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Hospiscare.co.uk Exposed — Nice Opportunity to Do Good!


Hospiscare Review

Do you play lotteries to simply say “I won” or are we really after the big jackpots? Me, I think I’m after the big jackpots and do believe that I can do it. Looking at Hospiscare.co.uk, I see another little UK lottery that was set up to fund terminate care services. Nice, but I think I’ll stick with EuroMillions, US Powerball, US Mega Millions and some of the other big ones. If I want to ‘do good,’ then I’ll donate – once I’ve won. But what is Hospiscare.co.uk?

What Can I Win at Hospiscare.co.uk?

Hospiscare.co.uk is a little lottery set up to help hospice care in Exeter in the United Kingdom. Its big jackpot is £1000 at the cost of £1 per line. The rest of the prize tier is pretty good in that they pay out £100, £75, £50, £25, 15 prizes at £10 and 20 prizes at £5. But, that’s it. I’m sorry, but with the number of lotteries out there I can’t see any reason to play this one except as a donation.

The Game at Hospiscare.co.uk

Prizes are awarded on the full numbers drawn, and each prized level is the full numbers. This isn’t a lottery where we’re talking 6 numbers and then 5 numbers down to whatever. Players get a number and either it wins or it doesn’t.

Who is Hospiscare.co.uk?

This is a local charity that provides support services for people who are going to die. It doesn’t matter how old they are but does generally only offer services to people who live in Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Okay, I did get a little moved by the fact the founder, Dr. Searle, was attending a critically ill patient and was blown away when someone’s recommendation was to send the patient home with a bottle of whiskey. I guess that motivated not only the doctor but a bunch of other people to figure out some solution as to what to do to support these patients.

Lotteries to Help

It’s a hard one as we all (probably) have someone that has struggled with a terminal situation and it’s only then that we figure out how hard it is for many of the facilities to get real help. But what’s that got to do with lotteries?

My Problem Overall

The challenge is that many of these lovely little lotteries like Hospiscare.co.uk may or may not be run professionally as they are filled with do-gooders and/or people that are more focused on getting money. This one has more on their website on what they do versus an actual lottery. Check out their ‘shop’ page to get a real picture on the lengths they will go to raise funds. I’m not saying this is bad, but when talking about lotteries, I think most players are more interested in serious jackpots versus the one here – £1000.

FAQs at Hospiscare.co.uk

Their FAQs have nothing to do with the lottery and all to do with what they do in helping terminal patients. Again, this is not a lottery for real with a big jackpot but an opportunity to fund into a good cause.

Customer Service

Hospiscare.co.uk offers a bunch of ways to get in touch and are very clear regarding their email that it could take 2 days to get in touch. They have a main switchboard number that is open UK business hours plus weekends, as well a snail mail address for getting in touch.

Would you mind rating HospisCare.co.uk?

The Bottom Line at Hospiscare.co.uk

If you live locally in the Exeter area in the UK and want to support a cause, this is perfect for you. For the average international lottery player, this is not the place to be. The jackpot is minimal against the investment. I’m not even going to bother with pros and cons as this is not the type of lottery that warrants it.

Playing lotteries is a gamble, but most of us are after that big one is not here. It’s a warm and fuzzy opportunity to do good at the same time potentially win a bit of cash.

  1. You’re missing the point! This isn’t a site for the international lottery player. But if you’d like to help out an amazing local charity and get the chance to win £1,000 then it’s a no-brainer!

  2. This is an nice little fund raiser for a good cause but definitely not what I would call playing a real lottery with a chance at some of those big jackpots. Definitely a good one for those that live in that area but I’ll give it a pass. I’m definitely after one of those big mega jackpots!

  3. nice site

    • Thanks Jackson – hang on… do you mean our site or the Hospiscare.co.uk site? Do you play online lotteries? Nick


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