I could predict the next letter, as it was exactly the same, I rang them to be informed there was no chance as they are all computer generated and it never does the same one twice, well, I fact it does as it happened again yesterday I’ve contacted them and had no response as of yet, this is disgusting and unfair especially for me a paying customer and whoever else has experienced this.

  80. My account has been hacked Tring today email them and they respond with an automated email saying they would contact within 24 hours 3 weeks later I’m still waiting

    • Totally disgusting the national lottery is a big scam I think watchdogs need to get involved FACT

  81. Great to see an official site where I can get lottery tickets. I can imagine it is frustrating for non UK residents. It just figures that some scam artists out there would use such a reliable and official site to try and take people’s money. But I guess people are still getting conned by these kinds of things.


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National Lottery Exposed — UK Lotteries for UK Residents

National Lottery UK Review

Are you a fan of the National Lottery in the UK? If so, you probably want more than one opportunity to purchase tickets. Luckily, several options do exist, and one of them comes in the form of an official website –

As the name suggests, this website is launched and maintained by the official lottery operator in the UK (but more about that – later on in the review). Still, if you check out the comments underneath this guide, you’ll discover multiple complaints about the platform.

So, it’s our job today to take a look at the National Lottery website, review who owns National Lottery, and determine whether the criticism is justified or not. Let’s get started.

Games at

As you’ve probably guessed already, National Lottery online gives you access to the games that you can traditionally play via retail agencies in the UK.

To be more precise, you can benefit from the following selection – the UK Lotto, EuroMillions, Set for Life, Lotto Hotpicks, and Thunderball. On top of these games, you also have access to a selection of instant win lotteries like Monopoly and Triple Cashword Purple.

The UK Lotto also has scratchcards available for purchase, but for the time being, you can only access such opportunities in a store.

The next key question we have to ask is whether buying lottery tickets through the website is affordable.

We took the National Lottery Set for Life as an example. If you decide to play Set for Life in a store, you’ll have to spend 1.50 pounds per line. Now, via the website, National Lottery Set for Life luckily costs the same amount.

The same holds National Lottery EuroMillions and the other games.

National Lottery UK and Claiming Your Prizes

To play online, you have to set up a National Lottery account. You will need to provide information about your age and location to pass the registration requirements.

Once you set up your profile, you will buy tickets through the National Lottery app, and you’ll also receive your prize money this way.

When playing online, there will be a distinction between regular prizes, Direct Debit, and Pingit rewards. There are detailed instructions about how to proceed with a prize claim, and the procedure will typically depend on the amount you’ve won.

For all games, prizes exceeding 50,000 pounds will have to be requested in person from Camelot. There’s a hotline you can call if you’ve won such a big amount. Once you get in touch with customer support, you’ll be provided with additional details about what will need to happen next.

As already mentioned, National Lottery scratch card games cannot be played via the online platform. Thus, you’ll need to go to a store for purchase, as well as to cash out anything you’ve won.

Who Can Play at

Unfortunately, the National Lottery app is not open to people from all parts of the world.

National Lottery UK is a strictly regional website. You have to be located in the UK, and you have to be over the age of 16 to set up an account.

As previously mentioned, some of the more massive prizes have to be claimed in person. Hence, you cannot utilize the platform from out of the UK.

The good news is that many other online lottery operators carry games from the UK, and you can rely on such online tools to get your tickets.

Who’s Behind National Lottery?

Who owns National Lottery and the official website it operates?

If you’re in the UK, you probably know already that the national operator is called Camelot UK Lotteries Limited.

The Camelot Group was set up in 1994, and Camelot UK Lotteries Limited is a part of that entity. On top of operating the lotteries in the UK, Camelot is also the operator of Illinois State Lottery in the US since 2018.

Camelot is a well-established entity that adheres to all UK regulations for a lottery operator. While there have been some controversies over the years (a franchise scandal and a later ticket fraud issue that occurred in 2009), Camelot has maintained its stability.

If you want to get in touch with the National Lottery UK team, you can do so by calling their hotline. Other communication methods include webchat, Minicom, and post.

Other Bits and Pieces

We searched Google for complaints on the and found nothing. We did find a high number of fraudulent emails using their name in circulation. These appear to have started in 2010, originating in India. The emails advise people that they have won a lump sum in the UK National Lottery. But this isn’t’s fault, and it is just people taking advantage of their good reputation.

The reviews left on our website pertain mostly to games in the UK and how Camelot changed some of the rules lately. As far as the operations of the National Lottery website go, there aren’t that many negative experiences being shared.

Finally, if you’re looking for some additional opportunities available through the website, you’ll probably be disappointed. There’s no syndicate play, add-ons, or web exclusives. Bonuses are also not available, and this makes the national operator’s website different from many of the online lotto agencies out there.

Would you mind rating

The Bottom Line at National Lottery UK

If you want to access the latest National Lottery draw, but you don’t feel like going out and getting your ticket in person, would offer a friendly alternative.

Let’s sum up the website’s biggest benefits:


Run and operated by an official national entity

An extensive portfolio of UK lotteries

The price of tickets is the same as when you go to buy from a store

Instant online games are also available for playing

Simple ticket buying and prize claim procedures

Multiple customer support options are available

On the downside:


Scratch off games cannot be acquired via the platform

You have to be in the UK to benefit from this portal

There are no bonuses, add-ons or syndicate play to enjoy online

All in all, this is a reliable and legitimate opportunity. Anyone who is in the UK can easily benefit from the website to modernize their lottery playing experience.

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