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Lottosphoto Exposed – Smile and Say Cheese!

Lottosphoto Review

Sometimes I wonder how these guys figure out what to name their web site. Take – how unimaginative! Looking at their website, it’s hard to figure out why they chose this name though now I was there, I decided to take a look around. is a lottery “messenger service” that buys lottery tickets for players. Their site does have a few gimmicks which caught my attention. Click on one of the four languages at the top and everything changes. Even better, go to their FAQ/Help and the selection of languages expands with some link to Google languages. I spent a heap of time jumping around to different languages to watch what happened. But, back to what they do!

What Does Lottosphoto Do?

This messenger service site lets players chose their lottery tickets for four draws: EuroMillions, El Gordo, La Primitiva, and Bonolotto. physically buys the tickets from a government licensed lottery retailer or agent. It also offers ‘pool play’ where players can set up their syndicates with the Member Manager identifying who the members are going to be. I don’t get the difference between me simply buying tickets between several friends and sharing versus going through the effort to set up a pool play account here. This is not what I think of when I talk syndicates.’s Photos

Here’s where I finally found out about the photos. says they send players a photograph of their tickets. I’m not sure how different this would be to scanning, and both can be scammed! I also wondered what is involved in taking the pictures, downloading and then sending. They must have a lot of time on their hands.

Who Are They? is registered in Madrid, Spain (I guess that is why they concentrate mainly on Spanish lotteries) owned by a company called Digital Trust Management Ltd. Though they have been in operation since 2011, to date they only have 2,604 likes on Facebook. That page is noisy with a mix up of pictures of winners (with no claims they won through, announcements on the latest jackpots and pictures of things to spend your winnings on. also links to Twitter and YouTube.

Lottosphoto & Complaints

I had a chuckle when I started searching for complaints. The only thing I found was a YouTube video which I couldn’t get into but noted: “YouTube users have flagged this video as possibly a scam, spam or commercially deceptive content.” I hadn’t seen this one before. They do have their own YouTube advertisement, and if you can get past all the pics of depressed and frustrated people, it flashes through a heap of stunning pictures suggesting what you might be able to do with your winnings when you “follow your dreams.” I did try to ask them about these two different YouTube sites, but they still haven’t responded.

Customer Service &

Customer Service can be contacted through an online form, email address, telephone number or fax. There is a snail mail address if you have the patience to dig through their Help and no information on when they can be contacted or how long it takes to expect an answer. Given the capacity of jumping around languages on’s website, I was surprised that questions and answers are only provided by email in English and Spanish.

And Winning at

They say that they do not take any fees for transferring winnings to players and that area on their Help page is pretty clearly laid out listing all the different ways they transfer money to different parts of the world. I wasn’t able to clarify whether this is a prerequisite – being somewhere outside of Spain – to be able to play and I still haven’t heard back from them.

The Bottom Line

Most good lottery services have an online chat these days to ensure clients can ask questions promptly. Most also offer more than just a few lotteries. EuroMillions is nothing to sneer at, but I also like the opportunity to play some of the other big jackpots and would prefer to register with only one service.


Straightforward Site

No Fees for Winning

Photo of Your Lottery Ticket


Only 4 Lotteries

Facebook Chatter

Help – Later than Sooner

Our team can’t give a thumbs up or a thumbs down. It seems legit, but with only four lotteries offered, we will continue to play someplace else.

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