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Tatts Review

Wow! One of the biggest challenges online at Tatts.com (theLott.com currently) is figuring out where to start. They offer online lottery sales and betting on sports and racing. It’s open to Australians and people internationally. What they don’t own or control in Australian lotteries, they provide access to through their site. Keep in mind we’re talking about Australian lotteries such as Oz Powerball and Oz Lotto. Don’t look to sign up for other international lotteries at Tatts.com – at least not yet.

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Who Are They

Tatts.com (otherwise known as Tatts Group of Australia) started life in 1930. Over the last ten years, they have acquired the rights to the state lottery systems in Queensland (2007), New South Wales (2010), and South Australia (2012). Their lottery platform offers games online to Victoria, ACT, Northern Territories, and Tasmania.

How Does Tatts Work

Setting up a Tatts.com account is straightforward as long as you live in Australia. Your identity does need to be verified within three months with some form of formal ID though you can play right away. For international people, it takes a couple of days to go through this process especially the verification that you are a resident in a country where it is legal to play and you can’t play until that’s confirmed! Once you are registered, you play lotteries, horses, and sports betting.

Payment and receiving your winnings are through your account at Tatts.com through Master Card, Visa, BPay, and Direct Deposit. That’s a little limited though does at least give options outside of credit cards.

Tatts.com Site

Tatts.com has all the standard safety and security in place as per most professional online lotteries. They do go the extra mile of underlining the protection of your privacy and in particular your personal details including not sharing this with third parties or affiliates.

The site is pretty busy with all kinds of options and information for the average lottery player. Betting on sports and racing is pretty specialized, and it took us a bit to see where we click to play lotteries. The games are offered and the format is clear including countdowns and different options.

Tatts Customer Support

Don’t look for 24/7 contact here as they don’t offer Live Chat. Tatts.com does offer email, telephone, fax, and snail mail from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm Monday to Saturday and 8:00 am to 2:30 pm Sunday AEDT (Australia Eastern Daylight Time).

Complaints at Tatts.com

Most of the complaints on Tatts.com relate to issues with passwords (special characters are not allowed, but this is not explained) and wait times on telephone support. Our team also reported some players have not been happy at being prompted to try out other sections of the Tatts.com website such as sports betting and horse racing [forums.whirlpool.net.au].

Buyers Beware Sports Betting at Tatts.com

It’s rather tempting with all the advertising on this site to try your hand at sports and horse race betting but if you are new to this, stop. Do your homework!

Why You Should Register with Tatts


One-stop shop for most Australian Lottos

Available for both Aussies and internationally (as long as it’s legal where you are)

Clear instructions

Why You Shouldn’t Register with Tatts


Assessing their growth versus capability in customer support

Financial stability

How busy their website is with all the options

Would you mind rating Tatts.com?

Is Tatts.com Legit?

Tatts.com is a growing company that may start to look internationally for its next acquisition. They do have a solid reputation, though purchasing the rights for the state lotto for South Australia did make a few people and investors nervous. They are carrying a very large debt load though they appear to have excellent credentials proven in their past acquisitions.

If you are going to play Australian lotteries, Tatts.com appears to be a good site as it has most of the options. But for now, it is only for Aussie lotteries. If you want to play some of the other large lotteries worldwide, you will have to go elsewhere.

  1. tattslotto is a profiteering company, able to do whatever they please and made possible by the money revenue raising liberals, the more money they can rip of Aussie punters, the more tax they pay to the Government, there a company that would have made the MAFIA proud.

  2. adolfs right, there scamming Australians severely Saturdays lotto use to be a guaranteed 4 million now it is only an estimated prize pool of 4 mills and always seems to be a few 100 thousand short never over, its like they’re skimming off the top, Wednesdays lotto is advertised as 4 million but really its only one million, you would have to get the same numbers 4 times to win 4 million, and the $5 dollar jackpot what a joke, it should be advertised your only playing for $200,000 until the put the jackpot back in the equation, how does this company keep its licence. Oh that’s right it was setup and given the green light by the government and seems to have no regulative authority

  3. yes its a scam, Saturday, Monday and Wednesday and their Set for Life do not jackpot that is like me running a chook raffle at the pub, no one wins and I take the winnings and the chook home and coming back everynight doing the same thing till some one wins that chook, I would be arrested for fraud but they have been given a 40 year licence by the liberal government to do just that, plus with the help of the liberal Government have been able to stop all competition, the only lottery left in government hands is Western Australia’s Lottery West which gives the money back to the community, Tatts is scamming Australians take the $5 dollar jackpot when Nsw Lotteries had it, it very really went over 10 Mill but under tatts its gone to 30 mill now 65 mill somethings suspicious here may be they should be raided by the feds and their software examined because that is the only lottery run by software and not balls, any lottery company that pays more in tax than prizes are crooks and then claims what they pay in tax as money given back to the community lol scammers

  4. I bought a ticket online, I won $13.05; but the Tattslotto said: sorry, we are having problem with verification system.
    But they didn’t have any problem to get my money.
    Interesting, isn’t.

  5. I guess I understand that there is good money to be made by online lottery providers but I don’t like this particular site because of all the other online betting. It is Australia’s biggest betting site and seem really professional. But if I want to play Australian lotteries, I’m going elsewhere.


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